World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 409

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After resting for some time, they continued to move forward. This pair of rhinos who wanted to avenge their child became corpses on this road.

The terrain of the sunset swamp was not all bog. There were even large rivers and mountains in it. When encountering rivers or mountains, they were helpless, they could only choose to detour, or find a way to build a bridge.

In fact, it was easy to pass, as long as Xiao Yu let the Griffin flying in the sky come down and drag them over, but Xiao Yu did not do this because he was not willing to let his precious Griffin work as a porter.

When they reached the river, they found this place lively.

Why was it lively? Because some people were coming here in groups in order to get even a single piece of the skull from Gul’dan’s skull.

However, their luck was not very good because they met the group of Xiao Yu, Nikola and Leonardo, a pack of hungry wolfs which did not let off even bones.

“Oh, I really didn’t expect to meet people here! Oh, it’s good!” Xiao Yu was surprised because he really did not expect to meet humans in this place.

This sunset swamp had different entrances so it was understandable that there were different guards at each entrance, some were weaker and others were tyrannical.

Xiao Yu, Nikola and Leonardo ran into a stronger one. Three of them had fought with the Gorlocs and then searched for the treasures, wasting a lot of time. So it was normal for these people to catch up with them.

As such when this team of five heard the news and decided to enter sunset swamp to find treasures. But they were forced to stop because of the river and had to build a bridge to cross it.

A two-meter-high brawny man came in front of the five men and said, “Five of you! We are lucky enough to reach here. Let us go first!”

Although they were dissatisfied, they still remain silent. Why? Simply because they didn’t have enough strength. In such a situation, remaining silent was best options so as not to create unnecessary trouble for yourself later.

If they offended this team, they might be exterminated right here so as to eliminate future competitors.

Of course, they still have a good choice that was to surrender!

“Oh! You did a good job!!” Nicholas said with a smile.

From time to time, Xiao Yu looked at the seemingly simple but very strong bridge as if contemplating something.

“Join us!” After Leonardo threw this cold sentence, he did not say a single word more.

But this was the sentence that small forces were unwilling to listen most!


Because this simple sentence had already determined their fate! This so-called ‘joining’ and becoming part of the team of these three (Xiao Yu, Nikola and Leonardo), but in reality? They were only cannon fodders!

What happened to the cannon fodders that Nikola and others brought? They were all dead!

However, if they decided to fight it out. Even if they really couldn’t beat this team (team of Xiao Yu, Nikola and Leonardo), it was not difficult to flee.

But once they joined the team of these three, it was a dead end! Absolutely dead end!

“This…this…senior! We have decided to go back. We have lost a lot of people along the way. We are not planning to continue. We want to go back to our home and have a good sleep.” The bald man said nervously without even discussing with the other four team members, but he knew that this might be the only way they could survive!

“Oh, go home? So fast? I want to go home with you!” Xiao Yu listened to this and he was happy. What sh#t about going home, they obviously saw the danger and wanted to flee.

Go home? Sh#t!

Perhaps, once Xiao Yu’s team gone forward, they would follow up.

When the team heard Xiao Yu’s words, they immediately broke out into cold sweat. Xiao Yu’s words basically decided their fate, want to go back? Was it possible?

“Senior! Please spare!” The brawny man and other behind him immediately began to beg for mercy, and they even regretted why they came to this place.

“Hehehe, isn’t this person really interesting? Well, don’t say anything more, just join our team,  isn’t it better?” Leonardo said with a smile as if he had never heard the words of this man.

“This…this…seiner…we…” The brawny wanted to say something, but then he found that Nicholas’s eyes seemed to have a trace of impatience, so he closed his mouth.

Nicholas looked at the five men in front of him with satisfaction. He smiled and waved and said, “Okay, if that’s the case, then let’s get started, come on, join our team. Let’s cross the river first! Then let’s take a break!”

When Nicholas finished speaking, he turned around and stopped paying attention to them. The remaining five people didn’t know how to respond.

“Big brother, what do you say we should do?”

“What else can we do? What can we do besides being obedient? Do you want to offend Nicholas? Don’t you know Nicholas’s means? And Leonardo, he’s a sly fox!”

“Who is that other person? Why haven’t I heard of him?”

“That is Xiao Yu! It is the most incompetent person among the three of them! Remember?”

“Hey, I have heard of him”

They remained silent for a while. They finally came up with a conclusion. Anyone in this team could never be provoked, let alone when everyone was now gathered together.

“Hey, let’s accept it! We can’t do anything! We must be careful when we are with them, don’t be stubborn!” said brawny man.

“Big brother, what do we do next?”

“Stupid! What else can you do? Cross the river!” whispered brawny man. He was also helplessness. They could only obedient, and perhaps they can have a chance to survive.

A team of five began to cross the river first and Xiao Yu’s team maintained their distance from the river.

Xiao Yu was watching the river water, and he really wanted to know if there was any beast in the river. Why was this river so quiet? Not even a little bit of life!

“Hey, look at these guys who are crossing the river. Oh, poor guys, who told them to be greedy?”

Xiao Yu gently shook his head and said, his heart was full of emotions.

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