World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 449

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In the past, Wasi Qi and Illidan were allies. In order to ensure the loyalty of Naga, Illidan asked Naintus to stay to help defend the dark temple.

Wasi Qi had no choice but to leave Naintus. In fact, this powerful Naga warrior had always been loyal to Wasi Qi.

Seeing the Naintus here, Xiao Yu suddenly rubbed his nose.

The Temple of Darkness had a lot to do with many heroes here. Therefore Xiao Yu could find traces of heroes everywhere.


At this time, the undeads in the hall roared with bloodthirsty eyes, looking at the approaching people.

“Kill!!!” Nicholas did not know what was Xiao Yu thinking so as he saw the undead rushing over, he immediately ordered and began to fight.

As everyone heard Nicholas’s voice, everyone immediately yelled and rushed ahead.

Two sides fiercely collided, causing chaos everyone. However, soon, everyone found that the strength of these undead was much higher than they imagined.


One after another magic was used, this time; magician became the main driving force to kill these undead. Physical damage to these undead was very limited, only those powerful magic could cause damage to them.

In the battle, people grow fast.

These heroes were same. Now, the Phoenix skill of Kael’thas had reached level 2 so it could summon two phoenixes at the same time.

The two phoenixes rushed out and stuck undead’s body blowing them up.

Wasi Qi saw Naintus with glimmer in his eyes as if recalling something.

However, Naintus was still far away and had not joined the fray, so Wasi Qi had not been able to get close to him.

In order to find out what Naintus was doing, Wasi Qi was very eager to rush forward, so she took up the magic longbow and continued shooting.

The undead shot by her immediately turned into ashes. Xiao Yu blinked and found that the tip of every arrow of Wasi Qi had magic casted on it.

“You despicable mortals, dare to invade the great dark temple!” Naintus looked at his men who were constantly killed with anger written all over his mouth.

Bang bang bang……

Naintus raised a huge trident with his hand. In a few moments, several fighters sent flying.

All fighters were incapable of resisting Naintus, even if it was the fifth-level peak fighter, it could not stop Naintus’s trident.

Although it had been 10,000 years, the strength of Naintus seemed to have increased.

Xiao Yu knew the horror of Naintus’s strength. Naintus at his peak was definitely a melee expert that anyone would be jealous.

The shield-wielding soldiers of Nicholas could even go against Chris, but in the face of Naintus, they were directly sent flying and couldn’t put even slightest resistance.

It could be said that the current Naintus’s strength was still above Chris.

When they killed Chris, it took a lot of effort and now it’s even more difficult to kill Naintus which was even more powerful.


A huge burst of water vapor broke out. It was the same skill as the Wasi Qi’s tide, but the intensity was much greater. It hit several people standing in front.

Several fighters couldn’t escape in time and were hit by the trident. Their bodies got directly penetrated by trident. Morale of all began to decrease rapidly.

“Bloodhoof, go up.” At this time, Xiao Yu knew that he must first stabilize the morale of the people. These people were not from same power. If the casualties were too heavy, they would immediately choose to escape. In that case, they would be in trouble.

It’s hard to get so many people here; we must rely on their strength, so we must stabilize the situation first.

Xiao Yu sent up the Bloodhoof. Nicholas and Leonardo were also unambiguous, and immediately sent people to stand up. Leonardo sent out the old knife. Old knife who was infinitely close to the the sixth-order, hacked down on Naintus’s body.

Nicholas also sent several other fighters. They were usually seemed invincible, but at this time, they were constantly dodging the attacks of Naintus and the weapons in their hands were constantly hitting Naintus.


Naintus let out a huge roar and his trident hit the Bloodhoof. Although the body of the Bloodhoof was strong, result would not be good if it was hit by Naintus.

So Bloodhoof immediately lifted his Essinos barrier to resist this attack.

With a loud bang, Bloodhoof’s feet directly sunk into the floor.

Looking at the power behind Naintus’s attack, everyone’s heart trembled. If Bloodhoof was replaced by any other person, they would definitely be killed directly.

Other warriors saw that they had the opportunity to take advantage of them. All kinds of attacks hit Naintus. They hoped to kill Naintus as soon as possible.

Bang bang bang……

Suddenly Naintus roared and water vapor around him condensed into countless trident shaped ice. Naintus waved his hand and countless trident shaped ice shot out. They directly pierced the bodies of people around Naintus.

Even a sergeant under Nicholas wasn’t able to escape and was killed directly.

Naintus’s group attack skills were actually a real headache. This attack was abnormally strong, even the bodies of the Bloodhoof and the little dragon could barely withstand this attack.

Naintus was going to attack again but at this Wasi Qi said something. He immediately stopped and looked at Wasi Qi with an incredible look.

“Queen… my queen…”

Although Naintus was muttering, but because of his great size, his voice was still very load, so everyone heard it clearly.

Everyone was shocked. The Queen? Wasi Qi is the queen of Naintus?

However, Naintus just woke up and then suddenly his eyes became red and fierce.

“You are the one who enslaves me, I want to kill you, I am the greatest king of the Naga.” Naintus suddenly screamed and rushed over to Wasi Qi.

“Naintus is getting controlled. Little dragon go.” Xiao Yu knew that the current Wasi Qi was not the opponent of Naintus, if she was killed by Naintus, it would be bad.

Little dragon got the command of Xiao Yu, gave an excited roar, and rushed toward Naintus.

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  1. Yup, the Naga Sea With is definitely Lady Vashj and NOT Wasi Qui…. A good translation, but you are extremely awful in regards to names and places.

      1. If you ever played Dota 2.

        Naintus > Naj’entus > Slardar
        Wasi qi > Vashj > Medusa/ Naga siren
        Grom > Juggernaut
        Cairne Bloodhoof > Earth shaker/ Axe
        Maiev > Phantom assasin/ Spectre
        Tyrande > Mirana
        Kael’thas > Invoker
        Thrall > Lycan maybe
        Uther > Omniknight
        Antonidas > KOTOL (Keeper of the light)
        Illidan > Antimage or Terrorblade who had the same name.

        Arthas > Abaddon
        Anub’arak > Nyx Assassin
        Ner’zhul > Lich

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