World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 436

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Chris’s attack was extremely abrupt with no sign beforehand. No one was not prepared for it.

If a sixth-order powerhouse launched a sneak attack, then power unleashed was absolutely unimaginable.

Xiao Yu was shocked but he reacted quickly and directly teleported toward Uther. He directly slashed down his sword on Chris.

Now, Xiao Yu finally understood the reason for Chris’s eagerness to clean up the undead. It was actually to arrange a trap.

A trap for Uther…

Let everyone let down their guards and then kill Uther in a single strike. One right hit and Uther would be killed. It seemed that Chris had made up his mind to kill Uther.

In the beginning, Chris obviously wanted to take Uther away and did not want to kill Uther. But why did he change his decision?

Now, among everyone present, no one could stop Chris in time, only Xiao Yu could quickly reach Uther’s side by using teleportation and save him.

Xiao Yu did not help Uther to resist Chris’s attack but directly attacked Chris with his sword. At this moment, Xiao Yu was also desperate so he unleashed the attacked with his full power.

Just as Xiao Yu came over to intercept Chris, there was another person who quickly moved over and tried to block Uther.

When Xiao Yu saw person’s face, he was shocked. This person was not on Xiao Yu’s side, but the person on the church’s side.

The fifth-order paladin, Alonso.

“Alonso? Why did he desperately protect Uther? He didn’t directly attack Chris to save Uther but he used his own body to help Uther withstand Chris’s attack. He might die because of it. Why did he help Uther? Obviously, there can be only one reason, that is, this Alonso has already determined that this Uther is real one, so decided to use his body to protect the god in his heart and stop this deadly blow.”

Xiao Yu’s sword already landed on Chris’s body, but powerful momentum carried by Chris’s body knocked out Xiao Yu causing him to sent flying.

The sixth-order powerhouse was absolutely terrifying when it breaks out. What’s more, before the attack, Chris had used the church’s secret method to raise his strength to a peak, in order to ensure that this attack kills Uther.

At this time, only Alonso was in front of Uther.

Alonso’s eyes were full of persistence and fearlessness. At this moment, he seemed to have doing the most correct and meaningful thing in his life.

Therefore, knowing that Chris’s hit would immediately kill him, he was still fearless.

This was a kind of faith. It was a kind of glory for dying for your own god. This was the ultimate goal of a paladin.

When Chris saw this, the red colour in his eyes became thicker. His eyes were looking like rubies.

Seeing his former disciple standing in front of Uther, Chris became angry but he did not show the slightest sign to stop. Even if Alonso stood in front of Uther, he was confident in killing Uther who was behind Alonso.

This was the power of a sixth-order powerhouse’s sure kill skill.

Almost everyone has already determined that Chris’s fatal blow would smash Alonso and Uther together.


With a beast-like roar of Chris, the giant sword finally slashed down.


With a loud noise, Alonso and Uther’s body was sent flying like two broken kites.

The people near Uther immediately retreated back so as not to be affected by the shockwave of this attack.

Xiao Yu’s eyes suddenly became red. This Chris Mo was so despicable that he even attacked Uther and even dared to kill Uther. This really made him angry.

“LITTLE DRAGON KILL THIS BASTARD FOR ME.” Xiao Yu screamed, commanding the little dragon to attack.

However, at this time, everyone was surprised to find that whether it was Alonso or Uther, they did not die. They even stood up from the ground.

Moreover, not only did they not die, they did not even suffer the slightest injury.

Everyone was shocked because power behind the sword strike was seen by everyone. No one should be able to survive under that sword. What was going on?

Soon, everyone found out that on Alonso and Uther, there was a faint glow like a thin membrane, and it seemed to have resisted the attack of Chris.

When Xiao Yu saw this, he suddenly realized something. What was the most powerful skills of the Paladin? They were not the attack skills but the various protective skills.

This skill was known as Divine Shield which provides full immunity to physical attacks.

Completely immune!

Although it could only be used once in a long time, this skill was undoubtedly a heaven-defying skill. Even sixth order powerhouse could do nothing about it.

Just as Chris’s sword was about to reach Alonso and Uther, Uther immediately used Divine Shield on Alonso and himself, protecting themselves. It was the so-called “invincibility”.

“This… is this Divine Shield?” Alonso stared at the halo on his body while being completely stunned. He was already determined to die but he survived because his god, at this moment, saved him.

At this moment, Alonso thoroughly realized, that this Uther was the real Uther.

“Great Uther, I, the humble paladin Alonso, give my loyalty to you,” Alonso said while kneeling down.

Uther looked at Alonso and nodded. “Get up, my child, the light is with you.”

Alonso nodded and stood up. He turned his head and looked at Chris, said “Master, you also saw, he is real Uther, if not then how could he use Divine shield? Nowadays church’s Paladin skills are focused on killing and healing, but there are only a few such skills left that can protect others.”

Chris thought that this attack would definitely kill Uther, so after the attack, he did not attach them immediately. In fact, because he had just used too much force, he could not temporarily launch a powerful attack.

However, when he saw that Uther and Alonso were all right because Uther had actually saved them with the help of the Divine Shield, redness in his eyes began to fade away.

“Uther… real Uther…” Chris murmured while looking at Uther with admiration in his eyes.

However, in the next moment, his eyes became bloodshot and he screamed wildly “Nonsense, he is a fake Uther. In the name of the Paladin kill this fake Uther.”

After that, Chris’s body was once again began to release energy.

“Master…” Alonso shouted.

“He is being controlled.” At this time, Xiao Yu said.

The previous Chris and present Chris were completely two different people. Moreover, Chris’s bloodshot eyes were indicating that he was not thinking about himself.

“Little Dragon, block!” Xiao Yu snorted.

In the current scene, the person who could withstand Chris’s attack was little dragon.

Even the sixth-order powerhouse couldn’t easily cause serious injuries to the dragon’s body, not to mention a dragon that fought with nunchakus.


Little dragon aimed at Chris but nunchaku hit empty air. It’s not that easy to hit six-order powerhouse.

“Everyone attack! I don’t believe that we can’t kill sixth-order paladin.” Xiao Yu was also anxious at this moment. This Chris wanted to kill Uther no matter what but he could not allow that to happen.

So, Bloodhoof, Grom, Maiev and others all rushed up and attacked Chris.

When Scarlet Crusade saw Chris attacking Uther, they immediately put down the undead at hand and rushed toward Uther to help.

Xiao Yu immediately ordered the Orc infantry, Grunts, druids, etc.., to stop the attack of the Scarlet Crusade.

After all, in addition to Chris, the power of Scarlet Crusade was not to be underestimated.

There was another person on the other side who had come over and was ready to attack Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu turned his head and saw the Robert. This guy certainly would not let go this opportunity.

“As long as Laozi has the opportunity, I will absolutely kill you.” Xiao Yu looked at Robert wickedly.

At this time, Xiao Yu couldn’t resist the combined power of the church and the Kennedy family.

“Nicholas, Leonardo, are we still allies? Help me here.” Xiao Yu had no choice but to ask for help from Nicholas.

Leonardo sneered aloud and was about to answer but Nicholas suddenly said “Of course we are still allies, rest assured, I will help you withstand the Kennedy family’s attack. I will also send a few people to help you deal with Chris.”

After finish speaking, Nicholas sent out his fifth-order fighters who were good at using shields. Although their attacking power was not so strong, their defence was absolutely powerful.

Even if sixth-order fighter attack, they could block his few attacks.

Leonardo looked at Nicholas with a blank look. He didn’t understand why he made this decision. Now, at this time, it was the best chance to kill Xiao Yu.

However, since Nicholas had already stated his position, he had no way to say anything more. If he attacked Xiao Yu now, he knew that Nicholas would immediately lay his hands on him.

Xiao Yu was also surprised. After all, he did not have much expectation for Nicholas.

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