World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 424

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After Xiao Yu left the two men, he did not feel relaxed. Instead, he felt like being spied by someone but he couldn’t figure out how.

However, he searched with his Vision technique and asked Tyrande to search with her eagle eye, but found nothing.

“Those two guys must have been cooperating with each other. Those guys are very ruthless. How can they let me go so easily?” Xiao Yu asked himself. But there was no way he could find out what the other party was using to track him.

Just as Xiao Yu was suspecting, a figure appeared in front of him and swiftly passed. This figure saw Xiao Yu, it seems to have paused, but then quickly left.

“Who? It did not look strong, its strength should be less than sixth-order.” Xiao Yu thought to himself. He couldn’t understand why this guy suddenly passed by here.

This guy seemed to be a lone adventurer. With his strength of the fifth-order, he dared to go deep into this place, he was truly courageous.

Just when Xiao Yu was assessing this person, suddenly strange sounds came from the front.

When Xiao Yu heard this sound, his faces turned ugly. He understood why that guy ran so fast because there was something behind him that was chasing after him.

Moreover, the sound was not one or two, but many, at least hundreds of thousands.

“Why am I so unlucky? I encountered this kind of thing here.” Xiao Yu looked at the passages around but did not leave immediately, was there any good thing here?

Now, there were no other forces here to fight for opportunity so how could he give up this opportunity?

He just didn’t know what these things were. Would it be very powerful? If it is as difficult as a Gorloc, it would be troublesome.

Soon, Xiao Yu understood that he didn’t need to think about it anymore because those things were already very close. That guy was alone, so he could escape, but he had so many people, it was difficult to escape now so they could only fight.

Squeak squeak squeak…

Soon, Xiao Yu saw the true face of this group of creatures (beasts), that resembled goblins, but also human form, but with a mouse head, sharp teeth exposed outside, their action was very quick.

“Rat Monsters?” Seeing the beasts, Xiao Yu felt a headache coming. These rat monsters cause much higher damage than some large beasts. After all, Xiao Yu was not afraid because he had a little dragon, Bloodhoof as well as others.

But these beasts were small in size, had agile movements, and their attack was sharp. It was hard to fight them when they were in the group.

However, it was too late to think now. They were just too unlucky to encounter these beasts.

“Let’s fight!” Xiao Yu suddenly snorted.

Since there were so many mice here then there should be treasures.

“Bloodhoof, Grom, use defensive scroll and attract their attention.” Xiao Yu did not hesitate to use good equipment at this time so he immediately took out defensive scrolls obtained from the Gorlocs and passed them to Bloodhoof, Grom and the little dragons to use. In an instant, they got covered by a layer of the magic screen.

At the same time, Xiao Yu took out the mines (Bomb)and prepared them for the bombing. At this time, using such weapon of mass destruction was the best choice.


A series of explosions sounded. These rats were very weak creatures. After being bombed by bombs, they were sent flying.

“Kael attacks them.” Xiao Yu angered Kel’thas. In the current situation, Kael’thas who had long-range magic attacks became the best terminator of the rat.

Kael’thas nodded and didn’t say much. The flames of the storm quickly swept up and burned the mice out.

It was absolutely horrible to be attacked by fifth-order Kael’thas. Moreover, his flame magic has ignition effect. As long as the body began to burn, it will continue to burn and continue to cause damage till it turns into ashes.

Therefore, after the flame storm, the group of the rat was immediately turned into ashes and fire began to spread to other mice, causing an even greater commotion.

Slaughter, through slaughter.

At this time, Naga also began to attack. When dealing with large-beasts, although she had dragon bursting arrows, her strength was not so strong, so the damage was not great, and the experience harvested was not so much. But now the situation was not the same, mice had low defence, they were easy to kill, so it would definitely be rewarding.

As the result, Naga continued to attack, and a large number of rats were nailed to the ground.

Although mice look terrible, they were densely packed, but Xiao Yu’s ability to attack them was very strong so they were not afraid of it. Instead, they were happy to get more experience.

Xiao Yu was satisfied. But it’s a pity that Illidan was now cursed and could not fight.

Now, Illidan had fallen into a coma and was looked after by several Druids.

Xiao Yu did not let Maiev fight but placed her in the back, if rats came from behind, they have to rely on her to kill them.

Maiev’s long-range attack was not very strong, although she had skills like knife fan, but compared to the fire magic of Kael’thas, it was not at that level, so it is more appropriate to hold that position.

However, Xiao Yu’s relaxed expression did not last long. Although they were killing rats quickly, these mice were increasing rapidly in population.

“Why this place has so many mice?” Looking at the mice, Xiao Yu felt numb in his heart.

However, the number of wounded people was getting more and more, and the front line was constantly retreating. Although the little dragon, the bloodhoof and the Grom were in the front, they have the protection of the defensive scrolls. But they could not handle so many mice.

Xiao Yu was commanding the troops for a safe retreat.


Xiao Yu didn’t remember how many magic bombs he had thrown. He didn’t know how many thousands of rats were killed, but their number had still not decreased.

They have gradually begun to withdraw from this passage and reached the inner hall. They needed reinforcement, if not then they would be surrounded by mice.

However, at this time, Celia returned quickly and said: “I have found an army. They are coming to this way.”

“Oh? Do we know them?” Xiao Yu immediately said happily.

“Yes! They are very familiar.” Celia said with certainty.

“Very familiar? Who? You will not say that Nikola and Leonardo are both back?” Xiao Yu really couldn’t think of anyone familiar.

“No.” Celia shook her head.

“Is that the church?” Xiao Yu and the church are relatively familiar. After all, there is a direct confrontation.

“Not at all.” Celia still shook her head.

“Who is that?” Xiao Yu asked in amazement.

“The Kennedy family!” Celia said faintly.


Xiao Yu was dumbfounded.

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