World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 452

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Since Naintus’s attacks failed to kill Alonso, he shifted his target and went to other people.

At this time, the closest to Naintus was Wasi Qi. Wasi Qi looked at Naintus while holding the bow in her hand, but did not do anything.

In the face of Naintus attack, Wasi Qi did not dodge but looked straight at Naintus with her pair of clear eyes.

Xiao Yu was anxious. This Wasi Qi was screwed up. Do you think that you can wake Naintus by your inspiration? If you can’t, your own life will be lost here.

Xiao Yu was anxious and was about to teleport to help Wasi Qi but at next moment, Naintus’s trident suddenly it stopped in midair.

In the eyes of Naintus, a strange dark green light flashed and his body began to tremble.

“Lord…man…master…” Naintus looked at Vasque, and there was a virtual tear in his eyes. The huge body, this moment, seemed to be so gentle.

At this time, Vasic also swam and walked toward Naintus, to the side of Naintus, and patted her shoulder gently.

Naintus suddenly burst into tears and shouted “Master, this Naintus waited for you to come back. I finally met you. It has been 10,000 years. Ah, I finally met you.”

Xiao Yu who was about to teleport, when saw it, stopped again.

It seemed that Naintus was really loyal to Wasi Qi. Even after 10,000 years, this buddy had such deep loyalty for Vasque.

Looking at the eyes of Naintus, he knew that this guy defiantly had secret crush on Wasi Qi for many years.

For his queen, he could do whatever he needed to. The brave general had been waiting for the arrival of his queen here for so many years.

Many people who had already frightened retreated. Several of them had raised their shields for confrontation. Because Naintus suddenly became stronger, they could not resist, but no one expected such a huge reversal. This made them widen their eyes.

A strong man also has a time of vulnerability.

However, at this time, suddenly Naintus screamed on the top of his lungs with an extremely painful look.

“Naintus, Naintus.” Wasi Qi was yelling on the side, very anxiously.

“Master… I… I am being controlled, you go, or I may hurt you.” Naintus was obviously controlling himself, but the power seemed to be so powerful that he couldn’t resist at all.

“Come away, otherwise it will be dangerous.” Xiao Yu immediately shouted. Everyone had seen the power of Naintus just now, it was almost unstoppable.

Now, the battle with Hellfire was still in full swing. If Naintus went crazy again, the situation would become even more troublesome.


Naintus roared and his huge body suddenly slammed into the wall. With a loud bang, the wall was directly collapsed by collision.

You should know, the walls here are all very hard, and they are more than one meter thick. Even then they collapsed by Naintus’s hit. What kind of power is this?


With continuous bangs, Naintus continued to collide with things around him while holding his head. He seemed to be using this way to resist the control of the mysterious man.

At this time, the fierce fight between Maiev and hellfire was still going on. Although Maiev was very powerful, hellfire was strong too. Maiev’s deity’s revenge skill was still in cooldown, otherwise, summoning could increase his combat power by a lot.


The Bloodhoof’s eyes were always on Naintus. Seeing Maiev in a passive situation, bloodhoof directly rushed ahead.


The Bloodhoof directly unleashed barbaric collision causing hellfire to fell on the ground.

Bloodhoof was defending with shield. The Essinos barrier was extremely powerful, and it was absolutely enough for him to hold against such collisions.


However, the Hellfire was angered by the Bloodhoof. He jumped up and raised his pair of tank-like fists and slammed against the Bloodhoof.

Bloodhoof raised his shield and stuck it out to defend. A powerful force behind attack caused his feet to directly sink into the ground.

Falcao and Mawei knew that although Bloodhoof had withstood the attacks, he certainly couldn’t last long, so after catching breath; they immediately rushed ahead and chopped at the back of Hellfire.

Maiev’s wheel saw and Falcao’s twin blades were both powerful weapons. Since they had attacked together, the power behind the attack had reached a completely different level.

At this time, a big knife was cut on the body of Hellfire, and a stone was broken directly. When Xiao Yu fixed his eyes, this man was the old knife of Leonardo.

If he didn’t drink the weird liquid, he should have the same strength as Falcao, but Falcao had the help of Hakkalai’s twin blades. He would not be the opponent of Falcao.

But after he drank that liquid, his strength had increased significantly making him stronger than Falcao. Therefore, his participation was also extremely dangerous to hellfire.

All of them finally controlled the Hellfire temporarily. Otherwise, if Hellfire got out of control, he would inevitably cause tremendous damage.

At this point, Naintus who had gone mad smashed into the wall. Just as the wall fell down red light sprinkled everywhere.

“Well? What’s going on there? This blood-red lights… Is it…” Xiao Yu watched the red light inside the room. He speculated that it was related to an inheritance that was left in the past.

Xiao Yu gave a meaningful look to Kael’thas.

Kael’thas was also showed a shocked look. He looked at the blood-red light and clearly felt the energy of a familiar blood elf’s magic from it.

Moreover, that energy seemed to be extremely close to him like it was originally his but has been lost for a long time and was now back.

The body of Naintus seems to be covered with a layer of lightning. His whole body seemed to be begun to break down. However, his eyes revealed an extremely firm resolution. He looks at Wasi Qi with eyes full of blazing affection.

“Master…Master… Naintus can no longer protect you with flesh; I am willing to turn myself into a wisp of soul and attach it to your weapon and continue to guard you.”

At this time, Naintus seemed to have enduring great pain. Everyone who listened was feeling sour.

This iron man had such loyalty.

Soon the body of Naintus began to burn and finally turned into a blue coloured smoke ball, and then blue coloured smoke ball flew toward the bow of Wasi Qi.

Soon, that blue coloured smoke ball attached to the top of the bow and then went deep inside.

At this time, Wasi Qi who was already in tears muttered under her breath: “Naintus… Naintus…”

The escort, who had followed her whole life, at the last moment of his life, turned into a soul and attached himself to her weapon to continue to guard her.

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