World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 419

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“Oh, I am fine! Do you have anything to say? I am busy!” Augustine Patton said with a smile, but his eyes gradually became cold. He had to find a way to get rid of these problems, otherwise, he would be robbed. Wouldn’t his treasure be handed over?

Leonardo coughed softly and said, “What are you busy with? we can help out!”

As soon as this was said, the face of Augustine Patton immediately became dark. How could he not understand the meaning of Leonardo? It’s just that he didn’t know how these people found him, and whether they already knew what their true purpose was.

“Oh, I don’t think I need this. Although Augustine family is weak but dealing with a fifth-order Scarlet cloud wolf, was not a difficult thing.” Augustin Patton said with a smile, he wanted to ignore this Leonardo.

“Hey, Augustine Patton, right? I will tell you directly! The two of them are trying to help you and kill this Scarlet cloud wolf. Then, we will move on, that’s it. Simple! Look, are you going to give up such a good helper?” Xiao Yu smiled and joined the conversation since now was a good opportunity!

After that, Xiao Yu let Maiev hide her body, and quietly enter the cave, bringing the treasure!

Maiev nodded, and her body slowly retreated backwards. After blending in the crowd, her figure blurred. She walked toward the cave.

“Oh, isn’t this lord Xiao Yu? Oh, I really didn’t think that the masters of big forces have the interest in bullying our little force!” Augustin Patton said.

Xiao Yu embarrassedly waved his hand and said: “Oh, you don’t want to say this! You have to know that we all have their own difficulties!”

Nicholas and Leonardo forcibly resisted the desire to laugh, and coughed softly, finally resisted their urge to laugh.

Augustine Patton was speechless. How could there be such a shameless person in this world? And this kind of person was even a powerful lord!

“Oh, Xiao Yu lord can really talk. Hey, look, our small family, rely on the mines to make some wealth! Let’s just eat and drink, there is nothing else to say!” Augustin Patton said with a smile, his face full of piety and humility as if he was really a small existence.

However, the three people in front of them were not so easy to be fooled. Xiao Yu didn’t even show the slightest change in expression and acted as if nothing had happened.

Augustine Patton was so angry that he almost puked blood. He didn’t know what kind of bad luck he had to meet these three people together. If he encountered only one, and then he could still get a lot of benefits, but now? If he really let them got involved, what would he get? Even getting little soup was considered good!

With a slight sigh in the heart, Augustin Patton smiled and said: “Do you want to continue watching or want to help?”

Xiao Yu’s face is the still same. He said with a laugh: “Haha, okay! Since you are so generous, then I will not be polite to you! Rest assured, you will also get the benefit!”

Nicholas smiled a little and nodded. He agreed. In fact, they really didn’t care about the beast. Although its strength was good, it still could not enter his eyes!

“Oh! That’s good! That’s good! Let’s finish off this Scarlet cloud wolf!” Augustin Patton smiled, but his heart was bleeding inside.

The three men were unassuming, and they commanded some of the less powerful people to work.

This was a good opportunity to train these novices. Xiao Yu directly let Naga enter into battle. First-hand experience!

With these three powerful forces being united, they could bully almost anyone. Anyway, it’s natural to bully people here, where powerful prey on weak.

Naga took out an arrow and then an arrow. Every arrow hit at the single point of Scarlet Cloud Wolf. Even if you have a thicker hide, it’s still useless. if you got stuck in the same place again and again, then you are defiantly finished.

The speed of the Scarlet Cloud Wolf was very fast. It was agile during his movements. A figure appeared beside a warrior. Then a huge claw descended with fierce momentum and hit his cheek. Thus man was sent flying by it.

“Good guy, this Scarlet cloud wolf is really something! Its strength is also good! Looks like, letting Naga grind the battle experience is a good decision!” Xiao Yu thought himself. His biggest purpose now was to let Naga seize this opportunity to upgrade, as long as she entered the 40th level, then everything would be fine.

“Naga! You have to hurry up! Look, isn’t its chin fragile? What are you waiting for?” Xiao Yu finally couldn’t take it and said. Xiao Yu was quite sinister, basically, nothing could hide from his eyes.

Naga nodded and took a deep breath. An arrow released from the bow and its target was Scarlet Cloud Wolf.

“Hey!” The red cloud wolf screamed, again and again, this place was its real weakness! If it got seriously damaged, then Scarlet Cloud Wolf’s attack power would be greatly reduced.

As the saying goes, the wolf is the copper-tailed tofu waist, but once the strength reaches a certain level, the weakness between the waist and the abdomen can basically be ignored.

In fact, this weakness of the Scarlet Cloud Wolf was very hidden. The average person had no way to detect it. After all, the wolf’s mouth was a considered as their attack weapon. Who could think that its weakness was there?

Originally, Xiao Yu did not find it. Under careful observation, he found that before the attack of the Scarlet cloud Wolf, especially when it bites with its mouth, white hairs on its cheek shook in a strange manner. The white hair shook not because of body movement, but because of special reason.

It was like the ability to gather energy before each attack.

The arrow of Naga hit the chin, which was like a boulder thrown into the calm lake. The energies within Scarlet Cloud Wolf had thrown into disorder!

The Scarlet Cloud Wolf screamed, and its body trembled again and again.

The blood flowed out.

“Damn! Damn! You despicable human!” The Scarlet Cloud Wolf slammed out, and the ground trembled with it.

“You stinky dog, cut the crap. Naga shut its mouth for me!” said Xiao Yu; the mouth of the Scarlet Cloud Wolf was really quite stinky!

Naga immediately nodded with her mouth curled upward, the arrows shot out and its target was the chin of the Scarlet Cloud Wolf!

“Good! Good! Continue!” cheered Xiao Yu. Scarlet Cloud Wolf moved very fast, but Naga’s accuracy was actually freighting, and she even had the ability to predict!

This was the most important quality that an archer should have!

Precision, predict, strength, and rate of fire! Naga have all of them! Its body moved and evaded all of these attacks.

“Hey! I don’t believe you can evade all my attacks! Just look! How will I shoot you to death?” When Naga saw that her attack was evaded so easily, fury began to ignite in her heart. Naga wanted to show his strongest side so that she could be recognized by everyone.

“Hey! Can you be a little faster? I am here, waiting for treasure!” Xiao Yu said lazily.

“Xiao Yu, can’t you let them do it slowly? Oh, don’t you want to take a break?” Nicholas frowned because of Xiao Yu’s bad attitude.

After all, all of them were from big families. No matter what happens, they must act like a nobleman. Don’t worry, don’t panic, be polite.

“Relax? Rest? How can you say this? How can we have time to rest? This is lost ancient city which contains a lot of treasure, shouldn’t we hurry? Men of the bright church were already ahead of us so we must save time!” Said Xiao Yu.

Anyway, with this battle, Xiao Yu was able to determine that fighting power of Naga was quite strong.

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