World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 430

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“And then?” Someone immediately asked in the crowd.

Xiao Yu’s eyes blinked because the person who asked this time was a girl. It was the woman who had conflict with Celia and was Leonardo’s subordinate.

Xiao Yu knew that the family of Celia was consisting of strong assassins and everyone in the family would come out to experience and improve their strength.

This woman chose to follow Leonardo.

When Xiao Yu heard her call, he continued “At the age of 13, in order to protect his companions and fight against the orcs, Medivh accidentally triggered the power of Sargeras. The power was earth-shattering and it saved them but Medivh directly went in coma afterward because of overexerting himself. This incident greatly shocked everyone. Later he was sent to the North County Abbey for treatment, but his situation did not improve. It had been six years since he was in a coma. During these six years, Sargeras began to gradually occupy Medivh’s body.”

Everyone began to gossip with shocked look.

Xiao Yu was very satisfied with everyone’s expression and then continued “At this time, Medivh also knew that a demon was lurking in his body, waiting to occupy his body. He resisted and fought with Sargeras for almost six-year. Six years later, Medivh finally won the battle and woke up. At that time, Medivh’s good friend Ryan had became the king of humanity, his good friend Lothar became a general and also the leader of the Iron Horse Brotherhood.”

When Xiao Yu said about the Iron Horse Brotherhood, suddenly, someone among the crowd screamed with excitement, but soon he realized that he had lost his cool and stopped.

Xiao Yu looked in that direction, but it was some people wearing strange costumes, standing in the corner, not very eye-catching, quietly listening to the story of Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu’s brows were slightly wrinkled. He doubted the identity of these people. These people undoubtedly did not belong to any forces; they should be a unique group, similar to some trade organizations.

“After Medivh woke up, in order not to let anyone know about power of Sargeras in his body, he entered Karazhan. Karazhan was a magic tower secretly built by the Tirisfal Parliament”

“They used it to keep eye on the demons’ every move in order to protect the continent. Medivh’s soul was tenacious and struggled with Sargeras. Since the battle between the two wills was too intense, beyond the limits of this body, Medivh fell into a state of mental breakdown and completely lose its ability to respond to the outside world. The duration of this state was uncertain, ranging from a few minutes to a few months.”

“When his mind became stable, Medivh dedicated himself to guarding the Azeroth. He believed that the interests of the kingdom were always above anything else. Over the years, when he had guarded Azeroth, he repeatedly blocked the intruder’s fierce attack. The people regard him as the indestructible protector of Azeroth.”

“He treats all races equally, without any prejudice. When hearing the legends and customs of a certain race, he sincerely respected them all and showed strong interest in there legends and cultures. However, Sargeras once again attacked Medivh’s soul in order to occupy his body. This time, he gained upper hand in internal battle and occupied his body causing Medivh’s character to change dramatically. He became gloomy and lonely. For keeping everything under wraps, when someone came to meet him, Medivh did not hesitate to use spells to disturb his visitors or simply kill them.”

“Under the influence of Sargeras, Medivh began to secretly study all kinds of evil magic and witchcraft, and built an underground tower under Karazhan as a place for his dark rituals. During his trips, Medivh got in touch with Gul’dan, an orc warrior on the other side of the world, who was anxiously want to get powerful. Medivh (Sargeras) then informed the presence of Sargeras’s grave to Gul’dan.”

“The greedy orc, Gul’dan, for obtaining Sargeras’s ‘ultimate energy’, promised to invade Azeroth with orc tribe. Soon after, Medivh opened the Spatial Portal connecting the two worlds. Gul’dan entered into Azeroth by it with his tribal army and invaded Azeroth.”

“Later, Aegwynn finally discovered that something was wrong with Medivh. She found out that Sargeras’s soul was controlling Medivh. Aegwynn wanted to stop his son but her power has been passed on to Medivh, so she was simply not Medivh’s opponent.”

“There was no other way for Aegwynn other then informing Medivh’s good friend King Ryan and the leader of the Iron Horse Brotherhood, Sir Lothar. Ryan hesitated and didn’t know how to deal with it. Finally Sir Lothar led his army. With the help of Medivh’s disciple Khadgar and the female orc Garona, he killed Medivh by sneak attacked. Because Medivh’s body had power of Sargeras in it, when they destroyed Medivh’s body, they accidentally caused a space storm. The soul of Sargeras accidentally caught up in the space storm. Of course, Medivh’s soul was fallen into the space storm and started wandering.”

“Xiao Yu, you said so much. We all want to know how to absorb the energy of soul?” Nicholas said at this time.

Nicholas was indeed a different person. Everyone was now thinking about story of soul but Nicholas asked such a key question.

Xiao Yu said “Actually such secret should not be shared with you. After all, I will not get anything in return. But in fact, even if I know this method, I can’t get the soul of Aegwynn. The fate, everything still needs fate. Aegwynn’s soul, unlike other souls, had absorbed some energy of Sargeras. Although she is only a soul now, she still has her own consciousness. This consciousness determines who she chooses to be her inheritor.”

Xiao Yu was glad that he had seen so many novels in his previous world and had ability to compose stories.


Everyone finally noticed that there was an altar in the hall. Now, Xiao Yu himself was standing just below the huge soul of Aegwynn in the central part of the altar.

After listening to Xiao Yu’s words, everyone immediately shouted and rushed toward the altar. When Xiao Yu saw so many people rushing toward him, he quickly jumped to the edge of the altar in shock.

These people are really crazy.

They began to fight unceasingly. Blood began to flow like river. However, this was only the beginning.

Everyone was going crazy, for fear that they would miss Aegwynn’s inherited.

Looking at the above, Aegwynn’s soul was getting bigger and bigger and the light was getting more and more radiant. Aegwynn’s face was getting clearer and clearer.

Among Nicholas’s magicians, some were trained by family, but a large part of them were hired from outside.

These magicians showed their selfishness at this time. Although Nicholas had not ordered them to participate, they still walked a few steps forward and looked at the situation. If they saw any opportunity, they would rush out to grab it without hesitation.

On the other side, Leonardo’s situation was similar. The inheritance of Aegwynn was too great for a magician. Who could resist such temptation?

Some on their side had already started to fight for a good position.

Now, everyone discovered that there were many lattices on the top of the altar. Each lattice seems to be in a special position. Perhaps, they contained some mystery within.

As a result, there were constant deaths, blood was flowing from the altar, and slowly infiltrating into the gaps of those lattices.

The altar absorbed the blood and slowly began to release a faint red glow but no one noticed it.

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