World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 461

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Kael’thas and Gul’dan also began to battle in midair. Horus had already recovered at this time so he also stepped in the battlefield again with heavy steps.

Illidan waved his knives that were wrapped in a flame of sacrifice and gave a loud shout.

Once upon a time, here, Illidan was chased by Marvey to the end but was killed by the players on this high platform, but now Illidan was here again.

Now he was standing on the top.

Bang bang bang…

Illidan suddenly became extremely tall, almost the same height as Horus. He started to fight with Horus.

Xiao Yu had wanted to help, but when he looked at the battle of Illidan, he changed his mind. At this time, he let Illidan fight for himself.

“Kill that Augustus!!!” Xiao Yu aimed at Augustus. Augustus was now the core of these evil orcs. If you couldn’t kill him, then the evil orcs would not be defeated.

As long as the Augustus was killed, these evil orcs would be in chaos.

After receiving the order of Xiao Yu, little dragon and bloodhoof rushed toward Augustus. Augustus had an extremely grim expressing right now. His careful planning wore no fruit and all of his efforts were wasted.

Augustus immediately responded by casting a spell and then, almost instantaneously, four doomsday messengers appeared in front of him.

Xiao Yu was already familiar with the power of the Doomsday. They had already fought with them once. Now, four of them had appeared simultaneously which was definitely not good.

However, now Xiao Yu had no other way other than killing these four guys. Otherwise, with these four guys, it was hard to kill Augustus.

The strength of the doomsday messenger was too strong.

At the last time, Augustus summoned the Doomsday messengers. It was definitely not so easy. This time, Augustus completed the summoning in a blink of an eye. It is obvious that Augustus must have used something special.


The little Dragon was the first to attack one of the doomsday messengers. This time he didn’t attack empty handed like last time but attacked with nunchaku. Last time because of the difference in their strength, he suffered loss but now he was much stronger than before.

At this time, the bloodhoof took out Essinos barrier and slammed it on doomsday messenger. Although it could not cause much damage to the doomsday messenger, but with this huge shield, the doomsday messenger could hardly counter-attack him. The task of attacking was handed over to the magicians behind.

After all, this time the magicians were quite a lot in number. Even if Doomsday messenger was powerful, he couldn’t withstand the combined attacks of so many magicians. Nicholas sent out his shielded warriors to fight against one of the two doomsday messenger left.

But now last doomsday messenger was left but no one enough powerful was left that could confront it.

It was then an unknown tall warrior walked out of the Iron Horse Brotherhood. He was covered in hard iron armour, as if he was a moving tower. The man rushed in front of the Doomsday messenger and released a powerful momentum. He didn’t waste any time and directly attacked, forcing doomsday messenger a few steps back.

Sixth-order powerhouse!!!

Everyone could guess that this unknown tall warrior was a sixth-order powerhouse.

Now, some of the strong individuals who have hidden their strengths were also coming out. At this time, these evil orcs must be killed as soon as possible.

Because, through all series of events, they have also understood that these evil orcs were making a huge plot, a plot against all human race.

At this time, as a human being, they must bear the responsibility and render this plot useless.

Bang bang bang……

Although unknown warrior was slightly weaker than a doomsday messenger, it was no problem to resist the doomsday messenger. It proved that this warrior was definitely not lower than Sixth-order powerhouse.

Finally, under the joint effort of all human beings, coupled with the awakening of Illidan and Kael’thas, the whole battle had turned around so the adventurers were no longer at a disadvantage.

“Oh… just with you, you want to kill me? Although you have a handsome face,but in the art of battle, you are still far away.”

At this time, Gul’dan suddenly gave a strange smile and then his skull began to rotate with extremely fast speed.  Blue flames covered it and then it shot toward Kael’thas like a huge firewall.


Gul’dan’s skull made a whistling sound and then rushed toward Kael’thas. Kael’thas immediately unleashed a magic shield to resist, but the power of Gul’dan’s skull was obviously much powerful. It smashed through the magic shield of Kael’thas and then stuck Kael’thas.

“Hey, boy, die now!” Gul’dan screamed loudly, his head continued to head toward Kael’thas. Kael’thas could not resist Gul’dan’s evil move and immediately fell into a passive situation.

“Tyrande, shoot him.” Xiao Yu looked at Kael’thas in distress and immediately ordered loudly.

Although Gul’dan did not have a complete body but with the tonics that Augustus had given him, the strength of Gul’dan’s skull was actually very strong.


Gul’dan’s head was getting faster and faster. It seemed like a meteor fallen from space. It constantly attacked Kael’thas. Although Kael’thas was using the fire phoenix to resist Gul’dan’s attack, Gul’dan’s attacking momentum had not decreased at all.

As Tyrande received the command of Xiao Yu, she immediately shot an arrow at Gul’dan, but the arrow of Tyrande did not cause much damage. No dragon busting arrow was left and the difference between the strength of Tyrande and Gul’dan was too great.

“Nicholas, bombard him with a magic cannon.” Xiao Yu said to Nicholas. The magical guide gun should be able to cause damage to Gul’dan.

Nikolay helplessly spread his hand and said: “I have no problem with it. I don’t care about that magic crystal. But he is so fast that I can’t aim at it.”

Just as Xiao Yu was about to reply, he suddenly saw the nearby Tyrande getting enveloped in a moonlight.

Countless stars surround her body, forming a complex and strange ruins. Then, moonlight looked like stars in the Milky Way. The moonlight slowly gathered and finally transformed into an arrow.

And then Tyrande aimed this arrows at Gul’dan.

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