World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 433

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“What is this guy up to?” Xiao Yu looked at Chris and suddenly felt intense fury in his heart. If it wasn’t for this guy who had just joined forces with Robert, he wouldn’t have come up with such a bad idea, causing Aegwynn to awaken, and finally, Aegwynn would not have possessed Lin Bixue.

Seeing that Chris came forward, these people immediately took a step back. Obviously, the sixth-order paladin of this church made them very afraid.

Although the families of Nicholas and Leonardo also made them afraid, the power of the church was undoubtedly even stronger.

Especially Chris himself, on this continent, he was very famous. Every one of these adventurers knew Chris.

A sixth-order paladin was absolutely terrifying.

If they really dare to go against Chris, then they would definitely pay a heavy price. This was the strength of the sixth-order powerhouse.

Therefore, all the sixth-order powers had special status on this continent.

These people slowly receded, but their eyes were still on Lin Bixue. Although for now, they couldn’t do anything, it did not mean that there would be no chance in future.

The power of Aegwynn must be obtained.

“Hey, the reason why are they doing this is because they have their own plans. Once we leave, they will internally distribute it.”

These adventurers gathered to discuss this issue.

These adventurers were not fools. They naturally understood that Nicholas and Leonardo were not really helping Xiao Yu. They were doing it for their own benefit.

“Yes, as long as we take advantage of their internal conflict, we still have a chance.”

At this time, no one wanted to give up. No one wanted to miss this opportunity.

After getting the power of Aegwynn, then they would immediately become an epic existence, even the god of this world. Who would not be eager?

Now, many people’s desire for Aegwynn’s power even surpassed Gul’dan’s skull.

Although everyone scattered, they all gathered in some other places not too far away, waiting for good opportunity. Xiao Yu was too lazy to control them, anyway, it didn’t matter.

What he cared most now was Lin Bixue. How to get Aegwynn out of Lin Bixue’s body? Obviously, he did not have any means for now.

He didn’t know anything about magic. Since he could use all the skills directly, he didn’t have any theoretical knowledge.

Xiao Yu thought to himself “For resolving this problem, I am afraid I have to go to the old man Theodore. That old guy owes me a favour, it’s time to use it. If even old man Theodore had no way to deal with it, then I am afraid that the trouble will be great.”

Looking at Leonardo, he who was looking at Lin Bixue. Xiao Yu said “What are you looking at? Do you have a way to get Aegwynn out of Lin Bixue? If you have a way to get Aegwynn out without hurting Lin Bixue then I will give you Aegwynn’s soul energy.”

Leonardo snorted and said: “Lin Bixue is not your official wife. What are you yelling for? Hey, if you don’t have the skills, give her to me, let me handle it, I promise not to hurt her.”

“Give your mother, do you think I am a fool? Give a sheep to a wolf?” Xiao Yu replied in anger.

Leonardo was about to argue back, but he was pulled by Nicholas.

Xiao Yu turned around wanting to leave.

Nicholas said: “Xiao Yu, where are you going?”

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes and said: “I am going to find a place to take a break.”

“If you go alone, are you not afraid of others snatching Lin Bixue?” Nicholas looked at the man in front of him and said.

“If you have the ability then come, this father is not afraid. Whoever dares to come, will die,” said Xiao Yu, letting Tyrande put a dragon fire bursting arrow.


A loud bang, Tyrande shot an arrow directly at the hard altar.

Just before, so many people were so desperately wanted to destroy the altar but it was still difficult to do, but now it crumbled into pieces. Power of arrow was absolutely catching up with the sixth-order magic spell.

Everyone didn’t know how many dragon fire bursting arrows Xiao Yu had. However, since Xiao Yu dared to throw out one casually, it must be a lot. Otherwise, Xiao YU would never dare to squander it.

In fact, Xiao Yu was just putting up a brave front, He had only a few arrows left.  He just wanted to make everyone afraid.

Under the gaze of everyone, Xiao Yu walked into the passage., Xiao Yu believed that it defiantly contain something good.

Just now, Xiao Yu pretended to take look at Lin Biao Xue’s situation, but in truth, his real purpose was to collect the treasure there.

Lin Bixue’s situation was not caused by the disease. If you wanted to treat it, there was no way. Only the great magician who knew soul magic could have a solution.

The only thing he needed to do now was to pray that Aegwynn had not fully integrated with Lin Shuxue’s soul. Otherwise, everything would be finished.

After Xiao Yu entered the passage, everyone did not leave and waited there.

Xiao Yu let little dragon guard the passage entrance and ordered him to kill anyone who dares to come in.

What little dragon likes most was this kind of command. He was swaying back and forth with nunchaku in his hand. Everyone looked at the thick nunchakus of the little dragon and began to feel wary.

God, was that a stick? That was much thicker than the pillar. Once this weapon hit, even the hard armour would be completely useless.

In the face of absolute power, everything was in vain. How terrible was the power of a dragon, plus the power bonus of a nunchaku?

After Xiao Yu entered the passage, his guess proved correct. It was a huge warehouse. Although the boxes were broken and decayed, there were countless crystal clear stones scattered on the ground.

“Waves of emerald, burning stone, shadow song purple jade, red sharp stone, sky sapphire, lion’s god eye. Looks like this time, I stuck it rich.”

Xiao Yu looked at these things and his mood improved by a great margin.

Now, Xiao Yu’s team had two ills. One was Lin Bixue and the other was Illidan. Now Illidan was completely in a coma. If not for his breathing, Xiao Yu would have thought that Illidan had died.

In addition to these materials, there are quite a few scrolls. All types of scrolls were available. Xiao Yu stored them into his space ring.

It’s good to have found so many precious stones. These things are all very important. I can give them to Higgins.

After Xiao Yu searched the place, he sat down and took a rest. He looked at Lin Bixue and frowned.

Just as Xiao Yu sighed, temple once again shook and then a voice rang.

“Humble human beings, do you think that with your strength you can absorb my strength? Ridiculous, so ridiculous, I am the greatest warlock of the Orc, Gul’dan, and no one can absorb my energy!”

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