World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 460

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“Let’s attack!!!” At this time, Nicholas screamed on top of his lungs. Originally, when everyone saw Horus, they felt that it was impossible to defeat him.

But now, the sudden awakening of Illidan and Kael’thas had caused the war to change again. Xiao Yu had already shown that this guy was not invincible.

Nicholas bit his teeth and directly filled the magical cannon with a fifth-order spar and aimed at Horus.

Nicholas was also excited at this time. Perhaps Xiao Yu had stimulated him or he just wanted to let others know the power of his family.

The speed of magical cannon was extremely fast, even if Horus wanted to dodge speed, it was difficult.

According to Xiao Yu’s past life’s experience, the magical cannon shoot almost at the speed of light, which was similar to the laser.

Horus actually noticed the danger but he was busy with Xiao Yu and Illidan, causing it too late to dodge. In an emergency, he defended with his spear.


The dazzling light excluded by collision made it difficult for everyone to look straight. The huge amount of energy directly directed at Horus.

His huge body directly hit the altar on the back. The altar was directly crushed by his huge body.

Gul’dan’s skull on the altar trembled and this time he was really mad. This Horus had already spoiled his plan once. Now he had smashed his altar again. How could he not be angry?


Horus roared at Nicholas’s squad showing his anger. Even such powerful magical cannon could not kill this abyss lord at once, showing how powerful Horus was.

“You are looking for death.” Horus snarled in anger.

The power of the magical cannon was indeed powerful enough, causing Horus no small harm. Originally, after the attack of little dragon, he had already been burning in anger. Now, when Nicholas attacked, it really made him crazy.

He originally thought that in this world, with his strength, he should be unstoppable, but now he realized that it was not the case at all.

Gul’dan felt even more awkward. He wanted to teach a lesson to Horus, but currently, he must rely on the power of Horus to defeat Illidan and then occupy Illidan’s body. Therefore, for now, he could only shallow his anger.

“You despicable mortal, die!” Gul’dan also roared in anger. Now the whole skull was enveloped by a green flame which looked extremely amazing.

“Flame devil.” Gul’dan screamed loudly and magic array excluded countless light. Dozens of powerful flame devils jumped out of the magic array, waving a strangely shaped sickle.

Once Gul’dan attacked, it was very powerful. Gul’dan was once a most powerful and most evil warlock, how could his strength be small?

However, when Gul’dan moved, Kael’thas also moved.

Kael’thas said loudly: “I am back. The blood elves will re-emerge in my hands. Um… I seemed to have smelt my Xindare Golden stick. Is it here?”

Hearing the words of Kael’thas, Relas was shocked because he was holding the Xindare Golden Rod.

Although he did not want to admit it, he also knew that this Kael’thas in front of him was the true Prince Kael’thas of the ancient times.

If you let the other people of the blood elves know about it, I am afraid that many people will come over.

Instinctively, he was extremely fearful of Kael’thas.

After all, it was the most outstanding figure of the blood elves in ancient times. Someone known as the god of blood elves was now standing in front of him. Not only that, but he had also awakened his previous consciousness and possessed the power of the past.

In front of Kael’thas, he was simply not good enough.

No one knows more about the power of blood elf magic than him, and no one knows more about Kael’s power than he is now.

“Well? That Xindare Golden Rod belongs to me so return it now.”

Kael’thas looked at Relas and gently stretched out his hand. The Xindare Golden Rod screamed and broke away from Relas’s hand and flew toward Kael’thas.

Facing such situation, Relas was stunned. He opened his mouth to say something, but in the end, he did not say anything. In front of Kael’thas, he did not dare to make any resistance. At this time, Kael’thas was the god of the blood elves.

Nicholas’s heart was also blooding. After all, it was one of the treasures of his family. Now, it was taken away by Kael’thas. However, he also simply did not dare to resist.

With the Xindare Golden Staff, Kael’thas is the real Kael’thas.

At this point, the two sides had once again engaged in a big battle. The evil orcs began to fiercely attack the adventurers, and the adventurers began to form formations to block the attacks.

Xiao Yu’s troops were still as strong as ever, but because these units had become more and more familiar, even without the command of Xiao Yu, they knew what to do.

At this time, Gul’dan flew up ahead and attacked. Kael’thas did not back off and directly summoned a fire phoenix and rushed toward Gul’dan’s skull.

Now the fire phoenix that Kael’thas summoned was much stronger than before. The phoenix gave a sharp scream and strong flames broke out.


The phoenix slammed on the top of Gul’dan’s skull, causing Gul’dan’s skull to be sent flying.

With the Xindare golden rod, Kael’thas’s mana reached a peak and it was much stronger than Gul’dan’s skull, which had not fully restored its strength.

Gul’dan snarled loudly. Once, he was also the most powerful warlock of the Orcs but now he got sent flying by the fire phoenix of Kael’thas, which really made him lose face.

Soon, from Gul’dan’s mouth, some complicated spells resounded. After the spell was heard by everyone, their souls began to shudder.

The warlocks were best at summoning and attacking souls.

Sure enough, after the spell was completed, everyone felt a headache. Many people with weak soul strength began to scream and ran around, as if they have gone crazy.

“The soul Scream.”

Xiao Yu immediately recognized the magic of Gul’dan. It was the soul attack that the warlocks were best at. If you continued to attack like this, you could even directly kill people with low soul strength.

In the midair, Kael’thas was also affected by Gul’dan’s attack; he backed off for dozens of meters. His mind was dizzy.

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