World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 421

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The body of the Scarlet Cloud Wolf had been divided. Regardless of whether the four were satisfied or dissatisfied, they could only accept this result.

Everyone was from a big force or family, for retaining everyone’s face, Nicholas had suggested a good plan. Now if someone tried to trouble at this time, then he must be brainless!

Nicholas’s eyes were sharp. He had already seen the cave behind the Scarlet Cloud Wolf, if nor for Xiao Yu, he would try to send people before to steal the treasure.

“Hey, there is a cave behind Scarlet Cloud Wolf! There might be treasures inside. If there is, we might as well go in and see! Hehe.” Nicholas said with a smile.

“There are treasures? Let’s go! Let’s go and see!” Xiao Yu was shocked. He tilted his head as he said. He led his people as he rushed ahead.

Xiao Yu’s heart was full of sorrows. When are these bastards going in right now? Maiev has not come out yet!

“Maiev! Maiev, what are you doing inside the cave? Why don’t you take advantage of time bought by me to retreat?” Xiao Yu was very anxious. People had already started to go inside.

At this time, Maiev was still picking up the lotuses. When she heard Xiao Yu’s loud voice and her body shook. She got nervous and didn’t know where to hide. Although she could be invisible, she did not think she could escape eyes of everyone’s eyes.

She naturally knew that if she was discovered by others, then Xiao Yu would certainly waste a lot of tricks and brain cells to defend her.

However, when Maiev picked the lotus, she clearly felt the importance of this thing. She also knew why the Scarlet Cloud Wolf did not leave this but chose to be dead.

As long as you could get the lotus, as well as their roots, and find an alchemy master, you could definitely make a good thing (pill) to enhance strength.

This kind of thing could greatly enhance the strength in a short period of time; Xiao Yu was lacking it most. If Xiao Yu knew this, he would definitely raise his hands to agree with her decision!

Therefore, Maiev had to harvest all the lotuses and then find a place to hide, wait for them to come in and then join the team.

As for whether she would be discovered, it could only be resigned on fate.

Listening the sound of footsteps that were getting closer and closer, Maiev rushed to keep everything, and then removed all traces of her footprints, and finally found a dark corner to hide.

The place where Maiev hide was near the entrance to the passage where the small pool was located.

In addition, Xiao Yu said that he wants to go in first, so as long as Maiev appeared at the right time, she could mix into the team.

“Oh, how is it so dark here! Really, let’s go, let’s go in and see treasure!” said Xiao Yu.

“Rare and strange!” Leonardo muttered with disdain. Watching Xiao Yu acting like this was very annoying!

Although Nicholas did not speak, he felt that Xiao Yu’s behaviour was somewhat weird. After all, Xiao Yu had encountered similar situations before, but he did not show such intense reaction!

His pair of eyes carefully observed everything around him, even if it was tiny dust, he would not let go!

The hidden position of Maiev was quickly passed. In the dark, no one can discover the stealth skills of the night elves!

After successful hiding, Maiev calculated when it was appropriate time to reappear in the ranks.

When Xiao Yu, who was walking in the front, saw that the things in the small pool were gone, his corners of mouth curled upward slightly, and then he shouted loudly: “Oh, look! There is a small pool here! Maybe we can get treasure from it!”

With the sound of Xiao Yu, everyone’s footsteps accelerated, and Nicholas was the same, but his eyes were always paying attention to the area behind him because he felt a presence in that position. Very faint breath, but the breath was not recognizable.

“Hey!” Maiev used this opportunity provided by Xiao Yu and easily returned to the team.

After Maiev took off his space ring, she quietly placed it in Tyrande’s hands. Because both of them were from night elves race, the trust between them was quite good!

Tyrande was shocked when the corner of her eye saw the emergence of Maiev but soon she understood everything and also got the reason behind Xiao Yu’s unnatural behaviour.

Xiao Yu, Nicholas, Leonardo and Augustine were all powerful and arrogant. Xiao Yu wouldn’t react so intensely a while ago without reason.

“Oh, this is weird. It just seems to have seen a figure flashing over. What is it?” Nicholas asked curiously, but not many people noticed that he was speaking the truth.

“Shadow? Where is it? I look at it! Who is it?? It dare to come here before me, do you think that Laozi does not exist?” Xiao Yu immediately screamed loudly, trying to divert Nicholas’s attention.

“Nicholas, are you not mistaken? Block the entrance of the cave so that no one can leave the cave!” Leonardo was also very smart. He had blocked the entrance of the cave, not allowing any person to flee.

“Is it still useful now? If he has mixed into the team, then I am afraid that it is not so easy to find!” said Augustine Patton.

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