World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 450

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The little dragon’s nunchaku hacked down. With a bang, little dragon’s nunchaku and Naintus’s trident collided, forming a strong energy shock waves which forced both couple of steps back.

Little dragon stood up and looked at Naintus in anger.


Naintus roared and felt great anger at the man who dared to face him. As a high-ranking warlord, Naintus had once followed Wasi Qi to fight around. On the battlefield, he was the first to take the lead and fight fiercely. But today, he was directly forced back by by little dragon so he was naturally angry.

“Don’t dare to challenge the dignity of Naintus, you are looking for death.” Naintus screamed loudly, jerking up the trident and slamming against the ground.

Along with this attack, a strong earthquake wave spread out, carrying explosive power within it.

Although the bloodhoof’s body was powerful, it was still unable to withstand the impact of Naintus’s attack.

Even people who were a little far also felt pressure from the shockwave.

Making the little dragon bear the brunt was the main goal of this shock wave. If it hit little dragon directly, it would definitely be unbearable.

If the little dragon evaded it then there was no problem.  But just behind little dragon was Xiao Yu’s army so if he evaded it, there would be heavy causalities.

Therefore, when little dragon saw this, he gave up evading the attack and even threw away the nunchaku. The two claws stretched out to face the shock wave.


With a violent explosion, the people around him sent flying, smashing on the walls on both sides.

Dust was blown all over the scene. Everyone widened their eyes and looked at the scene. After dust settled down, everyone saw little dragon covered in blood, but his eyes were full of stubbornness and unyielding spirit.

Under Xiao Yu’s command, little dragon had experienced countless hard battles. Every time he fought bloody battles, his ability improved.

Current little dragon was no longer the cute little dragon of the past who only knew how to play. He was now a real warrior and a dragon.

Naintus was also shocked by the little dragon’s strength. However, Naintus was attacking and the little dragon was defending so naturally he suffered a loss. Naintus with his huge body rushed toward the little dragon.

The little dragon slammed his hind legs and also rushed toward Naintus.

Just when two men were about to collide, a shadow suddenly appeared and sneak attacked Naintus.

Everything happened in split second. When everyone looked at it clearly, they found that a person had just severely wounded Naintus.

“Who is this man?”

Xiao Yu was greatly shocked by this man’s skill. The strength of this person obviously did not reach the sixth order. However, the strength of this attack was powerful and almost not inferior to the sixth-order powerhouse.

Moreover, this person’s movement was really too fast, Naintus was also powerful, in fact, after being sneak attacked, Naintus also counterattacked, but this person cleverly dodged the attack.

“Good and powerful body.” Nicholas who was standing Xiao Yu was also surprised.

This person stood behind Naintus with a pair of cold eyes. His arrogant temperament and two beautiful one-handed swords in his hands make people fascinated by this powerful teenager.


This was definitely the first thought of everyone.

This boy, who seemed to be at most 20 years old, had a tall and slender figure. It was not like a human figure, but rather a kind of elf.

His ears are not as sharp as the elves, but his eyes had a layer of purple glow, which was obviously the characteristic of elves.

His milky white skin could even make women embarrassed.

“Semi-elf.” Xiao Yu recognized it at first glance. This person was definitely a hybrid of elves and humans.

At this time, Naintus originally wanted to turn around to attack this boy. However, the little dragon was now near him. If he turned around to attack this boy, he would definitely be attacked by little dragon’s nunchaku.

In that case, he must not attack.

He was already seriously injured by that sword attack of the boy. If he was hit by little dragon again, he would be even gravely injured.


Little dragon’s nunchaku hit the Naintus’s trident, immediately sending Naintus flying. After all, Naintus was seriously injured by the boy’s sneak attack and then he was attacked by a little dragon so he could not resist it.

While Naintus was attacked by the little dragon, the boy naturally refused to let go of this opportunity, his figure flashed again and appeared at the side of Naintus. The sword cut a few times in a row and Naintus once again received heavy injuries.

Naintus was sent flying by the dragon and was attacked again by the boy. The blood lion of Relais was also unceremoniously attacked him.

Naintus is very powerful and much stronger than Chris. However, there are more masters on the spot. All of them worked together to kill him so he was naturally in a tough spot.

Especially the strange and unpredictable teenager actually attacked him continuously.

“Get rid of him in one breath.” Xiao Yu saw the situation and shouted loudly.

Right now, Naintus was exhausted and severely wounded, about this truth; Xiao Yu knew best. If Naintus was allowed to escape, it would be difficult to kill him in future.

When everyone heard Xiao Yu’s order, they unleashed all kinds of attacks on Naintus to kill Naintus in one go.

However, at this time, suddenly everyone heard a roar again, a huge hellfire, suddenly came falling from the sky. It fell on the people attacking Naintus, the strong flame on his body directly burned many people into ashes.

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