World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 442

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The Chest of the soul was still emitting light blue glow, obviously there was something inside releasing glow.

Now, after killing the seven-faced monster, it was also the time to distribute the spoils. Everyone was staring at chest of the soul at this moment; for fear that others would go and steal the treasures inside.

What has been kept in the Chest of the soul was anything but ordinary.

The scene became quiet. At this time, everyone’s breathing could be heard clearly. Everyone was waiting, waiting for someone to start the grand event of distributing spoils of war.

No one dared to step forward, because everyone knew, whoever goes up first would definitely become the target of public criticism.

However, there was a person who ignored everything and went over. This person was no other than Xiao Yu.

Seeing Xiao Yu stepping forward, everyone was stunned but they did not say anything. Regarding the chest of soul, Xiao Yu had best understanding. If it was not for Xiao Yu, they may have died here. It would be impossible to open chest of soul.

No one other than him could qualify to distribute things here. Just how is this rogue distributed?

Xiao Yu directly reached out and opened the chest of souls and then directly took out a strange Ornament from inside. Ornament was a space ring.

“I want this thing, after all I contributed most this time. The rest of the things can be distributed among all of you.” After that, Xiao Yu retreated back directly.

All were dumbfounded. What is Xiao Yu doing? Everyone is waiting for you to divide things. Now you just walked away after taking your share.

For Xiao Yu to take a thing first, they have nothing to say. After all, Xiao Yu was the commander of this battle; Xiao Yu could claim half of the credit. However, how will following distribution proceed?

“This… Duke of Xiao, you can’t just leave us alone, right?” Those who came alone were most anxious. They were just single, they did not have squad for support. Although they were powerful, but if they wanted to compete with other big forces, they were definitely inferior.

They want to fish in troubled waters, but now in this case, the water is not mixed, and several big forces will definitely sit and divide, they will have no chance.

Xiao Yu looked at everyone and said: “Today’s win is possible because of our joint efforts. Everyone should have a share of the spoils. The things inside are priceless. I suggest that the big forces which wanted the share of things should come up with money to make up for those who are not worthy of spoils. I think it’s fairer”

Treasures inside Chest of soul were not enough to be distributed between everyone so this method was quite good.

At this time, Nicholas stood up and said: “Xiao Yu’s suggestion is good. I suggest that we auction these treasures. If you are capable of purchasing treasures then you can take it away. Even if you cannot afford these treasures, you will get part money raised from items sold.”

Hearing the words of Nicholas, Xiao Yu thought to himself — Nicholas is really a clever person. Not only he established a fair image of himself but he can also reap most benefit in this way. After all, purchasing power of these big families can’t be underestimated.

“Since this is the case then we need a host to auction these things. I suggest handing over this task to Xiao Yu.” Nicholas said with a smile.

Originally, Xiao Yu wanted to stay out of this and separate here.

But now, it seemed that it was impossible to get away and he has to involve himself.

“Yes, Duke Xiao presiding over the auction is the most appropriate.” Everyone responded.

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes and looked at the crowd. He wanted to leave but these people would never let him go.

So, Xiao Yu reluctantly walked to the front of chest of soul again, cleared his throat, and said: “Now, everyone take out your wallets.”

Everyone was mad. Xiao Yu’s tone was completely like a small trader in the market. How could he be associated with a duke?

That is to say, everyone did not dare to offend him, so they called him a duke. In their heart, everyone called him Hoodlum.

“Well, everyone get ready. The first item in the auction is this transparent magic line necklace. This necklace is characterized by its nobleness and elegant. This necklace can Increase the speed of casting and increase the effect of magic…”

Xiao Yu is like a very competent auction host. He started to exaggerate use of this necklace.

Xiao Yu had a very good understanding of the things inside this chest of soul so everyone listened to Xiao Yu’s commentary very carefully.

Good treasure!

Especially for the magicians, this was definitely a good treasure and the quality was much better than the necklace that Nicholas gave to Lin Bixue.

In fact, the best thing in the chest of soul wass the Titan pendant that Xiao Yu just took away.

The Titan Pendant could enhance the defense and save live at critical moments. Although it was not completely immune to all attacks, it could definitely resist most attacks.

Of course, Xiao Yu would never tell this to everyone.

“The starting price of this necklace is 1000000 gold coins. There is no upper limit. Please start bidding…” After Xiao Yu finished speaking, he started the auction.

Everyone immediately started bidding.



The price quickly rose and eventually it went up to 10000000.

This figure was already not low.

Finally, Nicholas placed bid of 10 million and got the necklace. He directly passed it to Relais.

Therefore, under the control of Xiao Yu, this auction ended satisfactorily. Although some small conflicts occurred in auction, they finally settled.

Everyone knew that it was not suitable time for fighting.

Finally, after selling things, the number of gold coins earned was astonishing, reaching more than two billion. Xiao Yu called out those who did not get any equipment and distributed gold coins among them.

After all the money had been distributed, everyone was happy.

However, compared to these things, Xiao Yu got the Titan pendant which was a great advantage.

Xiao Yu gave the Titan pendant to the Bloodhoof. If the Bloodhoof has this thing, he would defiantly be more powerful.

After the Bloodhoof stimulated the energy of the Titan pendant, a thin membrane covered his body. Alonso attacked with his sword but got slammed back. The Bloodhoof did not suffer any harm at all.

The Bloodhoof smirked for a while because with this thing even if he did not turn into a strong Bloodhoof, he was simply fearless. Even if his opponent was little dragon, he had the confidence to beat him.

Everything was finished and the only problem left now was the chest of soul.

Now, the chest of soul had been turned into a small box of about 30 cm squares, lying quietly on the altar.

But everyone knew that this was a real treasure.

Just, who should this thing belong to?

Even if Xiao Yu said at this time that he wants to take this thing, others would not agree. Even if someone want to buy it with 100 million gold coins, othewrs would not agree.

The value of this thing was not less than the skull of Gul’dan.

“Xiao Yu, what about this thing?” Nicholas habitually threw the problem to Xiao Yu. On the surface, Nicholas was asking for Xiao Yu’s opinion. In fact, it’s just a matter of transferring trouble to Xiao Yu and seeing how he deals with it. If he didn’t handle it well, everyone would not spare him, so Nicholas was absolutely up to no good.

“This thing is not a good thing. Whether it is Gul’dan or Illidan, they are unable to take this thing. It can only be used to guard the dark temple. If you have any way to take it away then you can take it.”

Xiao Yu shrugged his shoulders and said.

Xiao Yu knew that the chest of the soul had remained in the dark temple for many years. Now, forcibly removing it would do nothing good.

So it’s better to observe.

If you guys have the courage to take it, I am watching.

Sure enough, when everyone heard this from Xiao Yu say so, they else hesitated.

“Hey, you try.” At this time, Robert said to a magician.

This magician was not a common magician, but a dark magician. His body carried a black gas making people uncomfortable around him.

The dark magician stepped forward and went to the face of the soul and carefully observed it. Others see it here, and they are all focused on watching.

If the soul of this soul can really be taken away, then it must be immediately looted, and the Kennedy family must not be taken away.

The dark magician studied for a long time next to the soul of the soul, and found that the soul of this soul has been firmly stuck on this altar, how cannot get it.

He tried to refine the soul of the soul with some dark magic, but found that it was difficult to refine.


An explosion slammed, and the dark magician was suddenly bounced out and spurted a blood.

How powerful is the energy contained in the soul of the soul itself? He is such a fifth-order dark magician, thinking that he can refine the soul of the soul, it is really not self-reliant.

As a result, other people began to go forward to refining, and ultimately they found nothing and no results.

Xiao Yu watched the crowds screaming there, and there was no result. He went back directly with the people. He remembered the situation of hanging Lin Bixue in his heart, so he didn’t want to leave for too long.

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