World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 443

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After returning to Lin Bixue, Xiao Yu found that she was still in coma. There was no sign of getting up.  Illidan was in coma too but sometimes he woke up and recited a strange spell that Xiao Yu could not understand.

The spell from Illidan makes people around him dizzy.

Xiao Yu saw this situation with headache; he didn’t know how to handle it.


At this time, whole hall began to tremble with spell. Everyone’s soul shook with the spell.

Moreover, this spell seems to be connected with somewhere or something, forming an extremely powerful force.

“What is going on here? Is it because Illidan returned to the Dark Temple? Maybe Illidan has left something in dark temple which is now reacting because of spell.”

Xiao Yu was shocked with his own conjunction.


Suddenly, a strange spell resounded, everyone in dark temple heard it clearly, it seemed to be ringed beside them but everyone knew that this voice must have been passed from far away and has spread throughout the temple.

Everyone’s heart seems to be netted by an invisible net. It felt extraordinarily uncomfortable. It seemed that this spell has the power of restraining the soul.

“What is going on here?” Everyone looked around with surprise. At this time, Nicholas also returned because they found that there was no way to take the Chest of the soul away.

Nicholas was the first to give up because he knew that even if Xiao Yu, the person who loves treasures, gave up. It means that this thing indeed could not be taken away.

Xiao Yu knew the most about this place. Xiao Yu had no way. What could they do?

“Xiao Yu, have you heard this voice too?” Nicholas’s said in solemn voice.

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “I certainly heard it.”

“It’s the warlock.” At this time, Leonardo also came to their side and said.

“Yes, that is Augustus. It seems that he has already been here and he is controlling everything here. There are so many treasures here, he doesn’t even look at it but instead let us go and seize them. This shows that he was definitely planning a huge conspiracy.” Nicholas’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of light.

To Xiao Yu, Nicholas saying these words was not unexpected. If Nicholas could not even detect this, it would not be him.

“Not only him but also those mysterious black people. They have never appeared again except when they sneak attacked us when we came. Are you not surprised?” At this time, Xiao Yu suddenly mentioned the mysterious power.

Indeed, the last time in the Undercity, this mysterious force was constantly vying for something.

Moreover they were likely to be the most powerful of all forces but they haven’t seen them all the time so it’s very likely that they were plotting something.

“What do you mean?” Nicholas looked at Xiao Yu as if he gasped something.

“I think mysterious power is probably teaming up with that Augustus. They have a huge secret together. Otherwise, they will definitely not let us get treasures.”

Xiao Yu’s brow wrinkled. He rarely frowned. Once he frowned, it meant that this matter was very serious.

“They are a team?” Leonardo was also surprised, but after thinking about it, it seemed that it was only answer.

If this is the case, then this matter could be a big problem. The strength of Augustus, they were too clear about it.

Coupled with the mysterious forces, if they were really together, then their power was absolutely frightening, even if they fought together, they were not necessarily opponents.

“What do we do now?” Nicholas looked at Xiao Yu and asked with a frown. Now, Nicholas was also having headache.

In particular, this mysterious force was definitely trying to figure out something huge in the dark temple.

Xiao Yu thought for a while, but helplessly spread his hands and said: “Don’t ask me anything. With your intelligence, Why ask for my opinion?”

Nicholas smiled and said: “I may be a little talented, but compared with you, it is much worse.”

“Yes, don’t compliment me. To tell you the truth, even I don’t know what to do now. I only know that I have to find them as soon as possible. I guess they may even have reached the place where Gul’dan’s skull is located. Remember what Augutus said last time”

“You are right. Since that warlock said that he wants to resurrect Gul’dan, then he must be clearer about where Gul’dan’s skull is. Now, we just have to just find them.” Nicholas said with his eyes flashing. No one know what he was thinking.

“That seems we have to act together and unite to deal with them.” Leonardo said. Although he hated Xiao Yu very much, he couldn’t wait to kill Xiao Yu, but at this time, he also knew that only cooperation could make a way out.

Xiao Yu shook his head and said: “If we are together, it will only be more difficult to find their position. We will go apart, gather some people on the road and try to fool them as long as possible. Moreover, all the roads here lead to one place; I believe that they must be waiting for us in that place.”

“That’s it? It’s good. Then we will go away separately, everyone be careful on the way and then gather there.” Nicholas did not say much, directly approving Xiao Yu’s plan.

Xiao Yu nodded and went to separate road with his people to find a direction to go. At this time, Illidan’s situation was getting worse and worse.

After Xiao Yu took his person away, he thought to himself: “The two bastards are definitely thinking about how to kill me, but I don’t care about you now. My first priority was to let Maiev get the energy of her previous soul and then let Kael’thas get the power of the Illida Council and see how powerful they become.”

Xiao Yu was full of expectations for the improvement of these heroes.

According to the image shown by Chest of the Soul, Xiao Yu took the man toward the dungeon of the Dark Temple where the inheritance of Maiev was.

Along the way, Xiao Yu discovered that some people followed him quietly behind him, but he did not pay attention to it. These people actually wanted to get benefits from Xiao Yu.

Now everyone knew that Xiao Yu was very familiar with this place. So follow Xiao Yu, even if you can’t eat meat, you can always drink some soup.

Xiao Yu was too lazy to care about them. Not long after, Xiao Yu saw an entrance which leads to the dungeon.

Although the environment here had changed a lot, but in general, Xiao Yu could still remember and recognize this place.

When Xiao Yu entered dungeon, a gloomy atmosphere welcomed them. Dungeon, what kind of place it can be? It must be a place where yin energy gathers.

Just coming in, they saw a group of undead rushing.

This kind of place was very suitable for undead so undead could not be avoided. Although there were not so many undead there, but their quality was higher.

Alonso took out cursed torch. A powerful soul fire broke out. Those powerful undeads were directly turned into ashes.

It’s not that these undead were not powerful. In fact, even if they fought against fourth-order fighters, they would have to fight hard to kill them. The reason why Alonso could annihilate them so easily was completely because of the power of soul fire of the torch.

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