World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 444

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After taking many turn, Xiao Yu’s team finally reached the dungeon area. As just Xiao Yu glanced at corner, he was dumbfounded.

“Orc?” Xiao Yu was shocked. There were many orcs here.

The orcs also noticed Xiao Yu’s team then they screamed and rushed up.

“These are evil orcs? Who released them? Is that Augustus?” Xiao Yu thought while waving his hand. Receiving Xiaoi Yu’s signal, soldiers rushed up to fight these evil orcs.

There were only less than 100 evil orcs – very few. Now the strength of Xiao Yu’s army had greatly increased so killing these evil orcs wasn’t impossible.

Among them, Alonso was particularly active. After getting a cursed torch, he did not miss any chance to test the strength of this weapon.

With Uther’s blessing and cursed torch, it made him feel that he was already a sixth-order powerhouse.

Perhaps, with Uther, it would not take a long time for him to truly become a sixth-order powerhouse.

“It seems that the Augustus has indeed been here for a long time to make arrangement for his a huge plan.” Xiao Yu looked at the bodies of these evil orcs, knowing that this time, he was involved himself into a huge mess.

However, this mess was closely related to itself. Whether it was Gul’dan or the evil orcs or the warlock who plundered the clans, these were definitely one of the powerful forces on the mainland.

What Xiao Yu was thinking about this organization was nature, strength of organization. What kind of storm awaits the mainland once these questions were revealed?

After I go back, I really have to prepare myself. Now that Augustus has started to lay his plan, it means that soon, they will probably start implementing their plans. At that time, it is very likely that they will take some actions.

In the Yunmeng steppe, the mysterious force has actually begun, so the following will definitely be executed faster.

It seemed that the chaos was about to descend on the mainland.

Along the way, Xiao Yu encountered some evil orcs and their number was increasing as went further inside. However, Xiao Yu’s army was very powerful now so they were not very concerned about these evil orcs.

Grom hated these evil orcs most. These orcs had tarnished the glory of the orcs so he killed most actively.

His blood was boiling! Grom met these old enemies so his blood finally boiled.

“Kill…” Seeing the group of orcs rushing over, Grom immediately yelled and rushed forward. The Bloodhoof was not far behind. He unleashed brutal collision skill and directly knocked out the first few evil orcs.


At this time, among the evil orcs, one orc with a giant axe roared. His height was even higher than Grom. He was like a giant, his eyes were red, and he looked at Grom. His eyes were shooting an angry flame.

“The evil orc of the fifth-order peak?” Xiao Yu immediately saw through evil orc’s cultivation. This evil orc had reached the peak of the fifth-order.


Seeing this guy standing up and provoking him, Grom could not take it and responded with a roar. For this kind of provocation, Grom was the least afraid. His favorite was this kind of battle.

In an instant, Grom’s blood boiled to the apex. His battle intent reached sky high.

Alonso had wanted to try this guy’s fighting power but when he saw Grom going up, he reluctantly gave up. The more Alonso was in contact with these heroes of Xiao Yu, the more he discovered their overwhelming power.

Alonso found that these heroes were very friendly, very easy-going, and often joke with each other and there was no racial discrimination among them.

Excluding somewhat proud elves, everyone else got along well. From time to time, Grom would crack jokes with him even play pranks.

He never thought previously that seemingly fierce and sinister Grom had such a lovely and funny side.

Bang bang bang…

Grom’s sword and the evil orc’s axe continually collided, making ear-splitting sound and creating sparks.

The power of the evil orc was even stronger and often sent Grom flying. However, Grom was an agile fighter. The real skills had not been revealed yet. So could he be afraid?

With a sneer in the corner of his mouth, Grom’s body suddenly split into avatars and rushed toward the leader of the evil orcs.

The leader of this evil orc saw a lot of avatars coming together and was immediately taken aback.

Now, Grom’s avatar had reached level 2 and their power was much stronger than before.

Moreover, because skill level had risen, unless it was a person who had reached a very high level, it was difficult to tell which one was true and which was fake.

In a blink of an eye, the leader of evil orcs was covered in the blood. Although the leader of evil orcs was powerful, he was not powerful enough to resist Grom’s attack.


Suddenly, Grom kicked the lower body of the evil orc leader causing evil orc’s leader to scream painfully.

To end the show, Grom directly ‘Omnislash skill’ to cut off the head of evil orc leader.

He killed the evil orc leader and the other evil orc had been killed by others. When some evil orcs wanted to escape, Maiev chased behind them and finished them off.

In front of Maiev, you still hope to escape, what a joke.

However, above these things, Xiao Yu faintly felt powerful soul energy.

“What is this? Is there such a power?” Xiao Yu is frowning, but Alonso on the other side has already said: “This is the bone, the bones left by some strong people.”

“What? Is it a bone? It turned out to be the case. In this dungeon, a lot of extremely powerful entities died. After they died, their bones could be transformed into powerful magic items.”

Xiao Yu suddenly understood the purpose of these evil orcs for coming here, originally was these bones.

“You can’t let them escape, go quickly, kill them all.” Xiao Yu screamed and rushed out.

If these things were taken back, handed over to the old man of Higgins, how many good things would be wasted.

Therefore, it was absolutely impossible to let go.

At the moment, Xiao Yu quickly rushed forward, and met some evil orcs along the way. This time Xiao Yu was not polite and the directly killed all these evil orcs.

Finally, Xiao Yu’s team reached inner-most part of dungeon. There were still many evil orcs here. They were excavating the dungeon and searching for the bones of those who were strong.

When Xiao Yu came over, these evil orcs immediately screamed and formed a battle formation, ready to confront Xiao Yu. These evil orcs, this time, did not only have powerful leader, but also several warlocks.

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