World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 425

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Xiao Yu and the Kennedy family are indeed old acquaintances. After their first meeting, they formed an indissoluble bond.

Unexpectedly, he was able to meet them here. The world is really small. Xiao Yu suddenly burst into joy because he had finally found a scapegoat.

At this time, pulling people of Kennedy family into the muddy water was the best choice.

Rats quickly rushed over, Xiao Yu did not even blink and waved his sword downward, cutting off the mice into pieces.

“Isn’t it just a mouse? Is Laozi (father) still afraid of you?”

Xiao Yu directed the people to retreat in an orderly manner. When he stepped out of the passage, he saw the Robert of the Kennedy family.

Xiao Yu saw Robert and immediately became shocked. He shouted at him: “Hurry! someone is coming, and treasures must not be obtained by others.”

When Robert of the Kennedy family saw Xiao Yu here, he was also taken aback. When he heard Xiao Yu’s shout, his hatred manifested as he screamed, “Hurry! Go ahead and steal his treasure. Today I am going to break this guy down.”

The powerhouses of the Kennedy family shouted loudly and rushed over.

Xiao Yu smiled in his heart; this fool has been fooled again. Xiao Yu could not understand, why would Kennedy family send this fool?

These strong men of the Kennedy family rushed in and instantly filled the entire passage. At this time, Xiao Yu brought out his people.

“If you don’t want to die then run fast. Bunch of idiots!” Xiao Yu shouted at the Kennedy family’s powerhouses.

These powerhouses had originally obtained the orders of Roberts, thinking that there was really something good in there. But when they came in, they saw the rat screaming in the sky and immediately understood that they had been fooled, and quickly tried to retreat.

But could they retreat so easily?

After Xiao Yu rushed out, they retreated to the side of the passage and then formed a formation to resist the rat tides, and once the rats were killed, they saw the people of the Kennedy family.

Robert had thought that this time he could catch Xiao Yu and make him pay.

However, things didn’t go as he thought because rat monsters began to attack them. Since they were not prepared and were caught off guard. Although these rats were not strong but these tides of rats were unending. As the result, his people began to feel tired.

Xiao Yu also deliberately ordered the Druid to use the hurricane to spread fire toward the Kennedy family to make the situation even more chaotic.

Xiao Yu laughed proudly in his heart. After Onslaught, the rats scattered around.

When Xiao Yu saw this, he was greatly relieved. Although he has not left the danger area yet, at least most of the mice had been taken down so the pressure was not so great.

Xiao Yu believed that with his current strength, there should be no problem resisting it.

Just as Xiao Yu heaved a sigh of relief, he heard someone chanting spell.

“Purse these monsters in the name of light.”

The people of the church!

This kind of spell was only used by people in the church.

Xiao Yu turned his head toward another direction and saw some people coming over, one by one wearing red armour and robes. It was indeed a Scarlet crusade.

The people of the church should have come from another direction and want to enter into this hall, but they have not been able to get in and ended up surrounded by these rats.

With the Kennedy family and the church’s people working together, Xiao Yu knew that these rats could not resist anymore. After all, Church has a sixth-order powerhouse.

“Oh, I thought that after all of my heroes reach the fifth level, my strength can be greatly improved, but now it seems that the enemies I am encountering are getting stronger and stronger. Even the sixth-order powerhouses have appeared. ”

Xiao Yu sighed in his heart and wondered how to quickly upgrade several heroes.

Xiao Yu looked at the church again. The sixth-order paladin called Chris had his eyes on Xiao Yu.

To be exact, Chris’s eyes were always on Uther’s body.

Indeed, since the last encounter with Uther, Chris was suspicious about the pope. Although he was very loyal to the Pope, and even worship him. He feels that the Pope was the most powerful person he has ever seen in his life. However, his belief in the Paladin made him loyal to Uther.

After all, that was he believes since childhood.

If the Uther in front me, is true Uther? Then what would I do?

This was also the reason why he directly left last time.

When he came here, he was thinking about directly ambushing Uther. However, they were identified by Xiao Yu beforehand and were forced out. But when he personally saw Uther, and his power of the light, his heart began to waver.

Alonso’s gaze was also on Uther from time to time. He once fought with Uther so he was more convinced of Uther.

Especially after he returned to the church, he deliberately approached the fake Uther several times. Compared with this Uther, it was a completely different feeling.

This made him more determined that this Uther was true.

He was loyal to the Pope and got the task to come and kill Uther. In fact, he came here to protect Uther.

As long as his life is still there, then he will not allow anyone to hurt Uther, including his own boss, the paladin he once worshipped, Chris.

“Damn, from where are these mice coming out? Why are there so many?” Robles shouted loudly at the mouse. He was bitten by the rats many times. The meat on his body was torn off from several places.

He was angry with several bodyguards around him. If he was not in danger, he must have punished these people.

“This time, I can cooperate with the church to deal with Xiao Yu.”

Robert was extremely aloof and arrogant but he was not an idiot. He knew that this time, the cooperating with Church to kill Xiao Yu was a good strategy.

After all, he knew very well that goal of the church was Uther. The last time When Khedira came, he had clearly expressed the intention of the church.

Looking at the little dragon in the crowd who was waving his nunchaku, Roberts gnashed his teeth.

He knew that Xiao Yu’s strength was not weak but if he teamed up with the church then everything would be much easier.

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  1. Hey man, any news on when the chapters will start up again? I started rereading the series when I saw you start posting but you only did a few chapters then stopped :(.

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