World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 416

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When a group of people walked into the ancient city that was forgotten at the end of time, it was found to be full of desolateness. The green moss vines covered the walls of the ancient city, but they could not conceal the glory of the ancient city.

This vast ancient city was full of murderous aura. This city contained powerful masters of the bright church, as well as mysterious people who had been harassing them some time ago, and the beasts hidden in this ancient city. All of them were the headaches of Xiao Yu. In addition, no one knew how many other forces of the mainland had arrived. This time, the treasure exploration could be described as a grand competition, one with no rules.

Everything depended on fate. Indeed, sometimes, strong might not necessarily win, weak would not fail. Everything’s fate had long been firmly tied to everyone’s life, no one could escape from it.

The crowd was shocked by the vast and complex buildings.

Xiao Yu was full of self-confidence.

“Maiev, you lead a few men to search around and see if there are any traces of the bright church. Maybe we will continue to follow their footsteps, which will save us a lot of obstacles!”

“Yes,” Maiev replied respectfully

Maiev turned around and said to the druids and archers of his own race, “You come over, divide into 3 columns, you, you, and you, follow me, and the rest are divided into two teams. If you found any suspicious situation then immediately return and inform me.”

After getting the order, Xiao Yu’s investigative unit set off. Nicholas and Leonardo did not expect Xiao Yu’s ability to seize the opportunity, and he also ordered his men to conduct a search immediately. They were afraid that their movements would be slow, and finally, lack of the details would directly lead to the reversal of the results.

After Xiao Yu sent his own investigation unit, he did not stand still and started to search the surrounding area, and he also ordered his men to form a defensive formation.

In the lost ancient city, if you were not careful enough then not to mention finding treasures even preserving own life would not be guaranteed. As a commander, Xiao Yu was responsible for the safety of his soldiers so he must not act rashly.

When Nicholas saw it, he once again affirmed Xiao Yu’s ability. Xiao Yu might be looked like a rogue, sometimes even silly, vulgar, thick-skinned, but he did have a true talent of the commander.

As for the Leonardo side, although there were many powerhouses in his team, the commander’s talent determines the victory. Leonardo also started to deploy his troops.


Suddenly, a tragic scream was heard from Xiao Yu’s army. It was obviously the voice of the orc soldiers. In the corner of the defensive formation set up by bloodhoof, Xiao Yu saw Orc soldiers that were covered in blood. Their thigh muscles were pierced by a vine, and vines were wrapped around the Orcs soldiers.

Xiao Yu saw that situation was not good, and he did not have time to inform other people so he bolted out toward the Orc soldiers.

Xiao Yu was still far away from the orc soldiers. This Bloodhoof was stopped by Xiao Yu when he was going to slash down his axe.

“If you do that, soldiers may die so you must not impulsive cut off the vines!!” shouted Xiao Yu.

The bloodhoof stopped midway and said “Ah! What’s with this situation?”

At this moment, Illidan, who was agile, quickly rushed over while holding his sharp machete with his right hand and swung it down in the ground under the foot of the Orc soldiers. He cut the vine directly in the ground and then lifted it with the left hand which caused soldiers to sent flying.

At this time, Xiao Yu watched the Orc soldiers being thrown into the air and was caught by druids. This time, druids played a good role.

Seeing this, Xiao Yu was relieved so he said to Illidan: “what is below?”

Illidan waved his machete and slashed it down once again. Then green liquid began to flow from the vines that had just been cut off. The vines that were cut off were still moving creepily.

Suddenly, the new vines shot out from the pit of green liquid, and their aim was the leg of Illidan. Two other vines crawled out and clenched his feet.

Fortunately, Illidan moved quickly so his leg was not pierced by vines, but his body was still gripped tightly by two huge vines. Everyone was preparing to go forward to help, but seeing Illidan’s firm face, they decided against it.

Illidan’s spoke something in elf language, and every inch of the body’s skin began to burn with a blazing flame. Illidan looked like a fire god. The corner of his mouth curled upward.

The two vines got burned by Illidan’s sacrifice fire. Illidan knelled on the ground, his hands tightly held his head, his grim face showed pain, but in the end, the hero was still a hero, he did not scream even in such severe pain.

Xiao Yu asked Uther to come over and check Illidan’s condition. Uther immediately unleashed Holy Light on Illidan, but Illidan’s situation did not improve, the pain was still intensifying. What’s going on? It was clear that the previous three people could be cured?

Xiao Yu looked at Illidan and shouted “Who are you! You… Damn!”

Uther continued unleashing Holy Light, but Illidan’s situation still not improve, but instead intensified the pain, sudden a demonic voice echoed in the whole ancient city “He used demonic magic.”

When Uther was about to increase the energy of the Holy Light for the treatment of Illidan, it was decisively stopped by Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu feared that it would cause significant damage to Illidan’s body.

As the voice just said Illidan had used the demon magic, the Holy Light would naturally cause damage to Illidan. Xiao Yu was in a hurry so he made mistake.

In this regard, there was only Leonardo, the family of many magicians had deep research on this. However, Leonardo did not get along well with him. This time, the cause of cooperation was the church. Asking him for help? Not possible.

Xiao Yu thought that although he was now in demon form, Illidan’s body still had the genes of elves in his blood so using nature energy was the best option. It was just as good as the Druids heal the Orc soldiers.

Although the people under him were very powerful, they lacked understanding of this strange witchcraft because he did not have the kind of person who really studies magic.

Xiao Yu immediately told the Druid to check Illidan and see if there was any way.

However, after diagnosis and treatment with natural energy temporarily reduced the pain of Illidan but it could not cure Illidan’s injury.

Xiao Yu was having a headache. The consequences of Illidan not being able to fight were unimaginable. Moreover, this time, finding the skull of Gul’dan mainly relied on Illidan.

Nicholas heard the whole even and thought to himself that Even powerful man like Xiao Yu makes mistakes sometimes.

The vine that injured Illidan previously gripped orc soldiers as if it had received command!

Vine began to exert pressure on the body of the orc soldiers, causing the orc soldiers to almost die by pressure.

Nicholas, standing on the side and muttered something under his breath, and then his hands turned slightly red. The red light covered the orcs soldiers.

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