World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 448

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“Haha, I didn’t expect us to reach the same place. If that’s the case, then let’s go together. It should be near the altar. I believe that Augustus must have been waiting for us there.” said Xiao Yu.

“Oh? Then we have to be ready to face ambush on our way. It’s certainly not so easy for us to pass.” Nicholas replied.

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “Yes, have you contacted some other people?”

“Of course, we have notified some other people in various ways, telling them that there will be big events at that time, Gul’dan’s skull is very likely to appear, I believe they will not miss this opportunity,” Nicholas said with his eyes flashing. No one knew what was brewing in his mind.

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “This is good, to deal with Augustus, we alone are not enough because this time he is not alone. Right now, he not only controls the Frostwolf clan but also evil orcs.”

“Yes, that’s it, then where should we go next?” Nicholas also didn’t want to know how Xiao Yu got here.

He knew that he could no longer track every step of Xiao Yu.

Although they put tracking artefact on Xiao Yu’s body,  for some reason, artefact stopped working so they could no longer grasp the whereabouts of Xiao Yu.

However, they could only bear the losses, after all, if they fought Xiao Yu they definitely have to pay some price. For time being, these costs were intolerable.

At this time, a figure appeared at the end of the passage.

“Who?” Nicholas immediately asked, but they did not get any reply. There was silence everywhere.

At the end of the passage, they know that there was something waiting for them.

“Who is he? Is he an assassin?” Leonardo looked at the figure, coldly.

Xiao Yu said “Not necessarily an assassin, but it must be a master. That Augustus is definitely already ahead of us, waiting for us so we should hurry.”

Xiao Yu knew beforehand that rooftop was guarded by a powerful master.

Nicholas and Leonardo sent out a special signal for reinforcement

In fact, if you wanted to get to the rooftop, you have to pass through it. So, they needed more people more exactly — cannon fodders, but now they were scattered around, looking for treasures. They have to gather them as soon as possible.

They would let their cannon fodder go against the people of Augustus. Three of them would not be stupid enough to let their people fight against the people of Augustus. Among the three of them, one is savvier than others. How can they eat this kind of loss?

Xiao Yu sent Maiev to check out the situation on the other side. Xiao Yu was planning how to kill these people.

Soon, Maiev came back and reported the situation inside. According to Maiev’s detection, none of the things inside was living creatures. All of them were dead objects, either dead souls or resurrected dead bodies.

Xiao Yu was not surprised. As an evil warlock, Augustus had inherited the evil arts of Gul’dan so it was completely normal to make these things.

At this time, they suddenly heard the sound of a spell. At the same time, Illidan also began to utter various spells, which made people feel very mysterious.

It seemed that this mantra travelled here through time and space.

Illidan was still in a coma but It seemed that there was something in the dark that was trying to control him and linked him to another consciousness.

Here, it was once the place where Illidan ruled. Some place here might have the remnant of Illidan.

However, Xiao Yu was afraid that Illidan was likely to be under Augustus’s control. In the beginning, Augustus sent people to harass them but later he stopped sending people. All this indicated a huge conspiracy.

Augustus wanted to use Illidan.

Xiao Yu finally got to this conclusion.

Augustus was not a fool. As a sixth-order powerhouse, every step of the plan must be carefully calculated. Moreover, for the origin of Illidan, he should be very clear.

He has been thinking about resurrecting Gul’dan for so many years. He must have had a lot of understanding of everything he used to have. Perhaps, when Xiao Yu first appeared at the sunset swamp, Augustus had already started to have this idea.

“If this is your plan, then don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Xiao Yu was very angry about Augustus’s plan of controlling Illidan. He had already made up his mind to kill Augustus.

It was not long before more and more people began to gather here, preparing for the final battle and fighting for the skull of Gul’dan. They wanted to get stronger by absorbing the power of Gul’dan.

Watching more and more people coming over, Xiao Yu gave Nicholas a look. Nicholas immediately stepped forward and said “Everyone came here for the skull of Gul’dan. We have to work together to kill these people. If we can’t kill these people and pass this level, then they are likely to directly resurrect Gul’dan. At that time, we will get nothing, so we must work together.

“For this fight, we will have to rely on every means to kill them. If you want to hide strength here, wait until the end to fight for the skull of Gul’dan. Then I can guarantee that I will kill that person, right?”

“Yes, kill whoever hides strength.”

“Everyone let’s go” someone shouted.

A group of people rushed ahead and felt powerful yin energy gathered in the hall.

“What are the undead? How did they create these undeads?”

“It’s so powerful. Everyone should be careful.”

A huge figure reflected in the eyes of everyone.

“Naga! Did it turn out to be a Naga? Such a powerful Naga, it must have been very powerful during its lifetime.”

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