World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 441

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The seven-faced monster came out from the Chest of souls, making a sharp scream and rushing toward the crowd.

“Attack! Kill it in the shortest time.” Xiao Yu saw the current situation and shouted loudly. Although he didn’t know what this monster could really do, it was undoubtedly the best choice to get rid of it the fastest.


People at the scene naturally understood that it was best to kill such thing as soon as possible so they attacked with their full might.


Everyone increased the intensity of the attacks and rushed toward the Seven-faced monster. Naturally, the power behind their combined attacks was several times larger than before but even with that, they were being surpassed.

Even the fighters of the fifth-order peak, under the blessings of the Xiao Yu, were simply unable to withstand.

In fact, the reason why everyone had been able to kill the prior seven-faced monster so smoothly was because of the bonus effect of the blessing of the Xiao Yu. Otherwise, with the strength of the team, it was impossible to withstand Seven-faced monster.


Seeing everyone couldn’t resist Seven-faced monster, Xiao Yu ordered Bloodhoof: “Bloodhoof go!”

When the Bloodhoof heard Xiao Yu’s order, he nodded without uttering a single word. Then his body became bigger and in the blink of an eye it turned into a strong Bloodhoof (Didn’t know the formal term).


After transformation, the Bloodhoof directly confronted Seven-faced monster. Bodies of both collided together, making a muffled sound.

“All the agile fighters and assassins go-ahead to kill this monster.”

After receiving the order of Xiao Yu, everyone immediately began to change the formation. Everyone worked together to kill this monster.

Among these people, Maiev performed extremely well. Her speed of attacking was extremely fast. She unleashed one attack after another in just a few moments.

Even more, Maiev had her horrible dodging ability. Even if a sixth-order fighter wanted to hit her, it was not so easy.

At this time, under the order of Nicholas, Relais condensed blood lion and made her attack to resist the Seven-faced with the Bloodhoof.

Relais was really powerful. After all, he was the sixth-order blood elf magician, and now, Relais also have Nicholas’s Sindore’s Staff, which made him even more powerful.


The blood lion rushed forward to attack Seven-faced monster. Seven-faced monster attached more attention to blood lion, it gave up on Seven-faced monster to hit the blood lion, it could be seen that the blood lion’s attack power was not weaker than the Bloodhoof.


At this time, Seven-faced monster screamed, and then its body began to change, seemingly becoming transparent.

When Xiao Yu saw this, he suddenly shouted: “Be careful, everyone steps back!”

Hearing the shout of Xiao Yu, some with a quick response without even asking why, retreated quickly. But once with slow response were not lucky enough.

Because they paid for it with their life…

Just as the sound of Xiao Yu fallen, Seven-faced monster exploded one of his faces, causing a big explosion.

The explosion caused even space to be distorted because of his energy. Fortunately, Xiao Yu warned people to retreat quickly; otherwise, the loss would definitely be more serious.

Now, everyone couldn’t help but be glad that Xiao Yu was here to command them. Otherwise, if they acted arrogantly and individually, they didn’t know how many people would have died. It was estimated that at most one could survive.

After the explosion Seven-faced monster’s soul fire became dimmer and it became weaker.


Xiao Yu quickly moved back and forth, throwing bombs into each face of seven-faced monster to kill it as quickly as possible.

A series of bombs exploded in seven-faced monster’s mouth, causing significant damage to it.

In addition, other people also attacked at this time. The soul fire of the seven-faced monster was obviously extinguished. However, at this time, Xiao Yu found that the colour of the seven-faced monster began to become somewhat transparent.

This was absolutely not normal.


The scenery began to change…

Around the crowd, many undead began to appear; leisurely walking here seemingly completely unaware of everyone else.

The scenery around them changed again. The scene changed constantly. They seemed to be in the middle of the 3d movie.

These scenes were the memories of these people (undead when they were alive) living in the dark temple. Sometimes they were extremely peaceful, happy and comfortable. Sometimes they were suddenly full of killing, darkness, bloodthirsty and negative desires.

Everyone was shocked and said, “What is going on?”

Xiao Yu said loudly: “You don’t have to panic. This is just a 10,000-year history of the dark temple recorded by the chest of the soul. It is reproduced in this way. We can look carefully and maybe find the information on Gul’dan’s skull. ”

When everyone heard this from Xiao Yu, they felt moved and finally heaved a sigh of relief. The fierce fight just now made everyone’s nerves tense.

Especially when the last seven-faced monster exploded itself, it was frightening.

Now, when everything was over, many people took a deep breath and sat on the ground, watching this magical scene happen.

Suddenly, a voice came and sounded around everyone.

“I still remember the original appearance of the Dark Temple. It used to be a place of pilgrimage. I prayed in the temple and meditated in the garden. I was very happy and enjoyed a peaceful life. I also remember those beasts that broke into the temple, the orcs. I remember the scene of the demon army and orc armies slaughtering our tribe members.

“In those dark years, Magtheridon occupied the temple…and then Illidan. It was the devil who was called the traitor. He was a thorn in enemies’ flesh.”

“I miss past Dark temple. *sigh*”

When Xiao Yu heard this strange voice, he immediately shouted in shock: “Akama?”

“Who is Akama? Is it a powerful person?” Nicholas immediately went to Xiao Yu’s side and asked.

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “Akama is a Draenei. He is the greatest sage of the dark temple. He is the same as a priest. Later his soul was enslaved and became a slave of Illidan. However, Akama is not completely lost. He is waiting for the hero to come here and kill Illidan, saving the temple and helping him in seeking revenge.”

Soon, the scene pushed forward. In the end, it was the scene in which players attacked the dark temple and killed Illidan.

“What is going on here? How come there are players here?” When Xiao Yu saw it, he was shocked. Moreover, he was still very familiar with this team (Guild’s team) that killed Illidan. It was clearly his former team. He could also clearly see a player with the blade of the catastrophe. That one was he, himself.

“Player? What is the player?” When Nicholas and Leonardo heard what Xiao Yu said, they couldn’t help but ask.

Xiao Yu said emotionally: “They are a group of great heroes. They fight for glory and dreams, fail again and again, stand up again and again, don’t know how many times they died, but they still persisted.”

Seeing that Xiao Yu was so emotional, Nicolas and Leonardo also felt awe for these people called players.

The scenes were constantly changing.

Suddenly, in these scenes, Xiao Yu saw a picture that made his heart jump. It was the dungeon in which Maiev was imprisoned. In the scene, Maiev held a strange thing in her hand.

Xiao Yu understood it!

Maiev, who spent a lot of time in that dungeon had left some good stuff in it.

Xiao Yu knew his next goal. He had to get his hand on that strange item.

That item would be of great use.

The scene changed again. It was about Illidari council. Four people were meeting together and studying something. Then they hid something in a certain Places.

“If Kael’thas can absorb the energy of the Illidari Council, his would be greatly improved.”

Xiao Yu felt too happy this time. The things that could greatly enhance Maiev’s strength and the energy of these blood elves of the Illidari Council were a good fit for Kael’Thas.

What a great unexpected harvest.

Soon, the scenes changed again and again then Xiao Yu finally saw the most crucial image–the confrontation between Maiev and Illidan.

Illidan and Mawei battled fiercely and then Illidan took out a skull which was exuding powerful evil energy, the ultimate treasure that everyone was looking — The skull of Gul’dan.

“See the power of the devil!”

When everyone saw this, they were all excited. This was their ultimate goal. After seeing Illidan absorbing the powerful energy generated by Gul’dan’s skull, they all wanted to have such power.

However, Xiao Yu was thinking about something else. If you guys absorbed the energies of the skull of Gul’dan, you would eventually become like Illidan. For the sake of strength, is it worth to do it?

Soon after, scenes were over and it took a long time for everyone to overcome from this stunning 3D movie.

At this time, everyone’s eyes were concentrated on the Chest of the souls that had been opened.

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