World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 446

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The five Hellfires were now fighting little dragon. Although little dragon was having hard time fighting them, he injured them greatly.

Just as Xiao Yu thought about killing these guys together, an illusionary figure appeared in the dungeon, releasing a gigantic pressure.

This pressure made all the people on the scene, including the Hellhounds and the hellfires, extremely scared.


Earth seemed to be shattered. The entire dungeon was trembling and the stones began to fall down. It seemed that dungeon was going to collapse.

Xiao Yu’s eyes were sharp and he had already seen through the illusionary figure. The huge illusionary figure in front of him was nothing else. It was the famous skill of Maiev ‘revenge deity’.

“So it was thing Maiev left behind.” Xiao Yu was shocked.

This skill was powerful; Xiao Yu was the clearest about it. Summoning the revenge deity, this deity would summon the soul from the dead (bodies) to attack.

If you were on the battlefield filled with dead bodies, the revenge deity would summon thousands of souls, this skill was even stronger than Alsace’s manoeuvring body.

“This is what Maiev needs to merge with.” Xiao Yu’s face was filled with excitement. If Maiev blended with the illusionary figure, by how much her strength would be improved?


The sky was filled with dense black clouds, which made people feel extremely terrible as if the end of the world was coming. This revenge deity of Mawei had such great power.

At this time, Maiev’s huge cloak fluttered and her body suddenly floated up automatically, as if the huge shadow on the top was calling her.

Maiev’s body suddenly radiated with light.

It seemed that everything started with this light.

At this time, two electric arcs flashed in Maiev’s eyes. Those electric arcs seemed to have the power to destroy everything.

The huge phantom was constantly swaying back and forth then it gradually wrapped Mawei. Mawei did not resist this force too.

This was the power that originally belonged to her so her body was like a sponge in the water, that energy was constantly sucked by Maiev’s body.

On the ground, those hellfires and Hellhounds no longer attacked Xiao Yu, but they looked at this scene with a deep fear.

The devil was not afraid of death. They were also emotional and intelligent creatures, not robots, so they also felt fear. After all, they had no hope to resist current Maiev, they would be slaughtered effortlessly.

Maiev’s body floated in the middle of the phantom. From the ground, Mawei seemed to be a god, and people even have a feeling of worship.


With the continuous absorption, the size of the phantom was getting smaller and smaller. In the end, it was completely got absorbed by Maiev.

Maiev’s body suddenly trembled. It seemed that this energy placed a lot of burden on the body. But soon, Maiev’s body was calmed down.

Maiev was still releasing energy but it was no longer as powerful as before, but the energy began to weaken.

After a few minutes, Maiev suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes were like a searchlight in the dark night, which made people feel stiff.

Maiev’s gaze turned to those of Hellfire and a sneer appeared at the corner of her mouth. An elf spell rang, and then many strange magic runes floated on her body.

These runes continually drifted and gradually fell on the dead bodies of the evil orcs on the ground. Boom… Suddenly, a huge phantom suddenly appeared. It was more than five meters high. Standing behind Maiev, it seemed to be her shadow, but it was especially huge.

“Get rid of them.” Maiev waved his hand at the shadow and said.

That shadow was Maiev’s revenge deity. When he heard Mawei’s orders, he did not hesitate and rushed straight down from midair.


Revenge Gods unleashed a soul attack, a black ball of light hit the body of a Hellfire, and immediately sent it flying.


The Hellfires naturally would not wait for their death. All of them shouted loudly and rushed toward the Revenge Deity. Revenge Deity slammed down his hand and countless vengeful spirits came out from the ground. They have the same size as Maiev’s.

The number of vengeful spirits was increasing rapidly. There were thousands of them coming out in a blink of an eye.

Thousands of Vengeful spirits attacked together, throwing out the black ball of light and directly smashing the two Hellhounds. Although the defence of the Vengeful Spirit was not strong, it would die if hit by the Hellhounds. But now they had a numerical advantage.

Blacklight balls were flying everywhere. Black shadows (vengeful spirits) surrounded the Hellfire and the Hellhound and violently attacked.


A Hellfire was besieged by a group of vengeful spirits, and finally, the soul fire of Hellfire was extinguished, turning into a pile of stones and falling on the ground.

Soon, a Hellhound also got killed by the group of vengeful souls.

Expect succubus, the other demons were surrounded by vengeful spirits. There was no way to run.

The succubus was reserved by Xiao Yu and Maiev to keep it as a pet.

Everyone was watching the vengeful spirits killing hellfires one by one. They couldn’t help but think that if they faced these, they would definitely die without a burier.

This kind of soul attack was stronger than the physical attack magic attack, it was difficult to defend. Even if sixth-order powerhouse faced it, it was difficult to resist.

With last hellfire turning into a pile of gravel, the Vengeance spirits stopped and retreated back to the Revenge deity.

“Maiev, how long can revenge deity be summoned?” Xiao Yu asked excitedly.

“Currently Vengeful God is at level one, so it can be summoned once in a day.” Ma Wei said faintly.

“Once a day?” Xiao Yu suddenly cried. Power of this skill was great but if it could only be summoned once a day, then it was too harsh.

At this time, Grom suddenly ran over and said: “Master, what about the succubus?”

Finally, as a last resort, Xiao Yu had to order the succubus to be wrapped in a bag and let an orc carry it.

Looking at so many kinds of corpses on the ground, Xiao Yu felt so happy that he was going to faint.

“It’s really the dragon’s skeleton and fifth-order beast’s bones. They can be refined into dragon fire burst arrow.”

Xiao Yu had a space ring so he did not have to search for things here.

After finishing this, Xiao Yu originally wanted to go back. However, at this time, the front of the dungeon collapsed, revealing a strange passage.

Seeing this passage, Xiao Yu suddenly became curious and planned to go in and see.

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