World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 451

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Although hellfire was not a high-level beast, it did cause tremendous physical damages which gave a headache.

If there was only one hellfire, it was not very troublesome. There were so many people on the scene, there was always a way to get rid of this hellfire. The key was that Naintus was still here.

The team of these two guys was absolutely terrifying.


Just when everyone was still in a daze for this big guy, hellfire spat fire from his mouth. Many people who could not escape were almost burned to death. They were close to death.

“Take down this guy.” Xiao Yu shouted loudly.

“All shielded-warrior take turns his attention; don’t let him rush into the crowd.” Nicholas also ordered this time, once that guy rushed inside the chamber, the consequences were absolutely unimaginable.

Now many people were still in the chamber, the place was already small beforehand, if hellfire entered inside, the death and injury rate would be extremely high.

At this time, Maiev took the lead and rushed out, and unleashed a powerful wave of attacks on the body of Hellfire. After Maiev merged with revenge deity, her strength had improved by more than one grade. Although she still couldn’t reach the sixth order, her strength was no worse than the average sixth-order, so she would give hellfire hard time.

Although Hellfire was composed of stone and fire, his body had a soul and he felt pain too. After being beaten by Maiev, the hellfire immediately became angry and rushed toward Mawei.

Maiev did not face Hellfire head-on. She went to the back of Hellfire. Her sword was quickly cut the back of the neck of Hellfire several times.

Hellfire became even more violent. His big mouth opened and flames were sprayed out against Mawei. The colour of those flame was greenish, not only the burning intensity was amazing, but also came with a flame toxic. Once it was sprayed out on someone, it would definitely reduce opponent’s combat power immediately.

However, Maiev’s body was flexible; she quickly escaped from this flame attack by jumping. These flames sprayed onto a statue in the corner of the hall.

The statue, which was obviously made of extremely hard materials, was directly melted. In a blink of an eye, it turned into ashes. This scene made everyone feel chill.

Hellfire rushed to Maiev again, but this time, the mysterious boy also attacked at waist of Hellfire with his twin blades, leaving very deep wounds.

Xiao Yu looked at the boy and asked Nicholas on the side: “Do you know who this boy is? Why is it so powerful?”

Nicholas’s eyes flashed. After a while, he said: “I have seen this boy once. He is the son of the president of the Star Alliance. Since childhood, he has great talent. I didn’t expect him to grow up to this point after a few years.”

“The son of the president of the Star Alliance?” Hearing this, Xiao Yu suddenly took a breath. To the Star Alliance, Xiao Yu was no stranger.

The Star Alliance, on this continent, was definitely one of the top three trade unions. The reason why one of the top three, not the first second or third, was because it was difficult to say who was the first, second or third.

Similarly, the Ernst family of Nicholas and the Shaw family of Leonardo were more powerful but no one knew which was more powerful than others.

These things couldn’t be measured by simply looking at the surface.

“He is a half-elf?” Xiao Yu asked again.

Nikolay nodded and said: “Yes, the president of the Star Guild, Kappa, went out for an adventure, met a female elf who later gave birth to his son. However, the female elf refused to come to the world of mankind with him. She chose to stay in the forest.”

Xiao Yu nodded. He was the most experienced with elf’s stubbornness.

“What is his name?” Xiao Yu asked again.

“Falco,” Nicholas said faintly.

Xiao Yu nodded and remembered this name. Today, everyone was destined to remember the name. His performance was not inferior to that of the Maiev.

A youth, able to have such strength, was indeed a talent.

“How is your relationship with the Stars Alliance?” Xiao Yu suddenly smiled and asked.

“Not bad, what happened?” Nicholas said strangely.

Xiao Yu replied: “Nothing, I really like this kid, I want to pull him to my side.”

“Who do you think you are? The strength of the Stars Alliance is much stronger than yours. Even I have no way, can you have a solution?” Nicholas replied with a faint sneer on the corner of his mouth.

Xiao Yu smiles mysteriously and said: “I have a way.”

Nicholas couldn’t help but wonder. He didn’t know why Xiao Yu dared to say this but he absolutely didn’t despise him.

“We still have to get rid of that Naga, otherwise, with these two and so many undead creatures, we are done for.” Nicholas looked at Naga and said.

“Mimi vnfdh fewd mumv…”

At this time, suddenly a strange spell sounded, it seemed to come travelling from other space. The entire hall heard clearly.

All humans who heard this spell felt dizzy felt that something had intruded in their soul.

Those undead also heard that strange spell, at first, they had been shocked but at next moment they felt new gushing in their body. Their body was emitting strange green light, giving off a powerful momentum.

“What the hell? That bastard!! Let’s kill them first otherwise, there may be big troubles.” Xiao Yu shouted loudly.

But obviously, Xiao Yu’s warming was not so timely. Naintus, who was fighting with little dragon, also heard that strange spell, causing a green soul fire flash in his eyes. The wound on his body got healed completely.


Naintus roared and the trident slammed out toward the dragon. At this moment, the trident burst out with powerful momentum.


Although little dragon blocked the attack with his nunchaku, he was sent flying by strong momentum behind the attack.

Power of Naintus seemed to have doubled suddenly.

Seeing that Naintus was going to pursue the dragon, Alonso jumped over and used his cursed torch. The ice-blue flame fluttered and hit Naintus on the back.

Naintus screamed terribly and gave up chasing the little dragon, turned sharply and tried to attack Alonso.

The cursed torch filled with flames was very powerful, especially the flame that could directly burn the soul. It had a very powerful killing effect on the soul of Naintus.

In the beginning, although Alonso was also attacking, he did not do his best, because it would disrupt the fight between the little dragon and Naintus.

Now when Naintus was going to chase the dragon, he couldn’t stay silent anymore.


The trident of Naintus hit the stone wall, causing the stone wall to collapse but it was not able to injure Alonso.

As a powerful disciplinary paladin, Alonso had trained all kinds of martial arts, combat skills and so on.

Bang bang bang……

When Naintus missed the attack, he immediately waved the trident and attacked more quickly. Alonso had attacked his soul so he vowed to kill Alonso here.

Alonso ducked back and forth, but Naintus’s movement and attack speed were fast. After he dodged a few times, Alonso had nowhere to hide anymore. He could only defend himself. He suddenly screamed and raised the cursed torch to block Naintus.

Even little dragon was beaten by Naintus and got seriously injured, not to mention Alonso. The human body and the dragon body were too far different.

If this attack hit the mark, Alonso would be minced meat by the Naintus’s trident.

Everyone seemed to have forecasted the tragic results of Alonso. However, when Naintus’s attack landed on Alonso’s body, it did not produce a loud noise as everyone imagined but only produced a muffled noise.

Everyone was shocked when they found that Alonso’s body was covered with a faint glow.

The hand of protection!!!

Uther’s hand of protection once again saved Alonso. The cooling time of the hand of protection was not very long, only five minutes, so Uther could use it many times a day.

In fact, when Alonso was struggling and he was already meditating on Uther’s name, praying for God in his heart to save him. This time, the god he believed in saved him again.

Alonso looked at Uther with full of worship.

Naintus attacked a few time in a row, but no matter how much power his trident had, he couldn’t break that thin layer.

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