World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 422

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“What do you say? You mean that our people have entered here beforehand and then stole the treasures inside? Leonardo, you tell them whether you sent someone to sneak in. I know that you have several powerful assassins, but I believe you that you will definitely not do such a thing. Although I am disgusted with your personal character, in the end, we are a team, I am definitely standing on your side.” Xiao Yu was deliberately making things difficult for Leonardo, after all, he wanted to divert everyone’s attention.

Leonardo was angered to the extreme. It is obvious that you are setting me up. Isn’t it too damn wicked?

Xiao Yu was successful in his attempt, and now that Augustine Patton really turned his attention to Leonardo.

“Okay! Okay!” Nicholas hurried to settle the situation and said: “This is definitely a misunderstanding. I might not be necessarily correct. Since this matter is over, then let’s leave. After all, looking for Gul’ dan’s skull is the most important thing. If we continued to argue over this little profit and Gul’dan’s skull was taken by others, it will not worth the loss.”

Hearing what Nicholas said, Leonardo heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Xiao Yu with an ugly look. He kept planning how to return the favor to Xiao Yu.

He couldn’t understand why a big beauty like Lin Bingxue would like such a rogue? Watching Lin Yuxue’s gentle eyes toward Xiao Yu, he really didn’t understand what this hooligan has to give to Lin Bingxue.

The Augustine left the cave with the depressed look but he could only swallow his voice. Against this three-party force, he stood no chance.

“Everyone, I will not bother you anymore, I am leaving now. I wish all of you good luck.” Augustine was very firm. After directly speaking a set of words, he take away his people.

After Augustine left, Nicholas looked at Xiao Yu and said with a smile. “Xiao Yu, what did you find out? Now the outsider has gone so don’t hide it anymore. If it is a good thing, I am willing to pay a big price to buy for it.”

Xiao Yu immediately interjected him and said, “What do you mean by this? Don’t forget, your assassin was not on the scene, wasn’t it possible that you are the one who stole the treasures?”

Xiao Yu’s remarks were not entirely unreasonable.

When they were fighting, the assassins were naturally hidden in the dark, waiting for opportunities. However, those assassins did not have the invisibly so it was difficult to enter the cave without noticed by anymore.

Maiev had this special ability so she entered straight in so no one noticed anything wrong. With the hooligan character of Xiao Yu, how could he let others get more benefits?

Nicholas grinned, he really didn’t know what could he say to Xiao Yu with latter’s rotten character. However, he was not a sour loser, he was not very concerned about this kind of small matter. His goal was ultimately to get Gul’dan skull.

Leonardo took a sigh of relief, and now he was too lazy to care about Xiao Yu, and he was finding an opportunity to finish off Xiao Yu.

As a result, everyone continued to move forward. At this time, Xiao Yu discovered that Illidan’s illness seemed to be getting serious and serious. His body often trembled.

Xiao Yu suddenly felt helpless and could not understand what happened to Illidan.

Who was it? Why did it cast such magic on Illidan? Illidan was already in the fifth order, and that person could curse him so easily unless it had reached the sixth order.

But were there so many sixth orders in this world? No.

By the way, that Augustus, the orc warlock, if it was him, it was really possible.

After all, the Warlocks were renown for their curses. Xiao Yu had no way to lift it so he was helpless. Looking at Illidan like this, he was also very anxious.

Illidan itself was a demon so he had a certain immunity to the curse, but it’s still in this condition. If someone else was cursed, then what would have happened?

But it was also strange, why did Illidan got cursed instead of anyone else? After all, if someone else got cursed then result would definitely be better.

Xiao Yu felt like he seemed to have missed something, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. It seemed that the answer was in front of him, but it was covered by a thin veil, and couldn’t be seen.

The team went forward and found many adventurers. This time, because of Gul’dan’s skull, the adventurers came in groups. Although the deaths and injuries were heavy, everyone followed suit and many people came in.

In particular, some powerful trade unions on the mainland, and the territorial powers would not let go of this opportunity.

However, in this ancient city, it was still not so easy to find treasures. There were various kinds of beasts and traps in it. For example, the strange creature like the demon vine was simply everywhere.

However, risks and opportunities come together.

This place had various kinds of heaven and earth treasures even some good equipment that had survived the wrath of time. If a person could get even one then it was quite worthwhile.

Xiao Yu felt a bit strange. Since the mysterious warlock was living here, why didn’t he send people to collect these things at the beginning but waited for these adventurers to come and take them?

According to Xiao Yu’s estimation, there is only one possibility. That was, the warlock Augustus had not come here before and was only able to come here recently.

It seemed that there were many secrets in this ancient city.

Augustus once said that Gul’dan was coming back. Was it really possible to do this? You know, Gul’dan has been dead for a long time, how could he be resurrected.

Even if it was a resurrection, it could only be a few remnants. His body parts might have attached themselves to other beats and forming a new kind of creature.

It was as if the original Alsace and Ner’zhul merged into a new Lich King.

At that time, that Gul’dan might no longer be an original Gul’dan, but maybe something else.

“What happened?” just as everyone went forward to see the situation. Suddenly the entire ancient city began to tremble with a loud noise.

Everyone was shocked and squatted on the ground, watching the sky in horror.

In the sky, a huge blurry shadow was flying over, and the shadow looked like a human figure but it was not exactly like it.

“Hurry and see.” Nicholas immediately rushed forward with people.

Xiao Yu was naturally unwilling to lag behind, waved his hand and took his subordinates.

Xiao Yu’s DragonHawk who already flown in the sky were the first to detect what was going on. When the huge phantom flashed past, the DragonHawk and the Griffins were scared and almost fell from the sky.


At this time, the entire ancient city began to tremble again as if the entire ancient city was going to split apart.

And when they quickly ran to a high point, they found that the ancient city did seem to be cracking.


Inside of the gully (cracks), a huge amount of energy was erupting out.

The entire ancient city seemed to be experiencing a huge change. It makes people feel like that under their feet was powerful formation, they were like a small ant and could not fight against it.

At this time, the Griffin Knight and the DragonHawk fell sharply from the sky, seemingly attracted by the tremendous power, and could not fly at all.

Many of the walls fell, and then there were many places that rose, and then the whole city was completely unrecognizable and no longer what it used to be.

“What kind of powerful array can support such a city?” A magician under Leonardo said with amazement.

“It seems that the ancient city we just saw was just an outskirt of the real city. The real ancient city is underground and it was going to emerge.” Nicholas looked shocked at this time.

When he first came in, he has no feeling. Now the ancient city has begun to reorganize. Many places have emerged from the ground. Xiao Yu felt that he was very familiar with it.

Soon, Xiao Yu found several buildings and finally recognized them.

“The Black Temple! It’s Black Temple!” Xiao Yu suddenly yelled in his mind.

Note: I have tried to find the correct name of Temple. In the end, I found nothing.

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