World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 455

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An evil skull was placed on the top of alter, releasing a powerful aura ceaselessly.

The skull on the altar, needless to say, was the purpose of their trip, the skull of Gul’dan.

Around the altar, there were many people standing there. Those people were dressed in black robes. They stood there quietly, silently, but with extremely powerful momentum.

When everyone saw these people, they all took a cold breath because that lineup was just too strong.

They couldn’t even believe that such a powerful force exists on this continent.

Every single one of them was enough to stand proudly on this continent. Now, these people were just the vanguard of this power. With such power, how powerful all their power would be.

Even big family like Nicholas’s and Leonardo’s, I am afraid, can’t compare with this power.

For the mysterious forces, Nicholas naturally had investigated, but the more they investigate, the more unfathomable they feel.

In the beginning, they thought that this power would be stronger than them, but it would not be too strong. But now, the power of this force was really shocking to them.

Now, they could already conclude that their strength was definitely not an opponent of this force. Their power was really too big.

“Haha…you have finally arrived, but you can only end up as dead for our goal of dominating the world.”

Augustus was standing right in front of the altar and looking at everybody with an extremely evil smile.

“F#ck off!” Xiao Yu patted the dust on his body and then stared at Augustus before saying: “Do you think that you guys can resurrect that Gul’dan? That guy has been dead for 10,000 years. With his skull, you can resurrect him. Don’t f#cking dream. Do you really think that we are only ants at your mercy? Even if we are ants, we are a group of eater ants. We will eat you guys.”

Nicholas also stood up immediately and said with a ​​laugh. “Indeed, what Xiao Yu said it is right. Don’t think that you have a lot of troops here. Win or lose doesn’t just depend on the quantity. I don’t know how many people will die when my magical cannon is launched?”

Both Nicholas and Xiao Yu knew that at this time, they must not let everyone’ morale decrease. They must mobilize the morale of everyone.

“Listen you, stupid men, everything is useless. Now, the ceremony is about to begin and you all must become sacrifices for it.” Augustus did not care about anyone else. Instead, he looked at Xiao Yu with a sharp light in his eyes.

As Xiao Yu saw the appearance of Augustus, he suddenly had a bad feeling about it.

Augustus gave a strange smile and suddenly muttered a spell. With the spell, the magic stones on the altar, all lit up together, releasing various lights. Soon these lights formed a pattern in midair.

That pattern was very weird. It seemed like a human figure, but in short, this pattern carried an extremely powerful force, which makes people feel frightened.

Xiao Yu wanted to take the lead and attack the other side to interrupt Augustus’s spell. However, looking at the lineup of the black-clothed mysterious men, Xiao Yu knew that it was difficult to interrupt Augustus.

Xiao Yu blinked and looked at the mysterious black men. These people had surrounded them, if Xiao Yu attacked now, they would be intercepted by mysterious black men.

The spell gradually entered its climax, and a huge figure formed of lights began to become more realistic. When the huge figure formed of lights finally formed, Xiao Yu suddenly screamed and finally understood the other party’s conspiracy.

“F#ck! Even dare to have idea against my subordinate, see that I will not kill you.”

This human figure was no one else other than Illidan.

The Augustus, from the beginning, wanted to use Illidan. It’s no wonder that Illidan was paralyzed after meeting this guy.

He wanted Xiao Yu to bring Illidan here, and then use Illidan’s body to resurrect Gul’dan.

To say whose body was best for absorbing the power of Gul’dan’s skull, then it was definitely Illidan. When Illidan passed away, he absorbed the power of Gul’dan’s skull and became a demon so he was definitely powerful.

If the resurrection succeeded, Illidan would no longer be his man but would become a brand new Gul’dan.

And Xiao Yu could never allow it to happen.

“F#ck them up! Beat the hell out of them!” Xiao Yu shouted loudly. At this time, Xiao Yu is really anxious.

His own hero being taken away by others, this was what Xiao Yu couldn’t tolerate.


Tyrande, Wasi Qi, and Kael’thas all began to attack the human figure along with Griffin Knights. Griffin Knights released a cluster of lightning, which hit the human figure.

However, beyond their expectation, no matter how powerful their attacks were, but it did not affect fake Illidan at all, as if he was completely immune to all attacks.

“This father still does not believe that you can take away my hero.” Xiao Yu directly pulled out a huge bundle of dynamites from the space ring and threw them at evil orcs.


With a loud bang, a huge mushroom-shaped cloud rose up and blown up the entire ground. The evil orcs who were neatly arranged fell into the chaos after being bombarded.

The explosive power of this was really too frightening. Its destructive power can compare with Nicholas’s magical cannon.

Xiao Yu found these bombs from the dungeon of the Gorloc leader.

Originally, these things were not so powerful, and it was not bad to be able to injure a person at most. The reason why this happened was that Xiao Yu had detonated a bundle of explosive together. The power was greatly different.

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