World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 413

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So polite?

Xiao Yu found it hard to believe his eyes and ears. It was no exaggeration to say that all the paladins he saw before Chris, were all arrogant and rude.

Most of the high-level figure in the church was selfish, arrogant and corrupt. They looked down on everyone. It made Xiao Yu look down on the existence of the church.

Of course, their arrogance originated from their strength. Otherwise, Xiao Yu had already pulled up the banners and established his own image as the true church. But now, he had to take it slowly, and slowly push Uther out and press the church.

“Chris, hello, it’s really rare to see you! How? Why do you come to us? Is it because you want to have a drink with us?” Nicholas knew this Chris so he greeted him but the relationship between the two seemed to be normal, Xiao Yu could even detect that Nicholas did not like this Chris Mo.

“Oh, Nikola, it’s been a long time! Following the Pope’s command, I came to the sunset swamp!” said Chris. He still didn’t say his true purpose.

However, everyone knew well, so there was no need to say more, no one wants to offend the church. After all, the current church was too powerful.

“Hehe…! Well, it seems that this time we will rely on the church’s blessing. Oh, it seems that our luck is really not good. I met an evil warlock and had a good fight with him. If we encounter something in the future, don’t forget to help!” Nicholas said with a laugh.

“Leonardo? Well, I think you are Leonardo!? I have heard about your name before and look forward to working with you!” Chris looked at Leonardo and said.

Leonardo’s face changed, he didn’t know what this guy was thinking. Did he want to sue discord among them? Because you should know that church would choose to do dirty things in secret. Church did many dirty things in the dark, in fact, these children of a large family were clearer of it more than anyone else.

“Oh, this is natural, but let’s see if there is a suitable opportunity. If there is no chance, then we have no choice!” Leonardo replied casually, he really did not want to go with church.

Both of them have finished speaking, Xiao Yu was pretending not to see this Chris. From the bottom of his heart, Xiao Yu did not like this idiot-like guy.

“Is this the famous Mr Xiao Yu? Well, I just want to know where your Uther is now?” Klimos said faintly, his blue eyes gleamed with light as if I wanted to see through Xiao Yu.

“You really are a person uneducated. I really doubt whether you are a real paladin? Where is your knight spirit? What is your meaning? I really don’t know you. You are nothing, only a sixth-order guy.” Xiao Yu was not a kind-hearted person since they had already expressed obvious hostility to me, he naturally would not give them face.

After talking, Xiao Yu continued to observe Chris Mo and wanted to see if this guy was angry.

After a while, Chris said with a smile: “Mr Xiao Yu turned out to be such a rude person. We just want to know whether your Uther is real or not since Uther is the god of the paladin”

This time, it was Xiao Yu’s turn to be surprised. This guy was not simple. Xiao Yu touched his chin and shook his head and said, “Hey, it seems that there are really some good people in the bright church. Nice, do you really want to see!”

“I don’t know where your Uther is? I have seen Uther of the church. I don’t want to say anything, but I want to see whether your Uther is true or not!” Chris Mo’s eyes squinted while saying, making Xiao Yu very surprised.

Xiao Yu pondered for a while. The intelligence of this Chris is really high, not like the previous idiots.

His six order strength along with his intelligence, this guy seemed to have no fault.

Xiao Yu suddenly laughed and said: “Isn’t it just for you to see? What’s the big deal? I will be afraid that you will not be successful?”

Immediately, Xiao Yu waved his hand and let people call Uther. Xiao Yu actually figured it out. The former Alonso had been influenced by Yu Yu and acknowledged Uther to a certain extent.

Soon, Uther came to the side of Xiao Yu and then stood respectfully, waiting quietly.

“Uther, this guy is called Chris, he is the sixth-order paladin of the Bright Church. What do you think? Do you think this paladin is qualified?” Xiao Yu said with a smile. Uther’s face was calm and gave a feeling of holiness.

“Okay!” Uther agreed, and he began to carefully inspect Chris, and then said to Xiao Yu: “He is a qualified Paladin! He just seems to be in confusion. When you understand what you want, you won’t be lost.”

Chris Mo’s body jerked and felt the warm light emitted from Uther’s body, unlike the Uther which was in the church. This was more like real!

“Is Uther really returning? He is not with the bright church but in Xiao Yu’s hand?” Chris couldn’t believe it because this was beyond his imagination.

Chris Mo didn’t even dream of it, this Uther really was simply too real.

“I am not sure whether you are true Uther or not. First of all, I want to express my respect for the real Uther!” Chris’s body faced Uther as he bowed.

What was this?

“Cough, well, if you have expressed your respect, I wonder if you will gift something to Uther?” Xiao Yu cracked a smile.

Nicholas and Leonardo couldn’t help but want to scold him. This guy was really shameless, right? Could such words be said? Not afraid of shame?

“This time I’m out of the hurry, I didn’t bring anything. When I am in the future, I will personally give a big gift! You can rest assured, but you have to remember, it is for Uther!” said Chris.

“You can go!” Uther blinked, and seemed to understand something, and finally said.

“Okay! I will still come back! I am leaving!” Chris left after saying.

It’s a pity that this guy was not exploited.

In this way, Chris Mo with his men quietly went back.

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