World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 408

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Grom’s admiration for Xiao Yu was as endless as the water of the Yangtze River. Xiao Yu ignored disdainful expression of Nicholas and Leonardo.

“Let’s continue our journey.” Nicholas snorted and said to Xiao Yu. He was also helpless with Xiao Yu’s advice.

“Of course, I know that you want to move forward. OK, no need to say more, let’s go!” said Xiao Yu as he looked at Leonardo and Nicholas in front of him.

Leonardo and Nicholas looked at each other and did not say anything more.

The three teams moved deep in the swamp, and Xiao Yu couldn’t help but secretly curse the heavens. This road was getting increasingly difficult to walk, ah, but fortunately, their strength was not bad or else, no one knows what would happen. It was a pity that his clothes were all smeared with muddy water.

They hadn’t gone far, but end up running into a group of wild beasts that look like wild boars.

“Hey? How come there is a wild boar here? Aren’t they coming near us for trouble?” Looking at these fierce but cute wild boars, Xiao Yu said with.

“No! They are scared by something! You see, they are all running hard!” Leonardo said with a sword.

Everyone felt that something was amiss. These wild boars were really panicked and their eyes were filled with deep fear.

Then they heard the sound of something heavy hitting the ground.

—Rumbling —

“This voice is familiar to my ears. Is it…” Nicholas’s brows were wrinkled up, and light of uncertainty flashed in his eyes.

Not long after, there were two more huge figures in front of everyone!

“Big… big rhinoceros!? No? Why are they two? They are a lot bigger than the previous one!” Xiao Yu said in a weird tone. They just killed one and ran into two more, was it a family?

Very unconvinced Xiao Yu played a game with Nicholas and Leonardo, the same three loses in three games, Xiao Yu tragically lost again!

“Ah! Damn! I used to play this game a lot! Why do I lose again?” Xiao was very angry.

“Nima, who among you wants to go (to fight)? Take care of them!” Xiao Yu was really unhappy.

“I am going!” Grom waved the axe and had already stepped forward.

As a powerful hero of Xiao Yu, Grom had teamed up with Naga to get rid of one so it was not much of a problem.

Grom approached the rhinos and landed behind it! But the next scene shocked everyone.

“This…what happened? Have you seen it clearly?” Xiao Yu had just noticed, so he did not see how Grom, who had just landed, was kicked off. He asked his other heroes. But no one knew!

“Hey!” Grom was furious, but he was the Orc swordsman, when did he kick out by others? In this case, if he did not respond then where his face should be placed later?




Almost within a few breaths, Grom had already used his skills to make up for his lost face.

Unfortunately, the results were not as good as he thought. The defence of these two big rhinos was even more powerful.

Grom once again rushed behind the beast but in the end, he ended up being kicked out again!

“Grom! Wait a minute! Why are you being kicked?” Xiao Yu asked with a puzzled look. If this guy couldn’t answer his question, then he must be crazy.

“This… didn’t you say strike at the most vulnerable place?” answered Grom.

(Note: In the last chapter, it was mentioned that ‘little brother’ down there is most vulnerable place.)

Speechless Xiao Yu rolled his eyes, but Grom thought that Xiao Yu was an encouraging him. Therefore, his fighting spirit was ignited even more fiercely.

For a moment, Xiao Yu didn’t know how to respond.


Sure enough, the laughter of everyone came, that made Xiao Yu felt that he had no face.

“Why don’t you use your mind. This trick has to used in a desperate situation as a surprise attack. Besides, this beast is a female! What the f#ck are you thinking?” Xiao Yu was going crazy. This guy even didn’t that the one he was attacking now was a female.

When Naga saw Grom’s situation, he hurriedly took out her bow and shot the arrow.


An arrow shot out, and its target was one of the two rhinos.

This angered the two big rhinos, one of them began to madly attack with his pointed horn.

As for the other big rhino, it seems that he was not planning to be idle. He immediately rushed toward Nicholas and Leonardo. It seems that this guy wants to eliminate the dangers as soon as possible.

Nicholas and Leonardo did not move, but the powerhouses (soldiers) behind them immediately attacked the big rhinoceros.

The Bloodhoof rushed forward while holding his big axe and directly slammed it against the rhinoceros. This Bloodhoof was worthy of being the hero of the power department (in the game). The rhinoceros attacked Bloodhoof with intention of smashing him into minced meat!

But unfortunately, the Bloodhoof was not so easy to deal with, his mortal strike skill easily parried the attack of the rhino and also cause it to lose its centre of gravity.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you hear what this father said? Kill him for me! Kill him at the fastest speed!” Xiao Yu looked at the powerhouses of Nicholas and Leonardo.

The heroes looked at each other. They all knew that Xiao Yu always had a good temper. But now he lost his temper. Why?

Why? Naturally, because his face had been stripped by others!

After hearing Xiao Yu’s roar, Nicholas and Leonardo looked at their soldiers and indicating them to kill rhinoceros before the Xiao Yu’s heroes kill their one.

The powerhouses on both sides understood that it was a secret competition between the three commanders, which made them even more motivated.

Finally, after an hour, the two screams were heard.

Bang! Bang!

The two big rhinos fell on the ground almost at the same time.

“They died almost at the same time! This is not good!” Xiao Yu said with dissatisfaction. He really wanted to see his heroes killing the rhinoceros first. How good that would felt?

However, it could be said that Xiao Yu’s team was more powerful because Nicholas and Leonardo teamed up to fight against a rhino!

“Hurry up and pick up the booty!” Xiao Yu clapped his hands and ordered his heroes to extract materials.

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