World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 415

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“Well, what did you find out?” Xiao Yu could not wait and asked.

Xiao Yu felt that no one would dare to attack them with their combined strength so he did not let Tyrande guard in the night, but he did not expect such thing to happen.

If he had let Tyrande guard them in the night, then she could definitely catch the intruders.

“I do not discover much, they should be controlled by evil spells!” Nicholas shook his head, his face was not looking good.

“What about your people?” Leonardo looked around and asked Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu loosened his shoulder and said: “They are fine, let them go back to rest, what about your people? Have they died?”


Xiao Yu’s words made the faces of both of them sink, unhappy, and very uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry; you all will be alright, rest for now. With Uther basically, no evil spell can succeed.” Nicholas said.

Xiao Yu listened and increased his vigilance. Nicholas must have been thinking about his own Uther. He began to pay attention to his various group of heroes. When he saw that Uther’s awesomeness, he would definitely think of ways to get rid of him.

However, Nikolay did not know that, they even if he used his all means, it’s still impossible to get Uther.

Leonardo glanced at Xiao Yu but didn’t say anything. He had a large number of magicians. If he couldn’t even solve this little trouble, then what was so many great magicians doing?

“Do you have finding something? Do you know who did it? Shouldn’t it be done by the people of the Church?” Xiao Yu said since he wanted to get some useful information from the mouth of the two.

Nicholas nodded and looked at the lost ancient city and said: “It should not be a church. They don’t have evil magic. If they really attempted to cultivate this magic, it will probably cause a backlash.”

“Not necessarily, don’t forget, the people in the Church are mad. I heard that there are cases of studying evil magic, although it is extremely secretive.” Leonardo did not agree with it. He still held a lot of distrust for the Church of Light.

Xiao Yu’s brows furrowed as he made his decision that it was not the time to directly confront the church!

“Who is that? Is it the mysterious force?” Xiao Yu said tentatively, his eyes fixed on the two people, trying to notice something from the changes in their expressions.

Sure enough, the eyes of the two men tightened at the same time, and then quickly returned to calm.

“Mnn, it seems that the families of these two are really related to the mysterious force. It seems that I have to be more careful in the future, or I will not know how I died!” Xiao thought to himself.

“Mysterious forces? Xiao Yu, we don’t know about it! If you know anything, you can tell us!” Nicholas said with a strange glow in his eyes.

When he heard these words, Leonardo’s attention was also attracted, and his eyes looked quietly at Xiao Yu, seemingly want to know something.

Xiao Yu’s heart was still in turmoil, but his face was still calm. He said, “Oh, you don’t know anything, how can I know? I just heard about the existence of some mysterious power. I don’t know the specific things. Ah! I thought that the people of your two big families would know”

After a while, the three recovered quickly but no one spoke back.

“Oh, really, I am so sleepy, let’s go back to rest, let people strengthen their defensiveness, everyone be careful.” Xiao Yu’s eyes lingered on the newly appeared Maiev.

Nicholas and Leonardo nodded and turned back, but they might not have good sleep tonight, and those powerful existences like ghosts were really difficult to deal with?

After going back to the rest, Xiao Yu just sat down as Maiev came back.

“Sit, what did you find?” Xiao Yu looked at Maiev and let Ma Wei sit next to him.

Ma Wei nodded and sat down directly. She said, “I walked around again and found no hidden people. They should have left after casting the spell. There is still some residual spell energy in the air which is basically like the mysterious forces we have encountered before! There are three people in total, and the strength is in the fifth order. Well, the three of them left quickly, but their direction is the one which we came from.”

When guarding Wuhe Town, Maiev also handled over some of the mysterious forces.

Why did they leave?

Xiao Yu nodded, but his brow wrinkled even tighter. Why did they go back? Could it be that they were not going to find skull?

Or did they have another purpose?

After thinking for a while, Xiao Yu felt so irritated for the first time. What did the mysterious forces want to do? Why did you always have to meet me?

“Let’s not think about them. Anyway, they won’t come to trouble now!” Xiao Yu gave up on thinking too much.

Immediately, Xiao Yu made people strengthen the defences, and went to rest.

When the early morning of the second day came, the sunset swamp had a slight increase in brightness, but nothing changed.

Although a small episode happened last night but everyone was relieved. Since those troublesome people had not attacked, they had a simple purpose, which was to decrease their morale.

“Okay! Ok! Grab a bite and prepare to go forward!” Nicholas shouted and woke up the people that were still in their sleep.

After a burst of noises, these well-trained soldiers quickly finished washing and eating, ready to go.

“let’s go, let’s see if there are any good things in this lost ancient city! Hehe…!” Xiao Yu laughed and the soldiers behind him also grouped up according to their respective ranks.

The distance between the three parties and the lost ancient city was not far away, so they reached the ancient city soon.

“The people of the bright church are a bit too unreasonable? They destroyed the bridge. Your sister!” Xiao Yu said as looked at the moat, which was very deep and had a steep slope. It was not an easy task to climb. Only by walking above the bridge could it pass faster.

But now the bridge was broken. They knew that bridge had just broken down and except for the church that had entered the ancient city before them, they were afraid no one else would do that.

“Oh, it turns out that this church will still play this kind of trick!” Nicholas said with a helpless smile.

Leonardo looked at the depth and width and said, “Just this? Come! Use earth magic, fill it up!”

Everyone looked at each other, yes, they had earth magicians so what were they afraid of?

After a while, the river surface of the moat was filled with stones. So there was no problem with the passage.

“Haha, okay, let’s go! Let me explore the road for you!” Xiao Yu laughed, and regardless of other people, he took his own people and walked over.

Leonardo’s face was ugly. He thought that this Xiao Yu would wait for him to pass, after all, he was the one who made it.

Who could think of it? This guy was so cheeky!

“Oh, it’s so comfortable, having magicians is really comfortable, no need to spend magic potions, hey, it’s so good!” said Xiao Yu.

“Oh, it’s so good, such a tall city gate,” Xiao Yu said with a sigh of emotion, if he could, he really wanted to live in this ancient city!

“Prosperity of this city has been praised all over the world. Unfortunately, such a long time has passed; there is no way to recover.” Nicholas explained as a commentator to Xiao Yu.

“Well, let’s go and have a look! Well, there should be some footprints left by the church.” said Xiao Yu.

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