World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 439

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Soon, other teams also followed, along the way, some of the poor teams were swallowed by the undeads. Without sufficient strength, they dare to rush in, so naturally, they have to pay the price.

Looking at the chest that was exuding gloomy air, everyone was happy because according to Xiao Yu, it was the chest of souls.

“What should we do now? Xiao Yu, how can we get this chest of souls?” Nicholas did not rush to grab it but asked.

Xiao Yu looked at the chest of souls and replied “I don’t know, this thing is inherently evil. Back then, even Gul’dan did not have complete control over this thing. Otherwise, he had already taken it from here.”

“Why do you bring us here?” Nicholas was speechless.

Xiao Yu said “Because there is a possibility of Gul’dan’s skull being here.”

“The skull of Gul’dan, is it inside the chest of souls?” Nicholas asked again.

Xiao Yu shook his head and said honestly “I don’t know.”

Xiao Yu really did not know because when in his previous life, Gul’dan’s skull was used as a weapon by Illidan so it was in the hands of Illidan.

But Illidan in this world was already on his side so Gul’dan’s skull would definitely not appear there again.

“Is it possible that Gul’dan’s skull was placed there to protect itself.”

“Yes, as I see it, Gul’dan’s skull must be there.” At this time, greed flashed in everyone’s eyes.

However, no one was going to grab the chest of souls first because there were many people present here. If anyone went up first, then they would immediately become the public enemy of others.

How could Nicholas not understand their thoughts? So Nicholas looked at everyone and asked Xiao Yu “What should we do now?”

Xiao Yu looked at the chest of souls and said: “Whoever likes to go to pick it up, feel free to go. Anyway, I personally feel that I can’t get it.”

When everyone heard Xiao Yu’s words, everyone immediately showed suspicious look. They once already became cannon fodder in case of Aegwynn so no one dared to go up.

So, Xiao Yu looked at the people present and said: “According to my estimation, there must be good things in the chest of souls but it might also contain also contain a powerful evil undead monste or soul. After all, it had absorbed soul essence, accumulated during god knows how many years. Everyone have to work together to kill the monster together, when the treasures are out, let’s distribute them accordingly. How?”

When everyone heard this from Xiao Yu, they immediately showed a sceptical look. This Xiao Yu, would not be thinking of fooling us again?

After all, it also happened in the case of Aegwynn.

Xiao Yu looked at the expressions of these people and rolled his eyes. He said: “Or we will go back and will not open this soul. Gul’dan’s skull may be inside or maybe not.”

“What kind of monster is it?” At this time, a fifth-order peak fighter came over with a giant sword and asked coldly.

Xiao Yu grinned and said: “How do I know? Do you think that I am omnipotent? If I knew everything, will I leave any treasures here? I just got some relevant information from some ancient books. Now, I am sharing with you all but looks like you don’t appreciate it.”

“Okay, Xiao Yu, you go ahead. As long as you can get the chest of the soul, I believe that everyone will fight without hiding their strength.”

At this time, Nicholas came forward at this time and said.

After some arrangement, Xiao Yu carefully began to approach the soul to open it.

However, when he got near it even after careful observation for a long time, he did not find any way to open. This chest of souls seems to be somewhat different.

Looking at the gloomy air released by chest, a thought stuck Xiao Yu’s mind so he bit his finger and threw a drop of blood over the chest.


As the blood of Xiao Yu fell on the top of the chest, with a loud roar a huge figure jumped out from the inside of the soul.

When everyone saw this huge monster, they were shocked because this monster didn’t have one head but a few.

“F#ck! This monster is similar to the three-faced monster but it had more heads.” thought Xiao Yu to himself.

Xiao Yu did not expect this monster here, after years of gathering of the soul essences; it had become similar to the three-faced monster.

Moreover, it was obviously much stronger than the three-faced monster.

“What to do, Xiao Yu?” Nicholas was shocked to see this big monster. This monster did not seem to be much powerful than Gorloc and the Doomsday in strength.

Although everyone’s combined strength was stronger than that time, no one knew how much damage everyone has to suffer under the attack of this guy.

Moreover, at this time, everyone was thinking of their own interests. Everyone was in dismay causing the situation to chaotic.

“Everyone pays attention! If you trust me then obey my commands. Otherwise, there will be many casualties.” At this time, Xiao Yu shouted.

The severity of this matter had gone far beyond his expectations. If the situation was not controlled in time, then everyone would be unlucky.

“Okay, we agree.” At this time, a person over there suddenly said loudly.

This person was the one who wore strange costumes and was suspected of being one of Iron Horse Brotherhood by Xiao Yu.

Now that someone had taken the lead, everyone else also immediately joined.

Seeing this, Xiao Yu nodded and said: “All fighters who use shield come over and stand there…”

Xiao Yu began to make arrangements and did his best to kill this multi-faced monster quickly.


This monster’s body was composed of several faces, looking extraordinary. Xiao Yu counted them and found that there were actually seven faces in total.

“Nima, the three-faced monster was so hard to fight in the past, but now seven-faced monster…”

Seven-faced monster rushed over.

“Shielded-warriors block him, magicians attack him from distance, archers and other melee-warriors go to his back and attack when I order.”

Xiao Yu was loudly commanding and his eyes were filled with confidence and stability. At this moment, he changed his usual rough style; he became calm and domineering like an army general.

The seven-faced monster began to split blue fireball from its mouth. Those blue fireballs landed on the shield on shielded-warriors, sending them flying.

“Continue to block!” Xiao Yu shouted loudly.

These shielded warriors were the elite fighters of Nicholas. They were very tactful. Although they were attacked, they were not injured. They immediately followed the command of Xiao Yu and stood up, ready to resist.

A golden glow gradually covered shielded-warriors within. It was a blessing of the king applied by Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu learned some of Uther’s important blessings. In case, if Uther was not around, he could also apply blessings to improve the overall combat effectiveness of the troops.

As a commander, it was natural to know some auxiliary skills that improve the overall strength of the army.

The people, who got the blessing of the king, were shocked and their eyes flashed. Everyone felt like their strength was nearly doubled.

This feeling makes everyone want to roar in excitement at the moment. After all, cultivator’s desire for power was very strong desire. How could they not be happy when their strength was almost doubled?

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