World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 438

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All the other people on the scene were shocked. Was Uther of the church fake? Was Uther in front of us real one?

This was extremely important if Chris Mo personally said it.

Moreover, that Alonso had already stood on this Uther’s side. Was this true? Was the former Uther returned?

Nicholas looked at this scene with a smile and he thought to himself “The War between Xiao Yu and the church will not end. If I have to deal with the church alone, it will be very troublesome. This mental control makes increases the army’s combat power. Anyone who runs into them will lose a lot. Now, with this Uther checking and balancing the church, I will be able to fish profit like fishermen. Otherwise, even if Xiao Yu is killed, the church will become stronger and more difficult to deal.”

This was the reason why Nicholas just helped Xiao Yu out.

At this point, Alonso suddenly stood in front of Scarlet Crusaders. He said loudly: “Now you still can’t see it? Who is the real Uther? Use your heart to feel, what is the reality? The mentor was controlled by the pope making him a killing machine. It can be said that the despicable pope killed him. Now, you have two choices, first, like me and the mentor choice to follow Uther, maintain the light and justice, and second, you can leave here and continue to loyal to the pope. You choose.”

Among these paladins, Alonso also had extremely high prestige. Although there are several fifth-order paladins in the scene, their strength was not as good as his. It can be said that after Chris was dead, he held the highest authority on Scarlet Crusaders.

Now, Alonso has spoken like this, and everyone is very good at accepting Uther.

“Hey, Alonso, who knows what you said is true or not? Maybe you are colluding with the rogue (Xiao Yu) and want to control us.”

At this time, a fifth-order paladin stood up and looked at Xiao Yu, and said coldly.

Alonso looked at the man and snorted, saying: “if you don’t want to believe in Uther, then leave, no one will force you. The words of the mentor are clear so if you don’t believe, I have no choice. However, since you have left, it means ….”

Alonso was interjected by Uther as he said “These Paladins have already lost the natural disposition by letting slaughter replace the light in their heart. These are no longer was Qualified Paladins. The genuine knight must protect ordinary people but not force them to believe in the church…”

After Uther finished speaking, a golden glow appeared on the heads of all the Crusaders, washing away all their previous sins.

Many people felt awakened and refreshed as if they were released from shackles.

“Great Uther, we are willing to follow you.”

Many paladins began to kneel down, give their loyalty to Uther and repent of their sins.

However, some paladins headed by Asik, but still look indifferent, watching this scene, not moving. In their view, this was nothing more than a conspiracy by Alonso and Xiao Yu.

“Alonso, I will report this incident to the Pope. Since these people have chosen to loyal to this false Uther, then they are not worthy of being called the Scarlet Crusade. We will go.”

As a result, Asik took some people who were unwilling to loyal to Uther and turned away.

Along with Asik’s departure, several high-ranking paladins also left.

The higher the ranking of the paladin, the easier it is to fall for their desires. Because being in high positions made them more eager for power. It was hard to wake such people by Uther’s blessings of light.

Xiao Yu looked at this scene and finally heaved a sigh of relief. This time, he had got such a good harvest.

“Since you are my followers, from now on, I will take you to protect the light and justice of this land.” Shouted Uther.

Xiao Yu cremated the body of Chris and then took his space ring, ready to bring it back to the Human altar.

As a true paladin, Chris Mo is qualified to enter the Human altar. Everyone was still constantly discussing about Chris and Uther. The Crusaders were also sad for Chris’s death.

Since these Scarlet Crusaders had chosen to be loyal to Uther, then in Alonso’s leadership, they could easily be form the Knights of the Silver Hand.

Although Xiao Yu had established the Knights of the Silver Hand (organization) in the Lion King City, it was just a name, it had not really developed.

After all, cultivating paladins was not that easy.

Now, with these paladin and priests of the Scarlet Crusade, everything was much easier. Although it was not possible to compete with the church for the time being, at least it had the most primary accumulation.

After dealing with this matter, everyone shifted their attention at the evil soul again. Since many souls were killed by Chris at the beginning so not many were left making it easy to deal with.

However as they went further in, number of evil soul began to increase.

Even after killing the evil souls for several hours, there was no improvement, these souls seemed to be endless.

“Damn, what’s the matter, why is it seems to be impossible to kill them all?” Xiao Yu looked at the souls that was still everywhere.

“It seems that you still have to use the old method (according to his in-game memories). We should rush inside to ‘Chest of soul’, maybe when you get near it, these undead will not dare to get close.”

So Xiao Yu looked at everyone and said “Everyone pay attention, don’t fight anymore. If we keep fighting, we will just be exhausted and will not be able to kill all souls. Once I caught a rumor that the chest of souls is inside and these evil souls will not dare to go near it. So we might as well choose some people to rush in and others cover them. How about this?”

When everyone heard this from Xiao Yu, everyone stopped fighting.

From Xiao Yu’s remarks about Aegwynn, everyone knows that Xiao Yu’s understanding of this place is far higher than them.

Although Xiao Yu’s words couldn’t be trusted like what happened in case of Aegwynn, Xiao Yu’s knowledge was defiantly above theirs.

“If this is the case, then we really have to send some people in.” When Nicholas heard this from Xiao Yu, but he immediately agreed.

Everyone else also agreed, after all, they didn’t have any other options. Some squads, who have already began to prepare for the entry, were pondering how to fish in troubled water.

At this time, everyone wanted to go in and compete for the treasures, but whether or not they have the ability to go in was other thing. After all this place has too many evils souls.

Therefore, if they wanted to rush in, everyone couldn’t go in one go because it would definitely not work. Only by dividing into small teams, could they have some chance.

Moreover, the strength of this team could not be too bad, if it was too bad, they would be killed even before they enter.

As a result, everyone began to think about troops to be sent so did Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu chose to send Bloodhoof, Tyrande, Naga, Kael’thas, little dragon and the Griffin Knight.

Uther and Grom had to stay here to control overall situation, after all, so many people are here, if you were sneaked attacked by someone when you was in, it would be troublesome.

Xiao Yu greeted Nicholas and told him to bring Relas. At this time, Relas, a sixth-order magician, played a much stronger role than a small team.

In the end, Xiao Yu decided to personally command the team. After all, he was familiar with this place and could make right choice.

Under the leadership of Xiao Yu, everyone gradually went in. The distance between each team was about 100 meters. If the distance was too close, it would attract more souls.

After a hour Xiao’s team finally came in front of a big altar.

Seeing that there were no souls in it, Xiao Yu understood that he was right and souls could not come in.

So Xiao Yu jumped directly used heroic jump and jumped in.

When entered in it, the souls in the back were no longer chasing. Xiao Yu took heaved a sigh of relief and looked around. There was something on top of it.

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