World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 458

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This huge figure was recognized by Xiao Yu at a glance. It was the lord of the abyss. Although Xiao Yu knew that an abyss lord was summoned, Xiao Yu did not know exactly which one was summoned.

Xiao Yu did not find it strange that Augustus could summon the abyss lords. Since mutated evil orcs were present here, it meant that Augustus must be associated with the lord of the abyss. After all, for the evil orcs to mutate, they must have the blood of the abyss lord.

“The great Horus, how come you come here personally?” After a shock, Augustus said suddenly and humbly.

The name of this guy was Horus.

“Oh… Augustus, do you think that your little tricks can win my eyes? Don’t think that after you have used us, you can rule the continent yourself. Your master, Gul’dan, had long become an old antique. Now the world belongs to us, haha…”

Horus laughed loudly and the light around him gradually dimed, and his huge body was revealed.

Everyone looked at this huge guy and felt very shocked. Just its body was enough to crush everything.

This huge guy made everyone feel the threat of life.

“What should I do?” Nicholas went beside Xiao Yu and asked with an extremely serious face.

Although he said that he was looking for Gul’dan’s skull this time, he himself had some other motives but everything had gone far beyond his expectations.

This big guy was definitely more powerful than the Gorloc leader.

The Gorloc leader’s strength had nearly reached the seventh level for a while, it was only a temporary improvement but this guy’s overall strength was much more powerful.

If there was only Horus present, they could still take all their cards out to Horus, but there were so many evil orcs around along with that mysterious power. It was very difficult to confront them all.

The situation was very bad.

“What to do? In the face of absolute strength, all the tricks are in vain.” Xiao Yu said helplessly.

In the face of such an opponent, Xiao Yu had no other trick.

However, just when everyone’s eyes were on Horus, a roar resounded.

“I was imprisoned for 10,000 years.”

“Now, I am back but you still dare to break into my territory.”

“You are looking for death!”

Illidan’s body had completely integrated with that phantom. At this time, Illidan seems to have become another person.

Rather, he had changed back to the original himself – A devil that made everyone fear.

A powerful aura broke out from Illidan’s body and it was not inferior to the Horus but even more powerful.


Suddenly, all the magic stones on the altar broke out with a strong light. The skull of Gul’dan also shined brilliantly at this moment. The skull suddenly became as big as a grinding disc. A green fire was burning in his eye sockets.

“Oh… it’s coming, this moment has finally arrived. I will go to the world and become the master of this continent.”

Something unexpected happened at this time. The mysterious energy suddenly broke through the barrier then took shape of a phoenix. The Phoenix directly flew toward Kael’thas and entered into his body.

Xiao Yu wanted to stop it because he didn’t know how it would effect Kael’thas but it was too late.


The body of the Phoenix and Kael’thas merged together while releasing powerful shock waves.

“Jaina, I am back, are you still okay?”

After a moment, the image of the Phoenix has once again turned into Kael’thas. Several green fireballs were floating around him.

“It seems that Kael’thas is really in love with Jaina.” Xiao Yu sighed.

“How could this be? How could this be?” Augustus was very angry as well as upset.

Originally, he wanted to use the body of Illidan to resurrect Gul’dan, which would make Gul’dan super powerful. But now, Illidan seemed to have awakened the consciousness of past self, making him unable to merge with the skull of Gul’dan.

The skull of Gul’dan had also awakened at this moment so it had also completely broken out from his control.

Everything had developed in another completely unpredictable direction.

“Horus, what do you mean by coming here?” At this time, Gul’dan spoke first.

Horus snorted and said: “You are trying to get such a big thing here. Why can’t you call me, so that I can also have a share of this cake.”

Gul’dan snorted and said: “No problem, anyway, there are so many things here, I can’t swallow it. Let’s kill them together. You can help me absorb that Illidan, and then you can take whatever else you want.”

When Horus heard Gul’dan say this, his face revealed a sneer as he said “Really?”

Gul’dan did not hesitate: “Of course, I only need this Illidan. Once upon a time, he absorbed my strength and bound me. This time, I want to occupy his body and bind him.”

Horus smirked and said: “Okay, no problem, I have a huge hatred with this guy. I also want to kill him.”

“If it wasn’t for your sudden arrival, the powerful spatial disturbance would not have caused his consciousness to awaken. I would have already occupied his body for a long time. It can be said that the current situation is caused by you. Now, help me, just absorb him. With him, I can occupy this continent. By then, as an ally of mine, you can also share huge benefits.” Gul’dan continued.

“That’s also true, let us kill them, oh…” Horus sent out unpleasant laughter.

“You think that you can kill us anytime you want. Do you think it is that simple?” At this time, Xiao Yu stood up with a big axe and looked coldly at the two.

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