World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 453

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With a loud noise, the big fists of Hellfire waved and surroundings were in mess. Looking at the situation, all those who were close fled away.

The stones thrown out by the hellfire were like bombs. When they reached the ground, they would explode and form a huge shock wave.

Those adventurers who didn’t have strong defence were very anxious that even if they didn’t die, they would be seriously injured. Hellfire truly deserved his name.

Unlike Naintus, the soul of Hellfire was created by the warlocks. It was not an autonomous soul. He completely obeyed the warlock. Therefore, he must completely kill everyone before he could stop.

Now, since Naintus had been dealt with, they just needed to get rid of hellfire to advance ahead.

However, Xiao Yu’s mind was not on the Hellfire, but on the gleaming red energy.

Xiao Yu was sure that energy was left behind by the blood elves, once he could get his hands on it, his subordinate’s strength would be greatly improved.

It was not only Xiao Yu who noticed the existence of that energy. Others were naturally no fools. Those strong, naturally, were extremely sensitive to energy. They also noticed it at the beginning.

However, no one went ahead, they were watching other people’s actions.


At this time, the ground began to shake as if the entire temple was about to collapse. Numerous gravels fell from the roof.

Xiao Yu was also surprised. He didn’t know what had happened.

“Haha… you vulgar mortals, even dare to come here, this place will inevitably become your grave.”

A voice spread in the hall, with strong momentum.

“It’s that guy, Augustus.” Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo immediately recognized the owner of the voice.

“Everything is pointing toward him. It seems that he has been planning this for a long time, waiting for the arrival of these people, what is his conspiracy?”

Xiao Yu said solemnly.

Until now, everything seemed to be in the calculations of Augustus. It seems that everyone was a pawn in his game, waiting for his mercy.

This feeling was not like by Xiao Yu. Nikola and Leonardo also did not like it.

In fact, no one likes this feeling, but they were in a passive situation here, it was difficult to pull back now. Even if Xiao Yu knew more about this place, but after so many years, many things had happened here so many were out of his calculations.

Furthermore, Augustus had always lived in the sunset swamp. It could be said that he had been planning every day.

How can Xiao Yu be able to compare with a few thousands of years of planning?

“Gul’dan! It seems that they may really want to resurrect Gul’dan.” Xiao Yu sighed. No matter what the plot of Augustus was, but its goal should be only one and that was the resurrection of Gul’dan.

Gul’dan, the greatest warlock of the Orcs, was also very powerful. If Gul’dan was resurrected, then it was really possible to lead the pillage clan and the evil orcs to reignite the war.

At this time, people suddenly realized that powerful energy suddenly came out from all around, and all gathered together to support the entire hall.

The hall, which had been collapsed, gradually stabilized as if it had been held by an invisible big hand.

However, this did not make Xiao Yu feel at ease but instead shocked him. What is this power? It’s so powerful. What is it for?

Xiao Yu looked carefully and found these energies were densely intervened. They seemed like a huge net that had covered all the scenes.

“This is troublesome.” Xiao Yu immediately said.

With the appearance of these energies, Hellfire suddenly bowed. It did not attack further but instead quickly retreated to a corner of the hall.

Just after the Hellfire stood in that corner, a huge six-pointed star pattern emerged on the ground, and a white light flashed, wrapping the hellfire within it.

Then the hellfire was gone.


Everyone was thinking about a way to deal with this hellfire, but it just left unexpectedly.

Those undead creatures seemed to be out of power at this time. They issued a muffled sound than either turned into smoke or fell directly on the ground.

“They are going to start something.” Xiao Yu suddenly said.

“Yes, everyone be careful! Now if everyone doesn’t want to die, they will listen to me and Xiao Yu’s orders.” Nicholas said loudly.

Some people in the crowd were dissatisfied with Nicholas’s attitude, but there was no objection.

Xiao Yu has saved them several times and Nicholas was the patriarch of the Ernst family. He had a powerful force so that even if they were not satisfied, they could not oppose.

“Xiao Yu, guess what they are doing?” Nicholas looked around and asked with his eyes.

“They want to start some kind of ritual and we seem to have become their sacrifices.” Xiao Yu shook his head and sighed.

From the words of Augustus, plus all the things that have been happened in the past, Xiao Yu guessed this. It was certainly not so easy to resurrect Gul’dan because certain conditions were needed to be fulfilled for ritual.

The resurrection of Aegwynn was already a good example. Since one was to be resurrected, the sacrifice could not be avoided, and the blood of so many powerful people on the scene was a perfect thing.

All the people who heard what Xiao Yu became nervous and dispirited. Now all of them began to regret their decision of coming here.

Xiao Yu noticed everyone’s nervousness so he said while laughing “Don’t worry everyone! If Augustus can really kill us, he should have already started, will he wait until now?”

“He still has to wait till all conditions were fulfilled. This is our chance. Now, we have already seen through his game, and from now we will show him our strength.”

“Yes, we will not let him go!”

“We will show him our strength!”

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