World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 426

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Alonso’s wand continued to rotate. The rows and rows of rat monsters were squashed onto ground. However, several rat monsters jumped on him and left several bite marks of his armor.

The teeth of the rat monsters were indeed terrible even strong armors couldn’t resist their teeth.

“What happened? Alonso, how is your mind messed up? With your strength, you shouldn’t let these rats be close to you.” When Chris saw Alonso’s situation, he frowned and scolded.

Chris was once the mentor of Alonso, so any mistakes made by Alonso were clearly seen by him. Chris immediately reprimanded him and did not give any face to him.

Alonso was not angry because of this, because Alonso was very respectful of Chris Mo.

“Ah… Mentor, I was not careful.” Alonso replied quickly.

Chris coldly said: “Yes? Why are your eyes on fake Uther over there? Are you alerting him or caring about him?”

When Alonso heard it, he was shocked because his small movement was noticed by Chris’s eyes

If the Pope knew my current state of mind, I am afraid I would be immediately fired.

He knew that the Pope did not have even slightest affection for them. A person who seems to be gentle, kind and loving, might be actually extremely malevolent and greatly ambitious.

Chris snorted and didn’t say anything more.

Whether Alonso’s expression in his eyes was concerned or vigilant, he naturally distinguished it.

In his heart, even Chris was doubtful about this. He knew Alonso since Alonso’s childhood. Since Alonso cared about that Uther, it showed that Alonso’s faith had already wavered.

What kind of power Uther has to make Alonso who had been loyal to the Pope care for him? There were only two possibilities. First, Alonso had been cursed by black magic like charm that confuses the mind. The second possibility, that was, this Uther was the true Uther.

What was the real reason?

In fact, Chris has the same feeling, but he did not want to believe that it is true.

If it’s true, then it means that the Pope whom he had followed from childhood, the hero that he once worshipped, had lied to him and ordered them to kill the god of the bright church, Uther.

What was the problem?

Why is it like this?


Originally, their beliefs were very firm toward the church and pope, but now, the situation was different.

They were standing on crossroad. It was hardest time for them to decide.

Thinking of this, Chris Mo’s heart was shocked, why did he have this idea? Didn’t this mean that he had also admitted that this Uther was true one?

Chris broke out into cold sweat; he had not this feeling for many years.

However, when Chris Mo’s eyes landed on Uther, his heart involuntarily thought “If this Uther was true one then, wasn’t killing him would be blasphemy?”

If… If this Uther really died, then…

Then the pope would become a new god!

This caused his beliefs to be shaken.

Chris seemed to have understand something, but it was still difficult to decide. He doesn’t know how to choose, how to face everything today.

“You are a qualified Paladin.” At this time, Chris praised Alonso in his heart.

Am I a qualified Paladin?

Chris believed that he had been adhering to all the rules (principles) of the Paladin in his years as a paladin, honour, etiquette, humility, perseverance, loyalty, pride, piety…

There had never been a violation, so his heart was very pure, very tenacious, not moved by foreign objects and any unnecessary thought could not contaminate him and tarnish his soul.

Once, he also faced countless temptations, beauty, money, power, but his mind never wavered.

The most important thing in his heart was the Paladin’s belief, the Paladin’s spirit. The other things were only foreign objects and couldn’t affect him at all.

He remembered that once, a wealthy merchant offered him beauties, wealth and property, and hoped that Chris could spare him once.

However, he still resolutely decided to cut down the head of the wealthy merchant because the rich businessman had solicited many people who worked hard for him causing many people to suffer from hunger and death.

He distributed the wealthy merchant’s property and relieved many homeless people.

Later, the bishop was murdered. He chose to pledge his loyalty to the new generation of popes and continued to carry forward the spirit of the Church of Light and let Uther’s light illuminate every corner of the earth.

He had gone through countless places, doing perseverance, and supporting the world. Once upon a time, there was a title of a masked light messenger on the mainland. No one knew that person was him.

He spread the teachings of the bright church to every place he walked through. He rescued the vulnerable people, punishes the wicked once. He did not even hesitate to take risks for helping some civilians who were strangers to him.

Because of this, he had high prestige in the church.

When Uther saw him and said that you are a qualified Paladin. In fact, what he asked for all these years was just this sentence.

He did not want to be worshiped by populous. What he asked for was that everyone who saw him could have such an evaluation for him. You are a qualified knight.

This was the belief of his life.

But now, this belief seems to be in crisis.

Originally, Chris Moo was almost 100% sure that Uther on Xiao Yu’s side was fake. After all, the god of the bright church should naturally appear in the bright church, the other Uther were certainly fake. However, when he saw Uther first time, his thought changed.

What should I do?

At this time, a golden light flashed and Naga’s body broke out in strong momentum. Her body seemed to have become bigger in a flash but quickly shrank back to Original size.

At this time, the Naga seemed to have become a different person. There has been a fundamental change in terms of temperament.

Especially the face of Naga, at this moment, has become softer.

In the past, Naga’s face was beautiful but it was more like a doll face, and now, it has become more charming.

In particular, her long hair looked like a long falling river. Although the lower part of Naga is a snake, it looked a little strange, but the soft body was more of a primitive desire.

Whether it was people from Bright Church’s side or Kennedy family’s side, many people were directly enchanted by Naga’s appearance.

Too fascinating! This was definitely not a worldly appearance.

Especially the Robert who was looking at the Naga was now salivating. Robert had seen countless beautiful women, but this kind of beauty was really first.

“How come… How can there be such a peerless beauty in the world? No, I must bring this snake woman over and make her my slave.”

In contrast, the soldiers on the side of Xiao Yu have no feelings, because there are soldiers of all races in Xiao Yu’s army. In their view, Naga has nothing special. She was like an orc for them.

When Xiao Yu saw this, he was overjoyed. After so many battles, Naga finally upgraded and reached level 40.

Now, Xiao Yu’s all heroes have reached the fifth stage.

Naga now seems to be just out of hot water, her whole body had faint red rue on it.

In fact, when Xiao Yu saw Naga at the first time, his mind did flash a few embarrassing thoughts. When a normal man saw Naga, he basically had this impulse. If there isn’t one, it means that that man is definitely not normal.

Naga herself was very happy. Facing the rats from all sides, her hairs were like fine (small) snakes. After these fine snakes stretched out, they spurt a thin silver light from each of them. Like a fine needle, they stabbed rat’s body, and immediately darted them to ground.

“This move of Naga is defiantly abnormal.” Xiao Yu was satisfied with this skill of Naga.

It seems that this was a group attack skill but if the power of this skill was concentrated on one person, it was an absolutely powerful move.

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