World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 437

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Anyway, since Nicholas was helping, it was good news. Now Xiao Yu could concentrate on dealing with Chris.

The soldiers of the Kennedy family were about to attack but the people of Nicholas blocked them. Nicholas smiled slightly at Robert and said, “Master Robert, I think this is a misunderstanding. You will not take this opportunity to attack my allies, right?”

Robert became furious and asked “Nicholas, why are you interfering?”

Nicholas smiled and said “Reason is simple. I am an ally of Xiao Yu.”

Robert’s face flushed as he couldn’t wait to beat Nicholas. However, he knew very well that Nikola was not a soft persimmon if he really touched Nikola. The result would definitely not be good.

Now Gul’dan’s skull had not yet appeared. Some important treasures have not yet been discovered. He couldn’t fight Nikola for time being. If he really wanted to get treasures, he had to save of some triumph cards.

“Nicholas, what kind of person is Xiao Yu? You know very well in your heart. If you don’t kill him earlier, it will be a big threat to you later. It’s better for us to join hands and kill him. His troops of other races can be yours, but what about Naga and his wife?

Robert decided to use a different approach this time. He began to use the interests to seduce Nicholas.

However, what kind of person Nicholas was, he had already calculated everything clearly in his heart. How could Robert’s little trick work on him?

Therefore, Nicholas smiled and said “Robert, are you going to make me betray my allies? No matter what you offer, I will never give up on my allies. This is the most basic morality of a person.”

When Robert heard to what Nicholas said, he was so angry that his lungs were almost blown up. However, he could do nothing about Nicholas so he can only scream in his heart “This bastard! Betrayal, what is that? You are acting as if I don’t know your nature. Let’s not talk about allies, even if it is your brother, you will not hesitate to stab a knife in his back. How did your patriarch’s seat come from? How many relatives have you killed? ”

When Xiao Yu heard Nicholas’s words, he was also furious. He said in his heart: “How can he be shameless than me?”

At this point, Xiao Yu’s were jointly fighting with Chris. After all, Chris’s attacks were too strong. Only little dragon could resist them head on

Grom went up to Chris but he couldn’t do anything to him and he would be easily driven out by Chris. Although Bloodhoof‘s body was strong, he could put more resistant, but he couldn’t face Chris head on.

Only by working together could Xiao Yu’s heroes resist such a Chris.

The Cleave skill of the Bloodhoof, although could not cause too much damage to Chris, could hinder the movement of Chris.

Maiev’s attack was the sharpest and it also caused the most damage to Chris.

Her footwork was extremely erratic and strange, even if it was the sixth-order powerhouse Chris, it was difficult to hit Maiev.

Tyrande’s arrows were also very sharp, leaving a lot of wound on Chris’s body, but they were not able to hit the vital parts.

Tyrande now has a new skill called the Piercing Arrow, which specifically breaks down the thick defences. Although Chris was wearing a powerful armour, it couldn’t stop Tyrande’s Piercing Arrow.

However, Chris did not seem to know the word ‘pain’ at all, completely ignoring the injury and constantly attacking Uther.

“Teacher woke up!!!” Alonso yelled anxiously on the side, but Chris Mo did not respond at all, still attacking Uther.

“Tyrande use dragon fire bursting arrows!” To stop Chris who was getting crazier, Xiao Yu could only use the dragon fire burst arrow.


Without wasting time Tyrande released dragon fire burst arrow at Chris.

Chris still wanted to kill Uther desperately, but the dragon fire burst arrow made him feel the threat of life, so he tried to resist it. But at last, he was sent flying

“Again!” When Xiao Yu saw that dragon fire bursting arrow caused a lot of damage to Chris, he immediately ordered Tyrande to continue to attack. He must kill Chris, if not, Uther would be killed by Chris, then it would be too late to cry.


Everyone surrounded Chris, blocking his route. Tyrande shot another arrow with the cooperation of others. Naga, who was not far away, also shot Chris with a dragon fire bursting arrow at the same time.

Xiao Yu also gave two dragon fire bursting arrows to Naga, so that sometimes it could be more convenient.

Since two dragon fire bursting arrows are bombing together, but the power was much bigger than one. Both arrows squarely landed on Chris.


Chris was seriously injured but it made him crazier. A crazy sixth-order powerhouse was absolutely terrifying. Now, Chris was obviously burning all his energy to kill Uther.

At this time, his attack power was more than doubled.


Looking at the crazy Chris, Xiao Yu ordered again to fire dragon fire burst arrows. Xiao Yu refused that it could not kill Chris.

Tyrande once again released fire dragon fire burst arrow. In fact, there was not much dragon fire bursting arrow left and this time all were used up.

To deal with a strong person like Chris, they had to use this kind of things.

After a violent explosion, when everyone looked at Chris who was covered in blood, his eyes were red and he stood there motionless.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, little dragon immediately took out the nunchaku and slammed against Chris.


This time Chris’s body was sent flying and hit the wall.

“Teacher!” At this time, Alonso quickly ran over, his eyes were tearful as he looked at Chris. His heart was hurting.

“A… Alonso… What’s going on? What’s going on? Ah… I remembered it. I didn’t know why but I felt that I was controlled by someone. My consciousness was completely I blanked out. Did I hurt Uther? Ah… Uther is fine, thank God. You listen to me… Alonso, you are my best student, you are my pride. I am afraid I have to leave you alone but you must complete the mission that I have not completed, that is…to  guard Uther, you must be a good knight, follow Uther, and guard him forever… …”

At this time, Chris’s eyes have completely recovered their brightness and he was not being controlled anymore but his life was obviously coming to end.

Now, everyone knew that Chris was under control, he was being forced to kill Uther.

Everyone already guessed the identity of the person that controlled Chris. Other than Pope, no second person has such ability.

“Great Uther, please forgive me, I lost my nature. It is a sin to try to kill you.” Seeing Uther in front of him, Chris approached to Uther with his last strength and gave him a deep bow.

“Your nature is kind and bright, you are just being confused so I don’t blame you. I forgive your sins in the name of light.” Uther said to Chris Mo with a solemn look.

“Thank you, great Uther.” Chris Mo once again deeply bowed.

Then, Chris looked at the Scarlet Crusaders which was still fighting and shouted, “Stop.”

Hearing the wrath of Chris, all members of Scarlet Crusade immediately stopped and looked back at him. Chris was seriously injured. They were all anxious and wanted to rescue him.

But they were prevented by Xiao Yu and Nicholas’s troops from getting closure.

Now, it was extremely strange to see Chris suddenly kneeling to Uther and then telling them to stop.

Chris coughed twice and blood oozed down from the corner of his mouth. He looked at the Scarlet crusaders and said in a very pious tone: “As your teacher, maybe I will leave you today but this is not sorrowful matter because we have found our true god of light, Uther. I am telling you in the name of a paladin that the Uther in the church is fake. He is just a tool that the Pope came up with to monopolize the power of the church. He asked us to come here to kill the real Uther so that he can become the sole god of the church. If you truly believe in the principles of the paladin, then follow and protect the real Uther. My life has come to an end so I have no chance to do so. I hope… you should cherish this opportunity and follow the Uther to bring light to this land…”

After saying so, Chris determined eyes lost their lustre and became dull. Chris was dead. After all, his injuries were very serious.

All the Scarlet Crusaders looked at the dead Chris, and they were all shocked. This completely overturned their thoughts. They were now completely confused and didn’t know what to do.

Xiao Yu looked at Chris and said with a sigh “Yes, he is indeed a qualified paladin.”

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