World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 457

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The hope of getting everything done quickly originally held by Augustus was completely shattered by Xiao Yu’s bombs.

Even a sixth-order powerhouse would found it hard to resist. If it was to be fired several times, it was definitely capable of finishing off a sixth-order powerhouse.

“Bastard!” Augustus had really underestimated Xiao Yu. He not only underestimated the triumph cards Xiao Yu had in his hands, but also Xiao Yu’s battle tactic.

Augustus was really caught off guard by Xiao Yu’s unordinary battle tactics. Since Xiao Yu did not follow the common sense, his previous preparations were completely out of use.

No one knew that Xiao Yu would come up with such strange battle tactics, catching them off guard.

Xiao Yu watched the six sixth-order powerhouses and Illidan’s virtual body getting closer and closer. He was feeling very anxious.

At this time, Xiao Yu suddenly felt a great threat from behind and his back was soaked in cold sweat.


A dagger directly stabbed Xiao Yu’s back but it wasn’t able to take Xiao Yu’s life.

The sixth-order assassin, watching Xiao Yu safe and sound, pulled a long face. He could not help but feel slightly wrong.

On concentrating, he found out that Xiao Yu’s body was covered by the golden light that looked like a thin membrane, but it still resisted his ultimate assassination skill. Even if the opponent was twice as powerful as him, he would definitely be killed by his ultimate move, but Xiao Yu blocked it

Xiao Yu had learned the Uther’s Divine Shield and the hand of protection. When dagger was going to be plunged in Xiao Yu’s heart from behind, Xiao Yu immediately unleashed divine shield and hand of protection on himself without hesitation. Even if this assassin had a strong move, he would not succeed in his objective.

As an excellent assassin, after missing his best opportunity, he knew that he should not attack again. Otherwise, you would be likely dead.

Therefore, sixth-order assassin directly retreats far away, no longer chasing Xiao Yu.

Tyrande still did not relax, still chasing him with the death mark to prevent him from assassinating Xiao Yu again.

Tyrande extremely valued the safety of Xiao Yu, Although her good feelings for Xiao Yu had not yet reached 100 full marks, Tyrande was already very loyal to Xiao Yu.


At this time, a huge explosion took place. In front of everyone, a hole was opened in the altar by a strong beam of light.

It was Nicholas who had fired the magical cannon and opened the way to the altar.

“Xiao Yu, quickly destroy the altar.” As Nicholas looked at the body of Illidan and the illusionary shadow which would soon be combined, Nicholas could not help but shout loudly.

Xiao Yu said loudly: “Do not worry; I will never let this bastard resurrect Gul’dan.”

Just as Xiao Yu finished speaking, his body started to blur. Soon his body divided into 45 avatars as he rushed toward the altar.

With such a powerful skill as Juggernaut, Xiao Yu couldn’t let this opportunity go. These 45 avatars, each with an attack power of 50% of Xiao Yu’s body.

Looking at Xiao Yu who was rushing toward the altar, Augustus laughed as he loudly said: “It’s too late, everything is late now. Do you think you have a chance to pull it up? Haha, I told you, this world will be shrouded in darkness and the great Gul’dan will rule the world.”

Xiao Yu suddenly screamed: “F#ck Off!”

Augustus immediately gnashed his teeth as if he couldn’t wait to tear apart Xiao Yu. Augustus has decided to kill Xiao Yu right here and now.

Augustus was a sixth-order warlock so his strength was definitely powerful. Last time Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo had fought with Augustus for a long time.

“The Doomsday messenger, listen to my call. Come to the world.” Augustus was a warlock and summoning magic was his masterpiece.

Seeing a huge summoning magical array appear in the sky, Xiao Yu unceremoniously threw a dynamite bag on it.


With a loud bang, a bundle of dynamites exploded. But when Xiao Yu looked up, he found that the magic array was not damaged at all.

Augustus’s face revealed a sneer.

At this time, a horrible giant appeared on the summoning array, releasing fierce killing intent.

Even Augustus himself was scared, he just wanted to summon the doomsday messenger. What is this situation?

It was definitely not a doomsday messenger.

Although the warlock had a certain chance to fail or mistake when summoning the demon, he was a sixth-order warlock. He was very good at this. It could be said that he was already a master-level figure.

How can he commit such a mistake?

Everyone looked at this huge figure, and they were all shocked. This powerful aura has definitely reached the peak of the sixth order.

“F#ck! The lord of the abyss.” Xiao Yu shouted.

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