World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 423

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When Illidan and Maiev saw it, they were also shocked and speechless. This place held special meaning for both of them.

Illidan was on the back of the Bloodhoof, frowning in pain, but at this time, he seemed to have forgotten the curse and pain.

Here, it was once the place he occupied, and it was also the place where he and Maiev fought.

How come? How could it be?

The whole city was constantly shaking, splitting, and this process has gone through more than ten minutes, and many people had fallen into the cracks created by the huge energy because they have no time to dodge.

Xiao Yu was lucky enough to find a high ground at the beginning, not being swallowed up by those cracks. However, it does not mean that they were safe now.

Now, everyone was watching this huge temple, and their heart was filled with fear. It seemed that it contains strange and huge energy that was enough to make their hairs stand.

Xiao Yu looked at the Black temple. Although it was not the same as before, he still recognized its general structure.

Why is Gul’dan’s skull appearing here? Xiao Yu did not know but this place had also been associated with Gul’dan, and Gul’dan’s skull appeared here, and there was nothing strange.

The Black Temple was originally belonged to the Draenei. Later the orcs and the abyss lords encroached here, and the original Draenei were removed.

Later, Illidan came here again. He led Kael’thas, Wasi Qi and others, and drove away orcs and abyss lords out of the Black temple and became the new master of the temple.

Wasi Qi was the current Naga.

Therefore, this temple was related to several heroes under Xiao Yu’s control.

Xiao Yu did not think of this possibility.


It seemed to be the last sound. The whole temple has been fixed. Everything seems to be settled. However, it was silent and terrible. It seemed that there were countless dangers hidden here.

“I have come here. If I can’t get the most benefit, then I will regret it. This is the place of Laozi.”

What benefits could be gained here? Xiao Yu was pondering whether things in the game could exist here.

“What should I do now?” Leonardo who looked at this incredible scene and couldn’t speak for a long time, finally, muttered to himself.

Nicholas also said helplessly: “This is completely out of our expectation. Who has thought that there is such a powerful formation here that could emerge city? However, the situation has become even more dangerous. We have to be more careful.”

“Although it is more dangerous here, it is obvious that it is the real beginning. The formation just now should have triggered some mechanism so skull of Gul’dan is likely to come out. It’s time for action.” Xiao Yu laughed and said.

Seeing the calm expression of Xiao Yu, Nicholas’s eyes flashed with a strange glow. Does he have more understanding of this place?

He couldn’t possibly think that Xiao Yu had come from another world, and Black temple was once the place where Xiao Yu had passed through countless times.

“What Xiao Yu said is correct. Now that city has emerged, the skull of Gul’dan was definitely going to appear. It is the real test for us. Now, what do we do? Is it to explore together or separately? This place is very big. If we explored together, we may waste time. I mean, it’s not as good as if we explored separately. We can find skull quickly before anyone else. If anyone finds it, he has to immediately notify others. We will work together and finally will distribute it among ourselves.” Nicholas looked at Xiao Yu and Leonardo, and said.

Xiao Yu said indifferently: “It’s okay.”

Leonardo looked at Xiao Yu and said faintly: “Good! After all, this place has powerful forces such as the church. If we want to get the skull of Gul’dan, cooperation is a good choice.”

“Well, then, if that’s the case, let’s separate here, and I will move forward. You two are free to choose.” After that, Nicholas took his men and went forward.

When Xiao Yu saw this, he took a look at Leonardo but did not say anything. He waved his hand and took his people away.

However, shortly after Xiao Yu’s departure, Nicholas, who had already left, came back.

Nicholas and Leonardo glanced at each other and said faintly: “Xiao Yu is weird.  He seems to be familiar with this place.”

“Yes, this guy must know something. Hey, to be honest, with two of us together, we can definitely find the skull of Gul’dan.” Leonardo looked at Xiao Yu’s direction and gnashed his teeth.

Nicholas smiled and said: “You are not Xiao Yu’s opponent. In front of Xiao Yu, your heart is chaotic. In this case, how can you beat him? To defeat him, you have to be more firm.”

Leonardo listened to Nikola’s words and nodded, but did not say much.

“You have left something (tracking skill/artefact) on him, right?” After a while, Leonardo suddenly said.

“Of course, otherwise, how can I let him leave alone? He maybe knows some secrets about this ancient city.” Nicholas’s eyes narrowed into the slit.

Nicholas was constantly planning how to kill Xiao Yu. This time, in any case, He could not let Xiao Yu leave this place alive. Otherwise, in the future, if Xiao Yu really developed, he would be a great threat to him.

Enemies must not be underestimated. Although he was confident that he would become the god of this world, but if he took his enemies lightly, it will make him fall into ruin.

“This thing is a kind of tracking pearl that our family has passed down. It is usually rare to use it once. This Xiao Yu, even if it is savvy, will not notice the mark that I have left on him. With this thing, we can see his every move.” Nicholas looked at the crystal ball and said.

Leonardo showed a smug smile on his face.

Two outstanding young people smiled and walked toward the inside.

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