World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 414

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Looking at Chris’s disappearing figure, Xiao Yu’s heart tightened slightly, and he knew that the road ahead would be even more difficult. The church casually moved a sixth-order paladin. Who knew how much-hidden strength they had?

However, what’s certain was that there was no seventh-order existence in the church. Otherwise, they didn’t have to put so much thought, and the whole continent would be theirs. Theodore, known as the existence closest to the seventh-order magician, couldn’t reach it let alone others.

“Oh, he didn’t even fight! It’s a pity; I want to watch a good show!” Leonardo said. He really wants to see the fight of the church’s sixth-order powerhouse and Xiao Yu.

“Hey! Idiot! Fight your sister!” Xiao Yu said.

“Xiao Yu, you should be more careful in the future. The people of the church are hypocrites, huh, but we have to admit that their strength is indeed very strong.” Nicholas looked at the two men and said.

Xiao Yu heaved a sigh of relief and looked at the direction where people of the bright church had left. Xiao Yu said with a smile: “Do not worry, I have Uther, there is no one in the bright church who don’t know their gods!”

Nicholas and Leonardo didn’t reply. Now that things had come to an end, it’s time to move on.

“Let’s go, pack it up, we should move on, or else if the people of the bright church will find it first, then we will have no way to get the skull of Gul’dan!”

After half an hour, the three teams and a group of cannon fodder started to walk again.

On this day, when they reached the end of a jungle, they found a magnificent building.

Although these buildings were very old, dilapidated and incomplete, the overbearing evil aura could not be underestimated.

“Here, it is the destination of our trip! The lost ancient city!” said Nicholas while closing the map in his hands.

“It’s already dark. Are we going in now?” Xiao Yu stretched his head and looked at the situation in front of him. He felt that going in the night was not a good choice.

“I don’t agree with it. We will face more dangers at night.” Nicholas nodded and said that it was indeed not suitable to go at the night.

Leonardo’s eyes squinted as he said: “The church’s people have already entered, but they are not far away. We can wait and see if they have any reaction.”

Had the church’s people entered? Xiao Yu was shocked. To be honest, he was also observing the footprints of the church’s people along the way. However, there are no traces of the church in the first few miles. Even now they didn’t find their traces. How did Leonardo discover them?

Even by using Vision technique, Xiao Yu still did not find any clues.

Ending Vision technique, Xiao Yu stopped making more guesses. Everyone was from a powerful force, if it was said that they had no hidden card, it was absolutely impossible.

“Well, then we will camp now, take a rest, we will go tomorrow!” Nicholas said and went to arrange his own people. What’s important was defense. After all, this was the outer edge of the lost ancient city. If there was no danger, then it would be strange.

The night gradually thickened, and the three sides defended each other and formed a triangular defensive posture. Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo were chatting at the centre.

At midnight, except for a few guards, everyone went to rest, and at this time, the three shadows flashed and quickly hid in the surrounding area.

They didn’t make the slightest sound when they moved, as if they never touched the ground.

The three are hidden in the darkness, and nothing could be seen. If Xiao Yu was here, he would recognize them as mysterious men!

Just why the three mysterious men appear alone here? Why?

Soon, these three men stretched their hands.

Their goals were very clear, that is, to kill the guards (there are three guards).

Suddenly, the three purple lights shone out of their hands and sneaked into the bodies of three guards. Guard’s body began to shake.

This was not over yet. The three people did not intend to let go of other guards too. They began to attack other nine men.

The mission was completed, three figures, nodded slightly while gently tapping his hands, the nine people immediately stopped shaking, the expression on their face began to distort, and then shouted loudly: “Ah! There are ghosts Ah! There are ghosts! Run!”

Whiz! Whiz! Whiz (sound of moving)

The three figures disappeared instantly as if there was no one there.

“Well? There is a ghost? There is a ghost of your sister! I just fell asleep, what happened!?” Xiao Yu just fell asleep and was disturbed again, and so he had to get up and rushed to see the situation.

The same was true of Nicholas and Leonardo.

When Xiao Yu reached his team, he found that his three guards yelling in fear.

Xiao Yu gave three slaps. After the man was beaten, it was as if he didn’t feel it. He continued to shout loudly.

Xiao Yu’s brows wrinkled as he thought of an evil spell, specifically used to control the human brain, let them have hallucinations.

“Uther, come here! Have a look! Remove the negative effects! Maiev, you go around to see if anyone has left any traces!” Xiao Yu ordered intermittently. The two figures quickly came to his side and went on to do their own things.

Uther cast spell and a bright light enveloped three men in front of him. Xiao Yu looked at envy, good guy, if he did it himself, at most he would be able to cast spell on a person, but this guy was directly cast spell on three people with no sign of exhaustion.

Soon, the faces of the three people distorted, but they did not shout anymore but began to roll on the ground while holding their heads.

Xiao Yu snorted and realized that this was an evil spell deliberately exerted to deal with him!

As for who was it? Who could cast such evil spells?

In Xiao Yu’s heart, a figure appeared gradually. The mysterious men wrapped in a black robe exuding evil aura every second!

“Is it really they? why did they come to us?” Xiao Yu couldn’t figure it out. The appearance of Gul’dan’s skull could move the heart of all forces. It was absolutely impossible that this mysterious force had not participated.

Soon, Uther completed the treatment, and the three men regained their senses and looked around with a blank look.

“Do you still remember what happened?” Xiao Yu said coldly and shocked the three men.

“No… I don’t remember, I only remember that we are on the alert, and don’t remember rest!” One of them recovered quickly and heard the question of Xiao Yu, so replied immediately.

Xiao Yu nodded. He knew that it would be like this. The effect of this type of evil spell would be like this.

Three people frowned and focused hard for a while, one of them suddenly patted his head and said, “Oh, yes! I remembered it. It seems that there was a red light flashing, then I felt a cool all over my body, I don’t remember what happened later!”

Xiao Yu nodded and said, “Oh, let’s go and rest. Take a rest in these two days and drink some portions.”

In this way, Xiao Yu was eighty or ninety percent sure that they were mysterious men.

Soon, Nicholas and Leonardo also came over.

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