World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 411

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The soldier ran away and passed Nicholas’s words to the brawny.

When the brawny man heard Nicholas’s order, his face turned into a bitter. Xiao Yu’s team were really treating them as cannon fodder. They had just passed the river and didn’t rest much, and now they had to immediately go to the battlefield.

Everyone knew that the task of exploration was very dangerous, and one would be killed by the other party if he was not careful.

But they dare not to disobey Nicholas’s words! Even if they fled away, it was useless. He was afraid that it would not take much time for soldiers of Nicholas and others to catch up with them. After killing the leaders, they world re-select another person for their use!

“Oh, good! Please go back and tell Nicholas, we will go!” The brawny carefully said.

Looking at the figure of the passing soldier, the man sighed a little and said to the four people beside him: “Hey! These guys are really going to use us as cannon fodder, but we have no way!”

“What should we do? We can’t really send ourselves to death, right?” one of them said. His courage was small, but he was also quite greedy to come here.

“What else can we do? Do you have any better way? If you want to provoke those big forces then go, but don’t involve us!” The other person said immediately, even exaggeratedly took a step backward to keep distance from him.

“I think we should go! Maybe we can still have some chance!”

“Go! Go! We are waiting for you to come back! Go ahead!”

The brawny man who was troubled by their noises, shouted: “Oh! All of you f#cking shut up! Now we must Go! If you were are in danger or find something that you retreat back! Nothing will happen! If you don’t have courage, then why the hell did you come here?”

The four people had no choice but to accept it. If he dared to run away, there was be no doubt that they would be killed by the three of them.

In desperation, a small team consisted of 50 people, slowly walked towards the narrow path of the hills.

The speed of the squad is very slow. From time to time, they would stop to observe the surrounding and sneaked a peek at Xiao Yu, who was on the other side of the river. Was this still an exploration? This was just f#cking waste of time!

If church really prepared an ambush, then they would probably use this additional time to complete arrangements to ensure that they could not find flaws.

Finally, Xiao Yu couldn’t help it and said to the commander who was near Nicholas “Hey, boy, go and tell them, if there is no result within an hour, they don’t have to come back!”

“Oh… that… that, senior, how can I go? They have gone so far.” The commander was not stupid. Even if he was strong, and his speed was faster, he could run over to them but returning back would tire him to death.

“What are you worried about? I haven’t finished saying yet? OK, this time I will give you some good things and let my Griffin Knight take you!” said Xiao Yu while waving at Griffin knight who was resting on the side, and immediately Griffin knight came flying near him.

“Master, what’s the matter? Please tell!” The Griffin knight said coldly as if he couldn’t laugh at all.

“Ah! A very simple thing, have you seen the squad there? Take this guy over and wait for him to pass my words then bring him back! Well, go!” said Xiao Yu.

“Yes! Master” The Griffin Knight replied.

The commander was excited in his heart, he had not seen a Griffin in his life, let alone sit on it.

Just as the commander smiled and waited for the Griffin Knight to kneel in front of him so he could climb up, the Griffin flew up and grabbed his shoulders with its pair of huge claws and left.

“Ah…ah…” The commander screamed again and again along the way.

Nicholas’s face distorted slightly but returned to normal in a while. Xiao Yu, who wanted to see his reaction, was disappointed.

After a while, the commander passed Xiao Yu’s words and returned back. Just when he landed, he began to scream.

After getting the order, the speed of the team was finally getting faster.

Even if they wanted to leave the sunset swamp, it was not so easy. They were afraid that there would be few people who could really go out.

Soon, the expedition team reached the valley between both mountains.

“Ah! Run! It’s an ambush! Run!” Suddenly, the people on both sides shouted at the same time, and then they ran back toward Xiao Yu.

“They were so slow when they went but they are really fast while retreating! Well, it took less than an hour! Oh!” cursed Xiao Yu.

Within a moment, one of the cannon fodders came in the front of Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo, and reported about the battle: “senior! Someone ambushed us!”

“Is there an ambush? Who is ambushing?” said Xiao Yu while deliberately pulling a long face.

“No! I don’t know!” said the man. He was really afraid, afraid of death!

“Don’t know? Then why do you come back alive?” Nicholas shouted which caused scared guy to kneel on the ground.

“Senior! I was wrong! I was wrong! We found that those people are wearing a uniform and holding the cross swords used by the church, um, but their dress is somewhat different from that of the church. We I really don’t know who they are!” The man said in horror.

“Okay, get lost!” Leonardo frowned and said.

“Yes! Yes!” The man seemed to have achieved the sacred purpose and quickly ran away.

Xiao Yu touched his chin. He already knew who those people were. Who else besides the Crusaders of the church?

“I don’t think the Scarlet crusade of the church has been formed?” Nicholas said faintly.

“Formed? It may be formed in rush. Even if there are several powerful Paladins, the overall strength may not be much stronger than us” Leonardo whispered.

After all, they have the advantage that the church did not have.

“Are we still going to wait? Or are we going to meet our guests?” Xiao Yu said with a smile, to be honest, he really did not put the church in the eyes. The only trouble was how to deal with them so that they wouldn’t be found out by the world.

Nicholas shrugged his shoulders indifferently. Anyway, it was a break now. They didn’t plan to cross the river today. In any case, they would just let the people of the Church move forwards and remove the danger ahead!

“I don’t care. Well, let’s see which Uther is original!” Leonardo seems to be talking to himself. What he said was indeed the most worrying thing for Xiao Yu.

In the current situation, there was no need to know which one was the real Uther. After all, as long as one was killed, the rest did not matter!

No one knew just how many times such thing had happened on the mainland, and those civilians were often fooled.

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  1. It’s the Scarlet Crusade. Bloody Crusade is a literal translation, but anyone who’s played Warcraft 3 or WoW would recognize it

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