World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 445

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When Xiao Yu blinked, he saw a lot of corpses piled up nearby. There were humans and beast corpses among them.

In the surrounding areas, there were extremely strong cells. These chambers (prison cell) had been opened and the bones inside had been searched.

“This kind of good thing, how can you get it? Give it to me. Kill these things for me.”


With the command of Xiao Yu, heroes immediately rushed together.

“Wus abskj sk…” When warlock saw Xiao Yu’s heroes rushing over, they immediately started to cast spells. Several huge magical arrays formed emerged from the ground.

“WTH! Summoning magic of warlocks is the most annoying thing. Tyrande shoot them.” Xiao Yu knew that these warlocks were powerful, so he ordered Tyrande to kill them first.

However, those evil orcs were naturally preventing others from interrupting the summons of the warlocks. Several tall evil orcs stood in front of warlocks, holding up shields and blocking the Tyrande’s arrows.

Tyrande and Wasi Qi’s arrows were powerful, they hit the evil orcs by directly piercing through the shield, but they did not stop the summon of the warlocks.


After a series of roars, six huge hellfires, two hell dogs and a succubus revealed themselves in front of everyone.

Of course, these warlocks did not reach the sixth order, so the summoned creature naturally was not the demon that the Augustus summoned.

However, despite that, a six fifth-order peak Hellfire, the two fifth-order peaks Hell Dog and a strange succubus could not be underestimated.

The succubus figure was hot and many places were clearly exposed. Her half-covered and half-exposed body made men’s blood boil.

Especially the whip in the hand of the succubus will definitely make the man who likes sm impulsive.

Of course, Xiao Yu did not have that kind of hobby.

“If I catch such a succubus and make her slave, it will be a very cool thing.”

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but move this mind and sneak peek at Lin Bixue. Fortunately, she was sleeping. Otherwise, she would definitely come over and abuse him.


At this time, a few loud sounds rang out; six huge hellfires launched their attacks. Their every step on the ground would produce strong vibrations as if they were crushed by giant tanks.

“Look at my nunchaku.” Little Dragon at this moment rushed toward the six hellfires while shouting.

To deal with this big guy, the little dragon was the best option.

The flexible fighters like Chris, were the nemesis of little dragons but these hellfires were different. After all, they had giant bodies and less flexibility.


Little dragon’s nunchaku slammed onto one of the hellfires. This muffled sound made everyone feel a bit sour, everyone wondered just how strong hellfire’s body was.

Although the hellfire had wisdom, they had never seen a dragon with a nunchaku which caught them off guard.

As a result, Nunchaku landed squarely on the head, causing it to almost blast.

The body of Hellfire was composed of burning stones but they also have a soul and their souls were mainly hidden in their heads.

Under the little dragon’s attack, the soul of hellfire was almost directly destroyed.

After the attack, little dragon immediately unleashed the ‘shadowless steps’ that Xiao Yu had taught him to land frinishing  attack but hellfire did not give him that chance and directly fled.

Little Dragon did not chase that hellfire but began to fight other hellfire.

Although Xiao Yu has a lot of heroes here, they were not suitable to confront Hellfires. First, the size of the Hellfire was too big. On the other hand, the Hellfire was burning with flames. When people fought them it, they would be burned.

What’s more, the hellfire’s attack power was extremely horrible, whether it was a physical attack or a magic attack, it was very powerful. Only the creature like the dragons was best suited to fight with Hellfire.

“First kill those evil orcs.” Xiao Yu ordered. Matter with Hellfire could wait because dragons were immune to the flame so the Hellfire couldn’t hurt him temporarily.

Paladins under Alonso’s command formed battle formation to kill evil orcs.

Paladins had always believed in Uther and cultivated the power of light. Although they lost their faith in the Scarlet Crusade, they just embarked on a new path.

Now, with Uther’s guidance, their strength had improved a lot. Many second-order and third-order paladins had a mysterious breakthrough and successfully reached the next level.

Alonso’s strength also improved tremendously. However, breaking through the sixth order was a very difficult thing, so he had not broken through yet.

However, Alonso had already begun to feel the barrier of sixth-order. He was bathed in Uther’s blessing every day. His promotion was only a matter of time.

Xiao Yu did not control these paladins anymore, and they were all commanded by Alonso.

One by one, Holy Light broke out and bombarded on the evil orcs, causing great damage. The combat power of the evil orcs should be much stronger than that of the average human soldier. However, these paladins have the blessing of Uther. Their magic had improved a lot and it was even stronger than the attack power of these evil orcs.

Faith has great power.

Seeing evil orcs getting cornered, Xiao Yu used this opportunity to lay landmines on the ground.


One after another evil orc triggered landmines causing explosions.

After an hour of fierce killing, these evil orcs were finally killed by Xiao Yu. Now, only the five hellfires, two hell dogs and a succubus were left.

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