World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 435

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“Master, what’s wrong with you?” Alonso looked at Chris and obviously felt something was wrong with him.

Chris coldly looked at Alonso and said: “Nothing! Remember, if there is a chance, we will spare no effort to kill the fake Uther and maintain the glory of the church.”

Hearing what Chris said, Alonso suddenly felt a shock. His mentor’s attitude should not be like this? Sometime before, Chris was obviously doubtful whether Uther was real or not. So how his tone contains so much certainty, now?

Although Alonso had doubts in his heart, he did not dare to show it. Now, besides him, others didn’t have much feeling toward Uther and in their view, they must follow Chris’s orders and no violations could be tolerated.

The Scarlet Crusade was consist of people who were deeply bound and brainwashed by the church. They were absolutely loyal to the church. Because of their absolute loyalty toward the church, they even lost their ability to think. They only knew about maintaining honour the church. Those who were against the church would be killed.

Any soul that was not loyal to the church was evil and has to be purified.

Alonso had followed the Crusader for several places. He tried to stop this crazy massacre, but when he just spoke, he was immediately warned that his behaviour was degenerating and becoming like those evil souls.

So, Alonso did not dare to say anything. Because he knew, if he said more, those fanatical scarlet crusaders would kill him even if he was church knight.

In their eyes, the only god of the church was the pope.

“No, I can’t let them kill Uther. Otherwise, our soul will suffer endless torment.” At this moment, Alonso suddenly felt that the mind seemed to be liberated from something, no longer bound by it. The world became very clear.

At the same time, Xiao Yu did not know what happened there and still continued to move forward with everyone, looking for the skull of Gul’dan.

On the road, Xiao Yu began to tell short stories to Nicholas and Leonardo, some stories about heroes etc.

Nicholas and Leonardo couldn’t differentiate whether what Xiao Yu said was true or not. They easily believed everything.

“That Teresa is really pitiful. Alas, if she did not die, it’s really possible to for a beast to love human…”

Xiao Yu was squatting here, but he didn’t dare to speak too load. If it was heard by Grom and he told Saar about it then that would not be good.

This was the story of Thrall and his sister Teresa of the King clan. The reason why Thrall became the leader of the orcs could not be separated from Teresa.

It is because of Teresa, a kind girl who gave Thrall a woman’s maternal love, which prevented Thrall from becoming a beast who only knew how to kill. She let him understand that the world has a thing like love. It also had justice and goodness in it.

No one could understand Teresa’s feelings toward Thrall, only she knew about it.

Was it a younger brother, a lover, or a son?

Too complex!!

Not only Xiao Yu but even Nicholas and Leonardo were also moved by the story of Thrall. In the past, they thought that the orcs were only slaves of human beings.

“There are undead in front.” a soldier shouted.

“Undead?” Xiao Yu was surprised. Suddenly a thought stuck Xiao Yu’s mind.

“Is it Chest of the soul still there?”

Xiao Yu immediately ran over and appeared in front of everyone. It was an extremely dilapidated hall. The situation, inside the hall, was horrible. All kinds of undead were swarming back and forth aimlessly. But once someone approached them, they would be immediately drowned by these undead and would be torn apart.

“Sure enough, it’s here.”When Xiao Yu saw this, he immediately understood that chest of soul still exists.

Basically, the souls who die in this dark temple would be sucked by this chest. After countless years of accumulation, these souls had become even stronger.

In order to make the ancestors immortal, so that their souls could still exist after death, the Draenei put their souls in this Chest of the soul. Then this Chest of the soul was used by the draenei to worship the ancestors.

Later Gul’dan used the dark magic and corrupted the souls turning them into evil once. He stuffed the souls of those who died in the dead bodies, transforming them into the undead.

However, Gul’dan was unable to fully control this treasure so he didn’t use it much, causing the chest of the soul to stay in the dark temple and collect dust.

At this point, everyone else came around and looked at this weird place.

Nicholas asked Xiao Yu “What is this place?”

Xiao Yu faintly said “It’s a place that was once used to worship the souls. Later it was polluted by demons. Those souls were transformed into the undead. They will kill everyone who gets close to them.”

“So many undead, how can we deal with them?” Leonardo looked at these densely packed undeads.

These things were more difficult to kill than the beasts, only Special methods could kill them.

Xiao Yu looked at these undeads, he was not very afraid. He was also very experienced in killing undead. When he was in the undercity, he experimented and used blood smeared on the blade to deal with these undead.

Xiao Yu smiled and said “We don’t need to deal with them. Don’t we have some people here who are most suitable to deal with these things?”

When he heard what Xiao Yu said, Nicholas immediately replied with a smile “Are you talking about the church? But why will they stupidly kill these undeads for us?”

“Even if there is no Gul’dan’s skull inside, the chest of soul inside is also extremely powerful.”

“The Chest of souls? What is that?” Nicholas asked immediately.

Xiao Yudao: “The thing that was originally used by draenei for worshipping their ancestors and later used by Gul’dan and turned into an extremely powerful magic weapon.”

“Guldan used it? It turned out to be like this. So it is very likely that the skull of Gul’dan is inside.” Nicholas looked at Xiao Yu thoughtfully.

There were more and more people gathering here, but no one dares to go close to it. After all, there were so many undeads here; whoever goes up first would be unlucky.

At this time, a group of blood-red figures appeared in the back. Then they saw Chris coming forward.

Xiao Yu and Nicholas looked at each other and wondered how to make Chris kill these evil undeads. Chris was a qualified paladin and loathed evil things. Therefore, as long as they come up with a better strategy, it should not be difficult for making Chris kill undeads.

However, beyond their expectations, Chris came to the front and said when he saw the undeads “These undeads are really hateful. These things harm people so we as paladins, need to purify them.”

Hearing the words of Chris, Xiao Yu and Nicholas were pleasantly surprised. After all, they were racking their brains to make plan. Now it seemed that it was not necessary at all.

“All the Scarlet Crusades listen, we are God’s spokespersons, we are the incarnation of light. These evil creatures should not stay in the world. Our mission is to purify all evils in the world, let us fight bravely. Kill these evil things.”

“Follow me, move forward.” Chris Mo did not talk nonsense and rushed straight ahead.

Chris took the lead and waved a giant sword in his hand. A bright light flashed, and within a hundred meters in front, all the undead instantly disappeared into nothing.

Watching Chris rushing forward, other people couldn’t sit still. Everyone knew that there was a treasure inside, how could they not go in?

Then everyone began to follow and kill these undeads.

Xiao Yu and Nicholas also started to walk inside. Although the number of undead was still very staggering, they were continuously killed by everyone so it wasn’t a big problem.

However, when everyone was hunting the undeads, Chris suddenly jumped up at the fastest speed, raised the giant sword in his hand, and slammed it toward Uther.

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