World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 428

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After all, he had fought with Xiao Yu so he knew that Xiao Yu was strong. If he tried to hide his cards, Xiao Yu might slip past his finger.

Today, he wanted to get the beautiful women under Xiao Yu, no matter what price he had to pay, it still worth it.

When Xiao Yu saw this, he also unceremoniously commanded his people to start the battle. Tyrande took out dragon fire bursting arrow and shot it toward the Bron.

Although Bron had already expected that Xiao Yu had hidden cards under his sleeves, but he did not expect it to be a dragon fire bursting arrow.

In particular, this dragon fire burst arrow was shot from Tyrande’s hand. Against the power of this dragon fire blasting arrow even the Gorloc leader was blown up, not to mention the sixth-order human being.

Human beings were powerful because of their powerful martial arts. But in terms of physical fitness, they were not comparable to beasts especially those who were good at both defensive and offensive.

Bron had already rushed up, but when he faced this dragon fire bursting arrow, he began to retreat immediately. He knew that it absolutely not worth the price to face this thing.

The arrow of Tyrande was the tracking type. As long as you were marked by it, you could not hide from it and it would defiantly catch up with you.

The speed of Bron’s retreat was indeed very fast. The strength of the sixth-order powerhouse was revealed at this moment. However, his speed was not enough to evade Tyrande’s arrow.

Although Tyrande did not reach the sixth order, with her various skills, the power behind the arrow was incredible.


Although Bron had already retreated long distance, he could not evade the arrow. But in the final moment, he used his hammer to smash the dragon fire bursting arrow, hoping to burst it.

Unfortunately, he still underestimated the power of the dragon fire bursting arrow and ended up blown up by shockwave which sent his body flying.

His mouth was also bleeding.

“Damn.” Bron was very angry in his heart. As a sixth-order powerhouse, he lost his all face.

However, he did not dare to immediately rush forward again because Tyrande’s other dragon fire bursting arrow had been directed at him again.

If he was shot by Tyrande again, he would be seriously injured if not dead.

The key problem was that he did not know if Tyrande still has the third arrow.

Little Dragon was the most active one. He directly rushed forward while waving his nunchakus.

“Today, I will use nunchaku to get rid of your little brother, smashing your little eggs…” Hearing what little dragon said, stunned Li Biaoxue glared at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu felt wronged. After all, he didn’t teach little dragon.

Now, little dragon’s bad behaviour would be attributed to Xiao Yu.

The people of the church have not attacked yet. If the people of the church also attacked now, then it would be troublesome. Xiao Yu had no strength to resist the people of the church.

At this time, Chris stood there in daze as if he was thinking something.

Uther had already applied his blessings to everyone. He waved sword of light with his hand and looked at Chris.

Watched by Uther, the knights of the bright church had a special feeling in their hearts, an extremely strange feeling.


At this time, hall as well as ground, began to tremble suddenly.

“What is going on?” Xiao Yu was surprised.

At this time, suddenly, on the top of the hall, a huge blurred shadow emerged.

This figure seemed to be very powerful.

However, when everyone saw this Blurred figure, they were slightly surprised.

This was a woman and a very beautiful one on top of it.

Lights were surrounding her body.

“Who is this? How do you have such a powerful strength?” Xiao Yu was greatly surprised.

This person seemed familiar, but he couldn’t remember who it was.

Although the city was constantly changing, the battle between the two sides had not stopped but became even fiercer.

Grom roared while waving his long sword. He was fighting with several fighters alone. He suddenly swayed, and several avatars appeared around him.

The Bloodhoof was also waving his huge axe. Relying on his tyrannical body, he was also fighting with several men.

After seeing this blurred figured, Maiev couldn’t help but look up at the huge figure. There was a hint of confusion in her eyes.

It seems that she had seen this person before.

Kael’thas who was attacking the enemies with magic was also shocked by the huge phantom.

“What a powerful magical energy! Who is she? It is just a residual soul but it has such powerful energy? This woman, before her death, must be a very great magician.”

Suddenly, this phantom swayed, powerful magical energy surged, and the magic elements in the air fluctuated dramatically. The magicians who were ready to use magic immediately stopped casting magic and watched the blurred figure with horror.

Who is this master of soul, why is there such a force?

“Sargeras, you could never control me and my son.” a voice sounded in all directions, echoing back and forth in the entire temple.

At this time, Xiao Yu looked at this huge blurred figure with wide eyes and suddenly understood who this shadow was.


Xiao Yu looked at this blurred figure (soul) with extreme shock. Her name was well known in Warcraft III.

Perhaps Aegwynn was the most powerful magician of Azeroth. She was elf magician who guards the continent and eradicates the demons.

Moreover, her son was much more famous.

Her son was the famous magician, Medivh.

When Sargeras invaded, Aegwynn defeated Sargeras and sealed his body, but in fact, the soul of Sargeras attached itself to Aegwynn’s body.

Later, Aegwynn married the royal magician Nilas Elan and gave birth to Medivh. And the power of Sargeras also entered Medivh’s body, letting him have the superhuman talent from childhood.

These stories flashed through Xiao Yu’s mind, and his heart held sincere respect for the most powerful magician on this continent.

Antonidas, in front of Aegwynn, was just like a child.

Just, how could Aegwynn’s soul appear here?

All of this was known to Xiao Yu. Something else must have happened later to cause the current situation.

The Dark Temple, in fact, was no longer the dark temple of the past.

Therefore, everything could no longer be measured by the previous worldview. However, according to Xiao Yu’s reasoning, the reason why Aegwynn came here might still be related to Gul’dan’s skull.

Aegwynn maybe came here to reassemble the power of Sargeras. Gul’dan was once searching for the tomb of Sargeras. Although it was a failure, maybe Gul’dan got something.

Therefore, Gul’dan had such a powerful strength.

His skills were closely related to Aegwynn because Aegwynn had his power too.

Therefore, it was not surprising that Aegwynn appears here. Of course, all of this was Xiao Yu’s wild guess. As for the real reason, maybe no one knew.

Aegwynn’s soul was releasing magic power, causing extreme fluctuations in magical elements which made it difficult for magicians to cast magic. Xiao Yu must use this chance to win a favourable position for himself.

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