World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 420

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“Oh, Nicholas, What are you worrying about? We just have to manage our own people!” Leonardo said with a smile, he didn’t want to say more. What, he just needs to remind Nicholas that their goal was the skull. As for these little things, there was no need to pay that much heed.

Nicholas loosened his shoulders and said nothing more. Why worry about others? As Leonardo said, do your own thing.

After a burst of pain, the body of the Scarlet Cloud Wolf shuddered and could not hold on anymore after getting hit by dragon bursting arrow.


The red cloud wolf screamed and finally fell down.

The Scarlet Cloud Wolf finally died, with his depression and uneasiness. It became the spoils of war for the two forces.

When everyone was paying attention to fallen Scarlet Cloud wolf, a vague figure flashed into the cave, naturally, it was Maiev who was sent out by Xiao Yu!

After Maiev got the order, she quietly hid and took advantage of the opportunity when everyone was paying attention to fight, to get little closer to the cave.

However, in the end, because the alertness of the Scarlet Cloud Wolf was too strong, Maiev had no chance to enter into the cave.

Therefore, Maiev had been waiting for the right opportunity. When Scarlet Cloud Wolf died, Maiev quietly entered inside.

After entering it, Maiev careful probed entire area.

It was dark inside the cave, and only the end of the cave had a little bit of light. It seemed that there was a light source there.

Maiev was hidden in the darkness and cautiously proceed ahead.

It’s not strange that Maiev was careful. According to Xiao Yu’s instructions, keeping her life (being alive) was her first priority. Even if the mission failed, it didn’t matter.

Finally reaching the light source and glancing at it, Ma Wei’s eyes instantly widened.

There was nothing else in front of you. It was a small pool. There was a cluster of lotus in the middle of the pool. A total of 34 lotuses has there.

“This is what Master wants!” Ma Wei nodded secretly, and the speed of the body movement was accelerated.

The small pool was not big, only three steps long and two steps wide, the water depth was unknown, the lotuses floating on the water were exuding a faint fragrance.

Maiev looked around and found no special thing, so she took out the jade box and began collecting the lotuses.

At the same time, outside the cave, the Quartet (Xiao Yu, Augustine, Leonardo, and Nicholas) was beginning to argue on how the spoils should be distributed.

“Cough, this last arrow is shot by my people! That is to say, the Scarlet Cloud Wolf was killed by my people!” Xiao Yu coughed and said. He was not willing to let go of such a good opportunity. After all, he has already noticed that Maiev had entered the cave. So he had to stall for time until Maiev comes out.

“What do you mean? Do you want to say that all of it belongs to you?” Leonardo immediately disagreed. He wanted to argue back but he knew it was pointless since Xiao Yu didn’t care about his image. He would only get insulted in return.

Seeing that two people are about to fight, Nicholas naturally couldn’t let it happen. He said in a hurry: “Okay! Ok! We are a team! Don’t be embarrassed. Really, there are not outsiders. Do we have to pay attention to our image as a whole?”

Nicholas’s words stopped the argument between both in time. Nicholas went on saying “Everyone! How about we distribute spoils according to the contribution made by us? Whoever has contributed more, will get more loot, how about it?”

Contribution? How much would this corpse of a Scarlet cloud wolf worth? At most, it was 2 million gold coins! if the luck was not good, at least 1 million gold coins could easily be obtained!

“I don’t have any opinions! Anyway, this Scarlet cloud wolf was killed by my people! I want to inform you all, this Father just threw a lot of bombs, and those bombs are worth one hundred thousand gold coins!” Xiao Yu wanted to use language to confuse them.

It was a pity that they were all savvy (experienced)masters!

“As you know, before you come, the people of my Augustine family have been working hard to kill the Scarlet Cloud Wolf!” Augustine was very anxious. What the hell. You just appeared from nowhere and now you want to grab my spoils.

“Augustine, my expenses are biggest. Do you know the value of this magic iron bomb? How many people in the world can refine it? This beast caused me to consume so many bombs. Do you want to say that I can’t recover back my cost?” Xiao Yu said with a carefree face. Naturally one, who has more power, would get more things.

“Oh, Lord Xiao Yu, I am afraid that without the efforts of my Augustin family, you can’t do it so easily? Hey! Can you be a kind person? I deserve it!” Augustin said coldly, apparently irritated by Xiao Yu’s words.

Xiao Yu was quite angry, and this guy dares to talk to himself so much and don’t give him face!

Faces of Nicholas and Leonardo were not so good. After all, they were a team. Augustine was treating Xiao Yu like this. Wasn’t it same treating them like this?

“If this father wants to swallow this thing alone, then you, Augustine Patton, have any way to stop me? Just rely on your man?” Xiao Yu said quite impatiently.

Augustin became silent, as Xiao Yu said, and his people were probably not enough to match them! Although he had powerhouse who was close to the sixth order, what could he do? The main force of Xiao Yu basically consisted of fifth-order powerhouses. If everyone teamed up against the peak fifth-order powerhouse, and then he would be done for!

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