World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 447

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Xiao Yu didn’t rush in but sent Maiev to explore the passage. Now that Maiev got ‘Revenge Deity’ skill, her strength had been greatly improved. Even if she didn’t use this skill, only few people could beat her.

Moreover, Maiev herself was agile and could evade unexpected dangers, so she was the most suitable candidate for exploring the passage.

After Maiev enetered inside, she quickly searched the study room and did not leave anything unnoticed.

Although it was a study room, there were books inside. Maiev couldn’t understand why they were placed here. However, since they were, it was naturally a good thing.

Shortly after Maiev entered the passage, she came back and informed Xiao Yu that there was no danger inside. So everyone went in with Maiev.

This passage was not very long. After about two or three minutes, they reached an old room, it seemed to be study.

Xiao Yu was very fond of the study room. The books inside them were sometimes more precious than those good weapons.

However, there was not many collections of books. There are only a few books scattered on the ground. It seems that someone had left them in a hurry.

For these things, Xiao Yu did not leave them and all of them were collected.

The door of this study was an extremely strong iron gate. Xiao Yu wanted to open the iron door and go straight out from here, but found it difficult to open.

Xiao Yu called out the goblin and let him go and see. These things should be left to professionals.

The goblin went to the front of the door and began to study. After some time he said to Xiao Yu: “There is no big problem with this door. It got rusted just because of the time.”

Xiao Yu heard it and immediately looked at the Bloodhoof.

The Bloodhoof immediately walked up. He lifted his big axe and attacked fiercely at the iron door.


With a loud noise, the whole room shook, causing a cloud of dust to form. But the iron door didn’t budge an inch. Bloodhoof continued to attack again and again.

“Grandma! What is this door made of? How is it so strong? Goblin goes and check some way to open it.” Xiao Yu coughed and ordered.

The goblin started to knock here and there to hear the sound produced by it. He searched for various places to see if there was any hidden compartment.

Xiao Yu also looked around but did not find anything useful.

However, after Xiao Yu looked around for a long time, he found a chandelier to be a bit strange. In this room, there was nothing else besides some bookshelves.

Now, these bookshelves had been dismantled by orcs, almost all of them become pieces, and there was nothing useful. The only decoration here was a huge chandelier.

The decoration here was the work of the blood elves, very noble and elegant. However, this chandelier was a bit too big.

“Go and look at this chandelier.” Xiao Yu ordered.

With a bang, Maiev has jumped over the chandelier and observed it carefully. Looking at the chain of the chandelier, she suddenly attacked.

Entire study room shook vigorously. In front of Xiao Yu, in the centre of the study, a table emerged from the ground. On top of the table, there was a huge shield. The shield was rectangular and completely made of iron with countless iron spikes. It looked extremely powerful and heavy.

” Aixinnuosi barrier!” Xiao Yu immediately called.

The so-called Aixinnuosi barrier was the best shield ever

This shield was definitely a most powerful defensive artefact. It could protect the whole body. As long as the strength of the opponent was not too strong, there was basically no way to cross the shield to hit you.

When everyone saw this thing, they were shocked. This thing was really powerful. Just looking at the faint magical glow from the shield, you could feel it.

The bloodhoof took the shield directly and placed it in front of himself. Although he was so tall, shield still covered half of his body.

“If I hold this thing, who can beat me?” said the Bloodhoof.

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “The thing you are holding now should be very helpful. Although it will hinder the use of your two-handed axe, if you face an extremely powerful enemy, use this shield with Titan pendant. Someone can hardly injure you.”

The Bloodhoof nodded and looked at the shield happily for a while.

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but feel a little pity that this time he did not bring Deron, otherwise, this shield plus Deron’s Quel Serra was definitely an invincible combination.

Xiao Yu suddenly heard a violent collision sound from the outside which caused the room to shook. After a while, a loud ‘thud’ was heard again.

“What’s the matter?”

Xiao Yu immediately understood that someone on another side of the door was trying to destroy the door.

“Who is that guy? He has such great power. Bloodhoof, little dragon, open this door for me and show me what is on the other side. If there is anything good, you can get it. ”

As a result, Bloodhoof and the little dragon took turns and attacked the door.


Because the power of the two sides worked together, the iron door was finally torn open. Although the Iron Gate was very thick, it was not absolutely invincible. Since door broke open, they saw people on the other side through the hole.

“Why are you here?” Xiao Yu saw the person on the other side of the hole and immediately shouted.

He always thought that on the other side of the door, there would be a powerful beast but never thought that there was an acquaintance.

“Xiao Yu, why are you here?” Nicholas saw Xiao Yu and asked surprised.

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes and said: “I also want to know. Why are you here?”

“When we were on the way, I heard a some noises from here so I came to see around. I didn’t expect it to be you.” Nicholas said.

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