World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 456

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When dozens of bombs exploded together, the explosion caused by it was absolutely amazing.

“Hey Xiao Yu! What have you used? How is it better than my magical cannon?” Nicholas who was squatted on the ground asked while coughing and fanning the dust coming over.

Xiao Yu snorted and said: “Do you think that only you have triumph card under your sleeve and this Laozi have no card? To tell you the truth, this Laozi has many cards”

“I am just joking with you. Let’s not talk nonsense, hurry and take out magical cannon to stop Gul’dan’s resurrection.” Xiao Yu was covered in dust because of the explosion.

“I know, you are responsible for destroying the altar. I am responsible for the overall deployment and killing this guy together.” Nicholas quickly stood up and waved his hand while issuing commands to all people.

When being serious, Nicholas’s leadership ability was absolutely superb. Even those who were not Nicholas’s men followed Nicholas’s commands at this time.

At this time, everyone knew that it was necessary to stop the resurrection of Gul’dan. Otherwise, all of them would end up dead. They would definitely be sacrificed for resurrection of Gul’dan.

Instead of death, it’s better to fight and get rid of these guys; maybe they could even fish in the troubled water and get some good things. Along the way, countless adventurers had lost their lives so people who have survived the ordeal made a fortune.

Everyone was carrying some good stuff either brought by them with themselves or robbed from dead.


Taking advantage of the chaos between evil orcs, Xiao Yu threw out a bundle of explosive again. Even Augustus was a surprised because he did not expect that Xiao Yu had such a thing. The weapon of Xiao Yu could be used quickly again and again without wasting time.

Although Nicholas’s magical cannon was powerful, it also took long time to prepare for shooting again.

But a bundle of dynamites was different because it could be used in next to no time so there is no way to stop it. It power was fierce too making it lethal weapon.

Once the bomb is pulled, it will explode if it touches a little, so they don’t want to pack the explosives.

“Block him, stop that guy and don’t let him throw out that stuff again.” Augustus screamed in anger.

People in black who received order, just nodded, didn’t say a word, and rushed straight toward Xiao Yu.

Their figure blurred as they rushed ahead. Although there were several people in front of Xiao Yu, they were easily dealt with.

“What the hell! How could all of them be sixth-order powerhouses?” Xiao Yu was shocked, although he knew that this mysterious force was powerful, but he did not expect the other party to have so many sixth-order powerhouses.

Although Xiao Yu had now reached the fifth level, combining the skills of many heroes, he was powerful, but he could not hold so many six-stage fighters.

With Xiao Yu’s current strength and skills, he would not lose against a single sixth order powerhouse, but he could definitely not go against several sixth order powerhouses.

However, although Xiao Yu couldn’t beat them, he could still escape with his skill and treasures.

One of the mysterious black clothed men stuck out his sword with his full strength at Xiao Yu, intending to finish him off in one blow.

When these people thought that this sword would kill Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu’s body disappeared immediately.

If Xiao Yu had not reached the fifth-order, even with his teleportation ability, it was difficult to escape from these six-order powerhouses.

A sixth-order powerhouse uses his mental power to lock on opponent’s position, making it difficult for the opponent to escape or interfere with the other party’s actions.

However, after Xiao Yu has reached the fifth stage, he had acquired skills like Vision. He was very sensitive to the mental power.

If Xiao Yu had only used teleportation, it was easy for the other party to catch up with him. However, in addition to the teleportation, he had also unleashed flash, interception and sprint. Use of all these skill made it difficult for the other party to catch up with him.

“Hurry up and help, but if you don’t help me, I will die. If I am dead, you will not be able to know how to absorb Gul’dan’s skull. Even if you get it, you will not be able to use it at all. If Gul’dan got resurrected, he will kill you all.”

In fact, among these people, there were many strong people who had not revealed themselves. Even some sixth-order powerhouses were hidden among them, but they had not revealed themselves.

When he heard Xiao Yu’s yelling, Nicholas immediately let Relas help him, and at the same time gave Leonardo a look, so that he could also quickly help Xiao Yu to defend himself.

For now, they couldn’t lose Xiao Yu.

Leonardo nodded. He didn’t say much. He sent old blade to go up. At the same time, several other fifth-order fighters and assassins were also dispatched to disturb other sixth-order powerhouses to win time for Xiao Yu.


Suddenly, one of the sixth-order powerhouses was attacked by a Grom. Although Grom was a fifth-order but with his power and invincible combat skills, fighting a sixth-order powerhouse was not a problem.

Even if he couldn’t beat the sixth-order powerhouses, Grom could still keep him busy for a long time.

The other sixth-order powerhouse was just about to chase down Xiao Yu, but suddenly a huge figure appeared in front of him, slamming down a huge trident.

The sixth-order powerhouse was shocked and quickly defended. However, he felt a strong sense of danger from behind.

The man’s body flashed continuously, avoiding the huge Trident attack and blocking the sharp arrow.

He turned his head and saw that the cold-faced Wasi Qi was shooting at him, and not far from him, Naintus’s shadow stood there, like a god staring at him.

Naintus had become a soul guard of Wasi Qi. When Wasi Qi was in need, she could summon him to help her fight in melee.

Now, Naintus could also use Wasi Qi’s mana to gain more power. That was to say, the stronger the Wasi Qi was, stronger the Naintus would be. He and Wasi Qi now had their souls liked.

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