World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 432

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“What the f*ck!” Xiao Yu fiercely screamed.

At this time, everyone’s eyes were filled with all kinds of emotions like surprises, shocks, fury, greed and other.

“Why? What is going on? Why does Aegwynn’s soul entered into the body of Lin Bixue?” someone shouted

Was Aegwynn’s soul energy (essence) also absorbed by Lin Bixue?

That was to say, this time they competed for a long time, killing each other for inheritance of Aegwynn, and finally they was taken advantage of by Xiao Yu.

“Bastard! Is it stolen by this rogue (Xiao Yu)?”

“Don’t worry! It seems that it is not an ordinary inheritance. Aegwynn’s soul has completely penetrated the woman’s body, obviously it has conscience. But why did she take the initiative to get in? The reason for that is she simply wants to occupy woman’s body.”

“But how can Aegwynn’s soul energy be taken away by her? We must get it back.”

“Yes, we must get it back. We fought hard but ended up benefitting other. How can we allow it to happen?”

“But how can we get it back?”

“It’s very simple. Didn’t this rogue tell us the story of Medivh? Killing Medivh’s body, soul will be released. If you kill this woman that power can be released.”

“Yeah, as long as we kill her and destroy her body, we can get the soul of Aegwynn. It’s a pity that such a beauty is going to die.”

“Cut the crap! As long as someone has enough strength, what kind of beauty he can’t get.”

When people were gossiping, Xiao Yu was very anxious and held Lin Bixue in his arms to check her situation. However, Lin Bixue’s eyes were closed. She was unconscious and did not react to his call.

Like Medivh, as Xiao Yu said, Lin Bixue also fell into a deep sleep.

“Nima, what should I do? Why did Aegwynn’s soul entered into my wife’s body? Wasn’t you are coming for me.” Xiao Yu shouted loudly.

“Hey, coming for you, do I want to be attached to a man’s body? Magical talent of this body is very powerful almost at the same level as mine!”

At this time, although Lin Bixue’s eyes were still closed, a voice sounded from her body.

“Believe it or not, I will pull out your soul from my wife’s body, no matter what! Uther is here, to deal with your evil soul, he is the best option”

“Uther? Alonsus Faol’s apprentice? How did he reborn? Didn’t he was killed by his apprentice Alsace? Hmn, just by him, you still can’t do anything.” Aegwynn obviously knew Uther.

“Hey, Now I have to rest. You have to protect this body. Otherwise, your fiancée and I will die together.” After that, Aegwynn became silent.

“you are taking me as a bodyguard. F*ck your grandmother! @@@@ (Some abuses)”

Xiao Yu looked at this Aegwynn anxiously. What was going on here?

However, no matter what Xiao Yu said, this Aegwynn made no sound. Xiao Yu was swearing nonstop. At this time Xiao Yu was so angry that he wanted to strangle Aegwynn.

At this time, Xiao Yu turned his head, but found that many people have surrounded them, watching Lin Bixue in his arms coveted.

“Let’s see which of you was daring enough for having idea of killing my wife? This father promises him to destroy his nine generations.” Xiao Yu just heard the arguments of these people so he naturally knew what they were thinking.

When everyone heard What Xiao Yu said, they did not retreat instead stepped forward and said coldly “You said that one standing in the most central place can get the inheritance of Aegwynn, but the result is that you lured us to kill each other and took everything for yourself. Do you think that we are all fools?”

Xiao Yu didn’t reply because he knew that it was just waste of time. These people had been blinded by greed and they would not listen to any explanation. He handed Lin Bixue to Celia and directly took out the Auchen Axe. Rage was burning in his eyes.

Little dragon also took out the nunchaku at this time. He looked at these people with rage. If anyone stepped forward, he would definitely be hacked into two.

Normally, Lin Bixue was very fond of little dragon, so it was impossible for little dragon to watch others killing Lin Bixue.

Everyone was ready to fight. Everyone was filled with madness. Greed, this was the fearlessness brought by greed.

However, at this time, Leonardo suddenly waved his hand and looked at the people.

“Whoever dares to touch Lin Bixue’s single hair, I Leonardo guarantees that our Xiaoke family will hunt him down.”

Leonardo’s cold voice sounded.

At this time, Nicholas also stepped forward with his people to show his intention.

Xiao Yu understood their intention clearly. This Leonardo coveted Lin Bixue’s beauty and now her body contained Aegwynn’s soul too so he naturally wanted to get both Lin Bixue and Aegwynn.

Thus he couldn’t let these people intervene at this time.

Nicholas’s intention was clear too. He simply wanted Aegwynn’s inheritance, so he stepped forward. If the body of Lin Bixue was accidentally destroyed by these people then everything would be for naught.

But if he worked with Xiao Yu to protect Lin Bixue’s body then he would have a more chances to get Lin Bixue’s body.

For now, they had to rely on each other’s strength to counter these people, so they had to temporarily team up.

Although he must face these two guys later, he could think of it later.

Seeing Leonardo and Nicholas stand up, people on the scene began to hesitate.

If it was only Xiao Yu, they were not afraid, even if there was a dragon with Xiao Yu and he had many powerful weapons like dragon fire bursting arrows. They were too many people here and they could team up against Xiao Yu and that was enough to kill Xiao Yu.

But with Leonardo and Nicholas, everything was different.

These people knew who Leonardo and Nicholas were. It was definitely not a wise thing to offend these two families.

“If anyone wants to move against this woman, then he will have to pass through me.” A clear voice was heard by everyone. This voice belonged to Chris.

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