World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 431

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The battle was getting fiercer with time. Everyone was getting more and more crazy. Xiao Yu was watching everything unfold from the side. He never thought that it would turn into a battle royale because of his words.

The ancients said that if a person could control his desires, his emotions, then he would become a true saint.

However, there were only several people in the world who could do this.

When faced with the desires of wealth, power and beauty, who could remain indifferent?

If you could really completely ignore them, then I am afraid that you were no longer a human being, because its human being’s feelings that produce these emotions.

It is impossible for us to completely eliminate these emotions, but we can control them within a reasonable range and such a person is a strong person.

Suddenly Xiao Yu felt something wrong about the altar and a chill ran down his spine. Specifically, he couldn’t determine what was wrong but his guts were telling him so.

Xiao Yu immediately unleashed his Vision Technique but Xiao Yu didn’t find anything wrong.

This feeling was very bad causing Xiao Yu to furrow his brows. So, Xiao Yu quietly made a gesture and everyone began to get away from the altar. Xiao Yu believed that something big was going to happen soon.

Xiao Yu looked up at Aigwen’s illusion. Aegwynn’s face seemed to have a strange expression. This expression looked like a smile. She was watching the scene while laughing.

Nicholas noticed Xiao Yu’s movements. Xiao Yu’s retreat alerted him so ordered his subordinates to retreat.

This order got some people’s resistance, but Nicholas didn’t care about those people now. Since you like to die, then go.

Xiao Yu saw Nikola’s movements and sighed in his heart. This Nicholas was really a genius. The person, who was able to control his desires and not moved by strong temptations, was a terrible opponent.


At this time, the ground began to tremble, not like an earthquake, but it seemed that there was something under the ground that wanted to come up.

Some people, at this time, gave up on fight and began to inspect surrounding in panic, but some people still refused to stop and continued to fight.

More and more blood flowed, dying the altar red. The altar which was completely stained with blood, at this time, suddenly began to glow.

The darkness gradually eroded and the whole hall was lightened by this blood red light.

At this point, the people felt that something was wrong. Some people began to wary and began to move toward the periphery of the altar. Some stupid people were still standing in the center of the altar, waiting for the inheritance of Aegwynn.

“Ah… what’s going on? What’s going on? Why can’t I move?”

At this time, many people found that on the altar, the blood suddenly surged, forming waves like waves of lake’s water, but it was extremely thick. People on the altar got contaminated by the blood and could not move around.

“What is going on?”

At this time, even if it is a fool, felt that something was wrong. Some powerful people were starting to rush out toward outside.

The fast-moving and powerful powerhouses jumped off the altar and got out of the scope of the blood red light, but other with poorer strengths were sucked into the blood light, finding it difficult to get out.

At this time, the scene that shocked everyone appeared, and Aegwynn who floated in midair, suddenly opened her eyes.

“This… what is going on?”

Everyone was shocked. What kind of fucking inheritance was this? How could Aegwynn open her eyes. She seemed to be looking at everyone with a playful look. Everyone, in front of her, was like a group of ants.

This…was definitely not the inheritance, and… it seemed like she wanted to kill all of these people and use their blood to restore her strength.

Yes, she wanted to reborn.

Prophecy of heroes of ancient time’s reappearance in this world was going to come true.

The rebirth of the ancient heroes needed boundless blood, and now, the death of these people just happened to achieve Aegwynn’s rebirth conditions.

Xiao Yu just wanted to divert everyone’s attention by baffling to leave this place. However, he did not expect that in the end it would cause such a big trouble.

“If Aegwynn is really born again, then it will be troublesome. How powerful is she? It seemed that Theodore is not her opponent. And now current continent is not like the former continent. The guardian looks like a devil. Especially that smile is definitely not a smile that a kindhearted person has. Aegwynn has also absorbed the power of Sargeras, it seems that Aegwynn has became devil, or a semi-devil.”

Xiao Yu finnaly understood it but it seems that it’s late now. Aegwynn’s soul was constantly getting smaller. Originally, Aegwynn’s soul filled the entire hall, but now, Aegwynn’s soul was slowly getting smaller seemingly condensing.

“I can’t let her reborn! She is absorbing strength from this altar so I have to quickly destroy this altar. Otherwise, we will all die here.” Xiao Yu suddenly shouted with his all strength.

Hearing the voice of Xiao Yu, Aegwynn in the air, suddenly turned her head and looked at Xiao Yu with murderous look.

When everyone heard Xiao Yu, they felt that things were not good so everyone began to concentrate their firepower onto the altar.

On the scene, there were not a lot of magicians. Because lot of died in previous battle, but survived once were defiantly elites. In order to survive and not letting this Aegwynn resurrect, everyone tried their best.

Of course, they wanted to destroy the altar not just to survive but also to absorb Aegwynn energy.

If the altar was smashed, Aegwynn couldn’t reborn, her soul energy would become unconscious again. Since the energy became more condensed, it would be easy to absorb it.

When Aegwynn saw the situation, she was furious because she could have resurrected immediately but now these people want to interfere. But how could she allow it to happen so she made a sharp scream and formed a barrier to resist the magic of everyone.

Around the altar, a huge blood-colored barrier was formed, stopping all the attacks.

Xiao Yu ordered Tyrande to shot a dragon fire bursting arrow.


Tyrande did not hesitate to use the dragon fire bursting arrow. A huge explosion took place, blasting the blood-colored barrier.

Seeing this, other people began to take out their triumph cards and attacked the barrier.

However, this altar was attacked so many times but it was still able to persist without complete destruction, showing how strong the altar was.

At this point, Aegwynn, despite her strength, was obviously barely resisting the indiscriminate bombardment of everyone. After all, she hadn’t fully recovered her strength; she was just a soul and has very limited power. If not for this altar, she would not be able to exert even this much strength.

Seeing that everyone’s attack was getting stronger and stronger, and her blood-colored barrier was getting thinner and thinner, Aegwynn’s gaze suddenly landed on Xiao Yu.

This Xiao Yu destroyed her good plan.

Xiao Yu was stunned by Aegwynn’s gaze, and suddenly felt that his heart seemed to have stopped beating. Even her gaze had such power.

In fact, what Xiao Yu didn’t know was that Aegwynn’s most powerful force now was the power of the soul. Because she had no physical existence, the magical attacks could not show its full strength.

Feeling Aegwynn’s murderous look, Xiao Yu immediately took out a defensive scroll. He was on alert against the attack of Aegwynn.

Sure enough, Aegwynn’s body suddenly absorbed all the blood red light into her body and then her figure rushed toward Xiao Yu.

“You are not allowed to hurt the master.” At this time Grom, Bloodhoof and the little dragon, all stood in front of Xiao Yu to block the soul.

Xiao Yu did not want others to die for him so he rushed forward with Auchen axe in his hand, seeing Aegwynn’s soul rushing over, he slammed down his axe.

The axe went down, but Xiao Yu cut an empty space. Aegwynn’s illusion did not touch him at all and brushed past him.

“Her goal is not me?” Suddenly, Xiao Yu felt a cold sweat on his back and a very bad feeling rose in his heart.

He turned his head quickly, just to see the red shadow entering into the body of Lin Bixue.

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  1. Soon Lin Bixue. his wife will become the most powerful Mage In that world!! 😀
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    Thx for the chapter ^^

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