World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 459

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Kael’thas and Illidan were all his men. These two guys wanted to kill his men here. Could Xiao Yu agree?

When others watched the skull of Gul’dan and Horus at this time, they were afraid, but Xiao Yu did not fear at all so he argued back directly.

Seeing the behaviour of Xiao Yu, everyone present at the scene almost screamed at Xiao Yu’s stupidity, he dared to challenge Gul’dan and Horus at this time.

Isn’t he purely looking for death?

However, when Nicholas saw this, his heart shook a little, and then he smiled.

Xiao Yu was a really brave person. It could be said that even he himself was actually fearful of such a strong existence. But Xiao Yu, no matter who his opponent was, was still fearless.

Even the warriors like them, in front of Horus, I am afraid that the body will involuntarily tremble, but Xiao Yu is not a very strong body, but in front of Horus, but the face does not change colour, the momentum is not reduced, then It is true that you have a strong heart and a fearless spirit.

On the human side, everyone had a different opinion of Xiao Yu, but in the eyes of Horus, Xiao Yu’s behaviour was undoubtedly challenging his dignity.


Horus screamed and waved a huge spear directly to Xiao Yu. If this attack landed, Xiao Yu would probably be minced.

This spear was a spear in the hand of Horus, but in the hands of others, it was like a big pillar. No one doubted the power of this attack. Anyone present might not be able to block it.

Xiao Yu used teleportation and went straight to hide.

However, Horus’s strength had reached an unpredictable level so his ability to lock on the enemy was very powerful. After Xiao Yu teleported, he immediately locked on Xiao Yu again. Spear instantly arrived at Xiao Yu.

However, Xiao Yu had just used his teleportation skill so it would take a while to use it again.

How could Horus give Xiao Yu this time? Horus wanted to kill Xiao Yu. To tell you the truth, for Horus, killing Xiao Yu was really not much different from crushing an ant.

Since Xiao Yu couldn’t always teleport, Isn’t he dead?

This time, Xiao Yu didn’t teleport either he used flash to dodge. Instead, he kept staring at Horus straight with a playful expression.


Horus’s spear smashed on Xiao Yu’s head. The spear was like a huge pillar while its spearhead was bigger than Xiao Yu’s head.

However, nothing awe-aspiring happened as everyone thought. Spear didn’t even touch Xiao Yu’s body because Xiao Yu’s body was covered by a transparent protective layer.

Although the transparent protective layer was very thin, a powerful spear attack that could knock the mountain off was completely incapable of passing through the layer.

The hand of protection!

The hand of protection was immune to all physical attacks, no matter how powerful the attack was, even if it could destroy the dark temples at once, but as long as hand of protective was in play, then Xiao Yu would be fine.


Horus did not believe that he couldn’t smash Xiao Yu with his spear so he attacked again. However, Xiao Yu still stood there, as if he was a small cockroach who couldn’t be killed.

The reason why Xiao Yu dared to clamour with Horus was actually because of this skill.

In fact, now if Horus used any magical attack, it was guaranteed that Xiao Yu would be killed, but he did not know the secret of the hand of protective.

So, Horus could only snarl there, but it couldn’t really hurt Xiao Yu.

At this time, a huge muffled sound resounded. Everyone who heard the sound felt their scalp go numb.

A nunchaku which was not inferior to the size of the spear of Horus slammed on the head of Horus. Everyone heard the sound of the iron smashing on the flesh.

Behind Horus, a tall figure emerged, and it was no other than little dragon.

From the beginning, Xiao Yu’s objective was only to attract the attention of Horus so that little dragon could sneak attack.

Although Horus was at the peak of sixth-order, the dragon’s nunchaku directly hit his head which caused to feel dizzy.

“What are you waiting for? Illidan attack!” After Little dragon landed a successful hit, Xiao Yu immediately yelled.

The effect of the hand of protection was disappearing at this time. Xiao Yu could not be polite.

The body of Horus was extremely strong but it still had weaknesses. Xiao Yu didn’t know where the weakness of Horus was, but he believed that no one would feel good if he got attacked at certain place.

When Illidan heard the voice of Xiao Yu, he immediately swooped down and his two knives stuck at Horus.

At the same time, Xiao Yu attacked at Horus’s nether region with his axe causing Horus to scream in pain.

It was too painful!

Just now he was directly hit by little dragon’s nunchaku so he was feeling dizzy. At this time, his nether region was attacked by Xiao Yu’s axe.


Horus wanted to use a spear to resist Illidan’s double knife as soon as possible, but the severe pain in his nether region was distracting.

Now, Illidan was on top of Horus, and the dragon was behind him, Xiao Yu was attacking his nether region from underneath.

The powerful abyss lord, who was originally horrified by everyone, is now like a clown. The obese body is constantly twisting and sneaking into the rain.

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