World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 427

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At this time, a huge roar sounded in the whole temple. This roar seemed to be of a beast, but what type of beast was it? This roar reverberated in everyone’s ears. It seemed to go directly into the heart causing their heart to tremble. Some soldiers with poor strength fainted directly and fell down on the ground.

What happened?

Whose roar was it?

Everyone was shocked. It’s roar contained so much power. If it came in person, how powerful was it? Was it the existence of the seventh order?

Even the sixth-order powerhouse was not so powerful.

Those rat monsters, after hearing the roar, became motionless for a while. As if sensing something terrible, they suddenly screamed and ran away.

“What’s the matter? What is it that can instil fear in these rats?” Xiao Yu have bad premonition about it.

This temple seemed to have a lot of powerful things.

Not only the voice just now, but also other factors combined make Xiao Yu feel that this place definitely not as simple as it appears on the surface.

Including Chris Mo, and the sixth-order powerhouse of the Kennedy family showed a look of horror. They are the sixth-order powerhouses. They could feel ‘its’ existence more clearly.

This powerful energy absolutely belonged to seventh-order existence, although they have no way to get in touch with seventh order powerhouse, for this energy, they could be sure that it had reached the seventh order.


If it was really a seventh order existence, even if they all went all out, could they beat it? How terrible was the seventh-order powerhouse?

Not to mention this, it could be said that those closest to the seventh-order people on the mainland, such as Theodore, might not necessarily be the opponents of it.

After taking a look at the running rat monsters, Robert’s eyes immediately fell on the Xiao Yu’s subordinates.

Firstly, he looked at Xiao Yu with a twisted face because he always wanted to kill Xiao Yu. However, very quickly, his eyes drifted back and forth between Lin Bixue and Naga. Tyrande had habit of wearing a veil on her face so he could not see her face clearly.

However, Tyrande’s absolutely perfect figure also made him decide in his heart that he must have Tyrande as his slave.

Xiao Yu noticed Robert’s gaze and vowed to dig his eyes.

Dared to look at Laozi’s woman, wasn’t he looking for death?

Three forces did not start fighting. Kennedy family sent a man to negotiate with the church regarding collaboration.

Chris frowned slightly and didn’t make a decision right away. He couldn’t decide what to choose now, so he didn’t agree to the Kennedy family right away.

If Uther on Xiao Yu’s side was true one then I should just snatch him off.

Chris thought over it for a moment then finally nodded to the guy who came to negotiate. He came here, on the one hand for Gul’dan’s skull, but more importantly for Uther.

“Hey, do you think that you can take Uther away?” Xiao Yu snorted in his heart.

Since it was impossible to escape, fighting was their only option.

Xiao Yu believed that Nicholas and Leonardo could certainly monitor him with their own methods. Now, he hoped that they could come out and give some help.

They were naturally not so kind, but in order to balance power and weaken the church’s power, wouldn’t they have to come out?

However, this was hard to say, it depended on whether Nicholas and Leonardo pay more attention to personal interest or pay more attention to the church. If they pay more attention to personal interest then they would wait until the church has done the fighting, and then like a fisherman they would fish benefit.

If you pay more attention to the church, they would definitely come out earlier and give him some help to weaken the church.

However, in short, they would not be so kind, and he must count on himself.

At this time, not far away, Nicholas and Leonardo looked at this scene and discussed countermeasures.

“How? Do we have to help?” Leonardo said.

“Don’t be anxious, this Xiao Yu has a lot of hidden cards; let him use few of his cards. The church is powerful and their ambition is even greater, this time, they will definitely fight for Gul’dan. It will definitely be a strong enemy at that time. If we can, it is better to weaken them.” Nicholas looked at the crystal ball and said faintly.

“What about the Kennedy family?” Leonardo looked at Roberts and asked.

“Don’t worry about it. The Kennedy family’s strength is indeed strong, but I don’t care about him.”

Nicholas obviously neglected Robert.

“I don’t care who you are, whether you are true Uther or not. As a church knight, I have to take you back.” Chris looked at Uther and said solemnly.

Uther looked at Chris, and snorted, “Do you think that your choice is correct? Sometimes, people think that they are doing the right thing and dedicating themselves to their beliefs, but they don’t know that, the things that they are doing, in the end, are completely wrong. Faith, sometimes, makes people blind.”

“Faith makes people blindly?” Chris’s eyes flashed when he heard Uther’s words. He felt something in his heart.

Once, there was a saying that once Scarlet Crusade lost their faith, they would degenerate into a bloodthirsty demon. They thought to themselves that they were guarding the light and justice of the world.

“What are you waiting for? Xiao Yu doesn’t think about being able to leave alive. Today, we will settle our account.” Robert came in front of Xiao Yu and said evilly.

As he said that, his eyes which were filled with greed were still moving on the body of Naga and Lin Bixue.

“Do you think I am afraid of you? I don’t know how your mother gave birth to bastard like you…”

Xiao Yu’s mouth was never polite. He knew that one of the biggest weaknesses of Robert was that he could be easily angered by others.

This guy had been spoiled since childhood and no one had insulted him before. Xiao Yu, a master of the abuses (curses), could easily provoke this guy.

“Bastard!!” Sure enough, when Robert heard the insults of Xiao Yu, smoke began to rise from his body as if he was burning (burning in anger).

“Kill him for me. Kill him!!” Roberts yelled wildly.

His subordinates responded immediately and flew up one by one and rushed toward Xiao Yu.

The sixth-order powerhouse named Bron, was a very burly blond man holding a large yellow-coloured hammer in his hand. He slamming it down producing a strong whistling sound, cracks began to spread on the ground.

This hammer even had landslide effect (Enchanted).

“This guy is a fighter of the earth power (system). His hammer is enchanted with landslide effect, increasing his earth power. For him, it is absolutely like a fish in water, so he is really powerful.”

Xiao Yu immediately saw through the power of this Bron.

In addition to Bron, Robert also ordered Orc subordinates to prepare for attack.

After all, the giant orcs were also one of his triumph cards. At this time, he wanted to kill Xiao Yu, no matter what, so he didn’t hold back.

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