World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 429

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“The soul of Aegwynn, this is the soul of Aegwynn, the greatest magician of the ancient times. She is releasing huge energy. If you absorbed her soul, you can become the greatest magician on this continent.” Xiao Yu suddenly screamed loudly.

In fact, Xiao Yu was just making things up, because he knew that after doing this, Nicholas and Leonardo would certainly not watch the show from the side and would definitely come over.

Once they came over and joined the fray, Xiao Yu would have a chance to take advantage of the situation.

When everyone heard Xiao Yu’s scream, everyone was shocked because they were stranger to the name ‘Aegwynn’.

However, the powerful energies that Aegwynn’s soul radiates were indeed real. This kind of power rivalled the force of God. It transcended the existence of the seventh order which made people shudder.

If a magician could get this energy, how powerful would he become in future?

This time, they came here to look for Gul’dan’s skull to become more powerful. The power of the skull of Gul’dan was frightening. Weren’t they just came for more power?

For these powerhouses, what was more important than power?

When all the magicians on the scene heard Xiao Yu’s words, they were shocked in their hearts, and naked greed flashed in their eyes.

Not only those magicians, but also those who were fighting, hearing it showed a greedy look. The power of the magician, why couldn’t we absorb it?

This did not involve practising magic. This was just a kind of inheritance and absorption. As long as certain conditions were met, it’s ok.

Therefore, everyone immediately focused their attention on the soul of Aegwynn.

The people of the Kennedy family who had been fighting with Xiao Yu’s heroes stopped themselves at this time and looked at this strange scene.

At this time, a myriad of rays of light erupted from the soul of Aegwynn, and a voice rang out.

The language was completely different from the language on the mainland today, and it was not an ordinary Elvish language. It makes people feel very surprised.

Only Kael’thas suddenly said at this time “This… This is the language of the blood elves in ancient times. How can it be?”

Xiao Yu looked around and calmed down now. He explained when no one was paying attention to him “Aegwynn was the guardian of Tirisfal. At that time, human beings and blood elves were allies. In order to protect this continent, all the great magicians and the great wizards of the blood elves sealed their magic in Aegwynn’s body, making her the most powerful person. Therefore, her soul appeared survived until now. She speaking the ancient language of blood elves was not strange at all.”

“Xiao Yu, I didn’t expect you to know so much.” At this time, a handsome young man came over in a red coat, it was Nicholas.

Xiao Yu saw Nicholas and smiled. “Nicholas, my ally, it is really timely for you to come.”

Nicholas faced Xiao Yu’s irony but smiled slightly and his face did not even budge. “Yes, I felt the huge energy fluctuations here. I am afraid that you are in danger so I rush over.” ”

Xiao Yu suddenly sighed and thought to himself “This guy’s heart is actually bleak. No wonder Mr Zongwu said that anyone who belongs to the big family is a person with a dark heart. This Nicholas is really something.”

“Xiao Yu, the situation is going to chaotic. Would you please tell us about this Aegwynn? If it gets dangerous in the future, we can respond immediately.” At this time, Leonardo also came over and said.

Xiao Yu said in his heart: “One is more shameless than other.”

However, Xiao Yu did not show his anger instead smiled. “Yes, I really should share this information so that everyone can try to absorb the soul of Aegwynn.”

Hearing the ironic tone of Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo were unmoved. Others also erected their ears at this time, wanting to know who the Aegwynn was.

Xiao Yu looked at everyone’s eyes that were concentrated on him. He coughed twice and rubbed his hands together. Xiao Yu said with an appearance of a scholar “Speaking of Aegwynn, we should start from Sargeras, do you know who he is?”

When everyone heard what Xiao Yu said, many people at the scene shook their heads.

Xiao Yu suddenly burst into sweat, how could these people do not know Sargeras?

Xiao Yu puffed out his chest and looked proud. He said “The Sargeras is the leader of the Burning Legion. He used to be a Titan. Do you know them? They are the most primitive creatures of the world. They created the universe and created us.”

“Titan?” The crowd immediately showed a shocked look. Titans were gods, they knew it. However, the Titans were just imaginary beings or they thought they were, so they didn’t believe in them.

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “Yes, Titan created the world, first created the elf, then created the dwarf, and later created the human…”

“What are you talking about? How is it possible?” These people heard this, they couldn’t buy it right away. As the most intelligent creature in the world, human beings were actually the third one to be created, which made them it absolutely unacceptable.

How could even the dwarves be created before humans?

At this time, the little dragon also jumped out and pointed at his nose: “What about us Dragon? When were we created?”

Xiao Yu suddenly burst into sweat because his words caused accidental racial controversy.

“Cough!… This says… In fact, this is just a legend.” Xiao Yu said vaguely.

“In short, that Sargeras, once the most powerful Titan, was wandering in the universe. He felt very empty and very boring so he decided to team up with the devil to destroy the world. After all, it’s too boring every day…”

Xiao Yu, on the one hand, observed the situation of Aegwynn’s soul, and secretly told his subordinates to get ready for escape.

“So our world, formerly known as the Azeroth continent, attracted a huge disaster. Sargeras invaded with the Burning Legion. But at that time the Titans who maintains the order of the world arranged a few guardians to guard the continent. So, a big battle began, everyone started to fight and it also involved the world tree or something. I will not tell you about unnecessary things. Let’s talk about Aegwynn.”

“Aegwynn is the human guardian elected by the Tirisfal Parliament, inheriting the greatest magical energy, so she took on the task of dealing with Sargeras and the Burning Legion. She hunted the devil everywhere, and finally one day when she met Sargeras, she killed Sargeras with her strength.”

When Xiao Yu said till here, he deliberately paused. Sure enough, as he expected, everyone sucked a cold breath. Able to kill a Titan, what kind of power was that?

Xiao Yu watched everyone talk about it for a while,  and then said: “Of course, Sargeras is certainly not so easy to be killed. He is also the most powerful Titan. His death is just a conspiracy, a huge conspiracy…”

Xiao Yu gave a full display of his storytelling qualities. He squinted his eyes and looked at the people around him, but he did not continue immediately but waited for everyone’s reaction.

“Conspiracy? What conspiracy?” Someone in the crowd couldn’t help but ask.

What Xiao Yu wants was this effect. He coughed twice and said: “What conspiracy? Of course, it is a huge conspiracy. This conspiracy is that the soul of Sargeras is not dead, but used this opportunity to enter into Aegwynn’s body and waited for the opportunity for revenge.”

“Oh… it turned out to be…”

“So powerful, the power of a Titan, how powerful was it.”

Everyone talked a lot. Xiao Yu watched them squabble then he waved his hands and continued “Aegwynn inherited some of the power of Sargeras like longevity and the ability to stay youthful. She had lived for thousands of years but still looks young and has always occupied the position of the guardian of Tirisfal.”

“Let’s live for a thousand years?”

“Is it eternal life?”

“The power of eternal life…”

“Well, yes, Aegwynn lived in his 800s. Tirisfal’s parliament was finally dissatisfied with her. They felt that she had occupied this position for too long and asked her to retire. Aegwynn was also dissatisfied with the parliament’s decision because of her obsession for power. At last, she thought of giving birth to a child to take over her position. She choose to marry a magician with talent, a good royal magician, Nie Russ Elan. They gave birth to a son, the great magician, Medivh.”

Xiao Yu said the name Medivh in an adoring tone.

But unfortunately, they were still not very familiar Medivh. The oldest and most powerful human magician they know was Antonidas.

Looking at a group of people who were completely confused about Medivh, Xiao Yu snorted and said “Medivh, after birth, showed an extremely powerful talent, and soon became a great magician. The prince also became his good friend. However, no one knew that Medivh’s body contained the soul of Sargeras because Sargeras’s soul entered into Medivh through Aegwynn, waiting for the opportunity to reemerge.”

Everyone sucked a cold breath, and the story told by Xiao Yu was extremely incredible and shocking.

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