World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 412

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A moment later, Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo went to the other side of the river and looked at the narrow valley.

The trio talked about something from time to time, although all of it was nonsense.

“These people are really interesting. They have great patience! If I am them, I can’t help but come out. Oh, it’s really admirable!” Xiao Yu praised them, what he said was true.

“Oh, this is normal, the people of the church are mad-man, and I think you will understand more in the future!” Nicholas smiled; his understanding of this church was definitely much higher than Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu nodded. The people in the church should be really mad because the church would often brainwash its followers. As long as they were successfully brainwashed, there was no way to cut off these shackles. Scarlet Crusade was strong. The reason for that was being brainwashed more thoroughly, and some high-grade equipment were provided to them.

Leonardo stretched out his hand and said, “What do you think when they will come out? Do you want to make a bet? Let’s see whose eyes are more precise.”


Xiao Yu smiled, he really liked it. Anyway, betting is a very interesting thing, let alone they had nothing to do now.

“What are we gambling on?” said Xiao Yu while touching his chin.

Nicholas looked at the two men and smiled while saying: “Why not we gamble on 10 million gold coins. We will deduce in how much time will church’s people come out? The one who guessed most accurately, will be the winner, how?”

Nicholas’s idea soon got the approval of the two, this was indeed very good.

“I said half an hour! It’s been ten minutes. They should already know that we are here, maybe they are preparing for it.” Leonardo smiled and said with confidence.

Xiao Yu furrowed his brows, pondered for a while then immediately said: “Well, we cannot repeat same time, understand?”

Nicholas nodded and then reacted. He smiled helplessly and said: “Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu, you didn’t say it before, what do you mean?”

“I really don’t mean anything. I am afraid that the two of you will bully me!” Xiao Yu said innocently. He had already thought of many possibilities. If these two joined hands then he was out of luck.

“You think we are evil, right?” said Nicholas.

“Let’s not talk about it!” said Xiao Yu because he did not want to waste time.

Nicholas nodded and said, “Okay, then I will gamble that they will come out after 25 minutes!”

25 minutes?

Xiao Yu had idea about what was going on in Leonardo’s mind but he did not point it out, just to see how Nicholas would play.

“Since all of you have finished, then it’s my turn! Well, I think they will come out after ten minutes!” said Xiao Yu with a mysterious smile and looked at the two with a provocative look.

Ten minutes?

The two were surprised. Their hearts thumped and felt like being cheated because Xiao Yu’s smile was really familiar to them. Every time he wanted to trick someone, he would use this kind of Smile.

“Xiao Yu, Do you still have any tricks left?” asked Nicholas, Xiao Yu was not an impulsive person and he also knew how to preserve strength.

Coupled with Xiao Yu’s loyalty to money which would definitely be much stronger than the two of them!

“Hey, you will know it later! Now let’s wait!” Xiao Yu’s mysteriously smile, but did not intend to say anything more.

The three people continued to wait. After five minutes, Xiao Yu revealed a panicked look.

“Xiao Yu! Are you okay? Why are you so anxious?” said Nicholas. His mood was quite good.

Leonardo looked at Xiao Yu with a disdainful look, and said: “Oh, after ten minutes, we will earn 10 million gold coins! It’s really good! Good!”

Xiao Yu snorted, but did not speak, when only 59 seconds were left, Xiao Yu suddenly stood up straight and roared.


The bloodhoof blinked his eyes, and he did not except that the momentum of the battle roar that Xiao Yu showed up was not worse than himself!

The sound was directly transmitted to the place where the people of Church were hiding. People of Church who were hiding to ambush Xiao Yu came out!

Who had expected that Xiao Yu would just roar to force them out!

Seeing this, Nicholas and Leonardo’s face became quite ugly. They finally knew why Xiao Yu would have such a reaction.

“Xiao Yu! You are really something! Really admirable!” Nicholas said, he really did not expect Xiao Yu to put down his identity and do something like this for money.

You must know that when the strength and status reach their level, money was already floating clouds, and what they really care about was their interests and their precious face!

“Hey, what? I am uncomfortable, my heart is uncomfortable!” said Xiao.

Sure enough, after Xiao Yu’s roar, the church’s people began to pop their heads on the hills to look around.

“Haha! money! Their heads have already emerged!” Xiao Yu said proudly. This feeling was cool.

The two men were helpless and they were once again tricked by Xiao Yu and lost 10 million gold coins just like that.

After talking about the money, Xiao Yu didn’t care about their mood. He smiled and said to the two men: “Okay, let’s go back and wait for the church. People come to see us!”

After Xiao Yu finished speaking, he turned around and left, no matter what the reaction between the two people behind him.

“Got it! Let’s go! We met such a master, we are unlucky!” Nicholas said helplessly, only Leonardo did not speak.

The three of them quickly returned to their original positions and waited for the people of church.

After 20 minutes, a group of people from the Church came over with flags.

“Hey? Isn’t this the flag of the Scarlet Crusade? It’s really interesting. Even the Scarlet Crusades are pulled out. Are they really wanted to kill these talents that are hard to cultivate?” Xiao Yu said with some surprise. The Scarlet Crusade and silver right-handed Knights are all famous.

The people of the Church of Light had drawn the Scarlet Crusade to the Marsh, and their purpose was self-evident.

“Oh! I have come to a Golden Lion King! Yes! Good!” Looking at the people of the church that were approaching them, Xiao Yu said.

“Xiao Yu, I think this time you have to be careful, the golden lion who said to be a sixth-order powerhouse! Sixth-order paladin, Cremos! Oh, it’s really interesting.” Nicholas had already known that Xiao Yu didn’t know who these men were, in order to prevent Xiao Yu from angering the sixth-order powerhouse he informed Xiao Yu beforehand.

“Oh? Sixth order? It’s just that. The sixth order is actually not terrible!” Xiao Yu smiled, but he didn’t care much. Even if the two sides couldn’t talk about it, it wouldn’t matter.

After a while, the group came to the front.

“Hello! I am Chris Mo, I am very glad to meet you!” The Golden Lion King said politely.

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  1. I don’t really care about the names of OC except for some people, However, Changing the names of people who already had an existing name makes me feel uncomfortable. For the TL, I hope you can research a little bit about warcraft instead of being oblivious.

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