World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 418

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The monster began to scream, in front of everyone’s attack, it was obviously hurt. Just now it hid and sneaked into the crowd from the ground so that everyone couldn’t identify it.

But now, since it had already revealed, although it (monster) was difficult to deal with which one among them was weak?

The forces of the three parties, no matter where they were placed, were peak armies. In order to obtain the maximum benefit, they were temporarily united.

This team had killed even the Gorloc leader who had reached the peak of sixth-order, and even the doomsday messengers had been beaten up. Were they afraid of this monster that did not reach the sixth-order?

Even a magician could destroy one of its tentacles. Especially the warriors, wielding weapons, rushed forward, slashed on monster’s tentacles.

The Bloodhoof’s axe slashed again and again and cut down numerous vines. Relas had not shot at all. At his level of power, he had no interest in shooting, and other magicians were enough.

Sure enough, after a long battle, they finally cleared these vines. Everyone waited for a while, but they didn’t find other vines. Now with this experience, they did not care about it.

Xiao Yu’s people who went to find traces of church came back but they did not bring back any good news. They found nothing.

“Okay!. Where are the church’s people going? If I can’t find them then it doesn’t matter” Xiao Yu muttered in a low voice. In fact, Xiao Yu was clear that their main purpose was to find trouble with him, oh, no, exactly to find trouble with Uther.

It didn’t take long for Nicholas and Leonardo’s men to come back, and Leonardo’s soldier brought back a good news.

“Commander! We found a group of people who were killing a beast!” One person hurriedly said.

When Leonardo heard it, he was happy. Your people didn’t bring back any news. Only my soldier brought back, hehe…

“Speak! Who are they? What kind of beast are they killing?” Leonardo asked, with his eyes on Nicholas and Xiao Yu.

“Commander! We found that the people belonged to Augustine family! They are killing an adult Scarlet Cloud Wolf!” The man hurriedly said, as if he explained slowly, he would make his Commander angry.

Augustine? Scarlet Cloud Wolf?

“Oh, looks like, they have encountered a good opportunity. It seems that we are going to get a piece of it!” Xiao Yuxi said with a smile.

Leonardo snorted disdainfully and waved his hand indicating his soldier to go.

“Nicholas, let’s go?” Leonardo didn’t look at Xiao Yu and said directly to Nicholas. Anyway, they had already arrived here. As for whether there was any danger, it would depend on their luck.

Nicholas smiled and looked at the two men and said: “Let’s have a competition between two of you. What about you two fight the beast and the one who kills it first will be the winner? I, Nicholas become a referee! Hahaha!”

Leonardo didn’t say anything more and started to count his own people to move forward.

Xiao Yu caught Nicholas’ words and said with a smile: “Nicholas, you are not right! What do you mean? Do you want to watch as we fight? You are really something!”

Leonardo immediately understood the matter. Wasn’t it simple? If Leonardo and Xiao Yu fought, and someone among them emerged victories, then what? Wouldn’t Nicholas be getting the reward without even fighting?

“Hey, Xiao Yu, you can’t say that! I am doing it for you! Well, don’t talk nonsense, we still have to hurry and see what’s there!” Nicholas began to shift the topic. He doesn’t want to linger on this topic anymore.

Leonardo and Xiao Yu also agreed at the same time. Why bother to waste time now?

“Hey, my wife! Tell me how we sleep tonight? It’s so cold so let me sleep while holding you! So we can be warm, um, at the same time, I can protect you!” Xiao Yu deliberately said in a loud voice so that Nicholas and Leonardo could hear.

Lin Muxue, who heard Xiao Yu’s words, shyly lowered her head. Although she was Xiao Yu’s fiancée, the relationship between two them had not reached that level yet.

However, Lin Muxue was also clever, how she could not know Xiao Yu’s idea, so there was no need to speak.

When everyone was ready to go, they set off. Xiao Yu also wants to see what this Scarlet Cloud wolf looks like. He really didn’t remember about such beast.

The speed of the march was very fast. It didn’t take long for a fight to be heard, plus a scream that the beast could have.

Soon, they also saw the so-called Augustine family’s powerhouses.

Augustine was a small force in the northwestern region, although it was not ranked in the top, it was also a force that could not be ignored. Their family generations were mainly engaged in the operation of mines. They were rich in wealth and manpower. They also had strong strength.

The eldest descendant of the Augustine family, named Augustine Paton, was very strong and had entered the fifth-order.

Xiao Yu roughly looked at the people brought by Augustine Patton, and the strength was pretty good. The five fifth-order powerhouses, one of them was the peak fifth-order powerhouse, he believed that he would take some time to step into the sixth-order.

Xiao Yu didn’t understand why such people were not living happily at home. Didn’t they know that it was a sunset swamp? Didn’t they know if this was a place where people didn’t even leave bones?

Most of the horsemen were fourth-order powerhouses, and there were a few magicians who looked very arrogant, but there was no way to compare them with the group of magicians of Leonardo.

As for the red cloud wolf that Xiao Yu wanted to see, revealed itself. It was not small in size, three feet high, the speed was very fast, and the strength was quite good too, the fifth-order.

“Oh, it’s weird! This Scarlet cloud wolf is obviously good at speed. Under the current situation, it can take the initiative to flee, so as not to hurt itself, but why is it here? Is there any other reason?” Xiao Yu thought to himself. the intelligence of the fifth order beast was very high, so this situation was basically quite abnormal!

Could it be that this wolf was guarding something like those Gorlocs?

Xiao Yu smiled and already understood some things in his heart. Xiao Yu unleashed his vision technique, and the situation behind the Scarlet Wind Wolf could be seen clearly!

Sure enough, it was really weird!

It turned out that there was a cave behind the red cloud wolf. There was a small pool in the depths of the cave. There were lotuses floating in the middle of it.

“Good, it turned out to be a treasure! Oh! I, Xiao Yu am coming. No one can take it beside me!!” Xiao Yu smiled, and there was already a plan in his mind.

At this time, looking at the face of the three party leaders, Augustine Patton’s face sank. He stopped, and let his people gather together, lest they be ambushed by others.

“Oh? Isn’t this Nikola, Leonardo, and Xiao Yu? It’s really rare to meet you all here! Hehe!” Augustine Patton smiled and greeted but he was worried in his heart.

Anyone who worked hard to get treasure would not be happy when they were taken by others!

“Patton! We haven’t seen each other for a long time. I don’t know how you are doing recently?” said Nicholas.

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