World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 440

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“Who is this rogue? How can he have the skills of the Paladin? And it is so powerful? No wonder the church wants to kill that Uther. If they can’t kill the Uther, his threat to the church is indeed big. If this person is not dead, the whole continent’s power pattern may change greatly.”

These people looked at Xiao Yu as he commanded, his face had a serious expression on it and he excluded aura of a general. At this time, many people remembered that Xiao Yu was a descendant of the famous general Xiao Zhantian.

Such person was indeed qualified to compete for the world.

Along with the command of Xiao Yu, the formation of the people slowly stabilized. The huge seven-faced monster had horrible power, its attack caused great harm to everyone, but it did not cause too many casualties.

Everyone looked at the current situation and they couldn’t help but be thankful for the commands of Xiao Yu. Otherwise, there would be many casualties.

The attacking power of the seven-faced monster was shocking and inexplicable. Even several fighters couldn’t put resistance and were directly knocked out.

“Don’t fucking try to save your strength, kill him in least time otherwise there will be lot of casualties. If you are hiding your triumph card then the person who died because of a delay of one second may be you.”

Xiao Yu looking at this situation he couldn’t help but shout.

When everyone heard Xiao Yu’s shout, these people’s faces turned red and immediately began to increase the intensity of attacks. In the blink of an eye, countless magic were unleashed and the seven-faced monster seemed to be swaying in the storm.

It was undeniable that the power of these people was absolutely amazing.

Those who could get here were definitely elites on the mainland. As long as these elites could cooperate well, their combined fighting power would naturally be strong.

After killing the seven-faced, the thing in the Chest of soul, everyone could get it.

Xiao Yu believed that even if Gul’dan’s skull was not inside the chest of soul, there must be good things inside.

A fierce bang, the first face of the seven-faced monster was beaten beyond recognition and finally with a tragic roar, its fire of soul was extinguished.

The extinguishing of fire of the soul meant that this face was finished.

Seeing that a face was destroyed, everyone cheered and seemed to see the dawn of victory. However, Xiao Yu was very clear that it was just the beginning.

After all, Seven-faced monster was very difficult to deal with.


At this time, land under everyone’s feet quacked, and the Chest of soul opened again and wrapped seven-faced monster in it.

Xiao Yu knew that seven-faced monster was restoring its strength, so he ordered loudly: “Change positions, spread, don’t concentrate on one spot.”

Hearing Xiao Yu’s command, everyone scattered. If there was danger, they could bear the damage without getting many people killed in one attack.

The attack power of seven-faced monster was extremely powerful. If it was not for those shield-wielding powerhouses that could resist its attack, there would be much causality. If they let seven-faced monster rush into the crowd, it would kill many people at once.

“Ah, he is out again.” At this time someone shouted.

This time, when the seven-faced monster came out, it immediately spurted flames, and screamed of the soldiers resounded as their shields were burnt out.

“Retreat, attract his attention but don’t get close to him.” Seeing the seven-faced monster, Xiao Yu knew that there were not many people on the scene who could resist it.

This kind of powerful flame could only be found in the gathering of the essence of the undead in 10,000 years, but it was not something that ordinary people could withstand.

The magician in the distance, Xiao Yu also let them reduce the intensity of the attack, so that seven-faced monster targets others.


Suddenly, the seven-faced monster flew up and slammed its hand on the ground forming a huge pit. The group of people in front fell into the pit.

This attacked people in pit, although they tried to dodge the attack, the failed to do so causing their bones to break.


Another loud noise rang. This time, it was not created by seven-faced monster. Instead, Xiao Yu threw a bomb in the open mouth of seven-faced monster.

Xiao Yu had seized a lot of bombs from the Gorlocs. It was a very destructive thing. If it exploded outside, the power would certainly not be so big; it could only cause limited destruction.

But if you threw it into the mouth of seven-faced monster, then the power would be different. This time, it was directly blown in the stomach of seven-faced monster causing it to roar in pain. Then it rushed toward Xiao Yu.

However, Xiao Yu used teleportation to avoid the attack of seven-faced monster, but people behind Xiao Yu were not so lucky.

“Next, like me, explode him to death.” Xiao Yu gave the bombs to everyone nearby and let them bomb together. In this way, the seven-faced monster could be exhausted.

Sure enough, after everyone started bombing, hundreds of bombs exploded together catching seven-faced monster inside the explosion. Seven-faced monster screamed in pain and eventually blew up.

Thus, fire of the soul of this seven-faced monster had also been extinguished.

Just like before Chest of souls opened and engulfed seven-faced monster within it.

“Is there any way to break this Chest?” Nicholas looked at the Chest of soul and asked.

Xiao Yu looked at him and said: “I don’t know but you can try it.”

After hearing this from Xiao Yu Nicholas waved his hand and a magician casted fireball and launched it on Chest of souls.


A huge fireball stuck the chest of souls with great momentum then bounced back directly. Good thing was that magician did not suffer any damage.

Everyone was shocked. This chest of soul is so powerful. If anyone can get it and take it to alchemist then it can become a powerful treasure.

Soon, the chest of soul reopened and the seven-faced monster jumped out of it. When everyone saw this seven-faced monster, they had bad premonition.

This seven-faced monster was more ferocious than other seven-faced monster, and it was much bigger and obviously stronger.


Seven-faced monster roared. In an instant, the ground under the feet of everyone began to crack.

“What happened?” Everyone was in fear.

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